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  1. Thanks, I always disable Vsync in all my games. I tried clearing cmos, just in case it was something in the bios I may have disabled or something. Set the apature to 256mb, and a few other boosts to voltage and such, but sure enough after rebooting a few times to see if it happens consistantly- there is no information about AGP acceleration at all. Could the chipset have gone caput? I had this happen with an old Soyo Ultra Dragon kt600 about 3 years ago, but that was right from the get go, it never worked right to begin with. Since the ethernet went around the same time(on the DFI), yet appears OK in device manager, I am leaning towards a faulty chipset at this moment. *Tried reseating card, uninstall/install of drivers, burned sage in a counterclockwise direction, still no agp statistics anywhere, yet all information about the video card is readily available. Might be time to send this to the junk pile.............. Please, any input appreciated. Also, is there any software to test this theory about the chipset? Thanks in advance, Kibby
  2. Lately my games have been a bit laggy, so I ran a PCMARK06 to see the comparison to the last test I ran 3 months ago (2557). I was shocked to see a drop of 1000 points!(1550), THATS HUGE. So I looked at the specs on the futuremark system details sheet, and the video scores were the culprit. I looked further into it, and the AGP rate was NA! I then ran a cpuz to look at the stats, and there was nothing listed in the Graphic Interface section. There was nothing even highlighted. Has anyone heard of this happening before, and any ideas as to the course of action I should take? I tried the latest Nvidia Chipset drivers again, but the 8X AGP interface still seems to be non existent. Any thoughts, experiences, prayers, or donations accepted. How can I test the AGP acceleration to see if it's working? Just in case this helps, I lost the gigalan about 3 months ago as well, and the machine as a whole is not able to overclock to the specs in the signature, I've had to back it down to 2.1Ghz or it crashes alot. Thanks for your help, Bigkibby
  3. CPDMF, Thank you for the advise, and the link! I tried adjusting the Max Async and Preamble as you suggested but no luck, that was before the link. I will try those settings in your link next to see what I get. Memory Chips - I don't know? I will take the heat spreader off the ram to see what chips it is using as well. I hope I don't crap out the fresh windows XP install by tweaking the memory so much. But after all, isn't that the love/hate (mostly hate) we all go through sometimes with a tricky build!!!! Thanks again and all advise/tips welcome! Kibby 11:00 am PT ****I tried the settings in post #44, but had no luck. The only changes I made were to change the mem divider to lessen the freq. tried 9/10 and 05/06, and upped the voltage to 3.0 all failed. Also the multiplier is 8 in this case not 10. Keeps going into a boot loop saying "Detecting Array" reboot, loop, etc. Then I lowered the FSB to 260 then 250 still no luck at 1T timing. Keeps going into a boot loop saying "Detecting Array" reboot, loop, etc. At this point should I try moving the memory around to slots 1 and 2, or 2 and 3? They are currently in 1 and 3. I think the memory itself is ok, as I have run lots of tests on it in the past with no errors, and it will run at 2T on this board OK. 12:30 pm PT*****Based closely around the Memory timings in post 44 with my timing back to 2T I have been able to achieve a 287 X 8 FSB putting me back to 2.3Ghz as I was running before YAY! :nod: I am running some stability tests to see how the performance is and such. Maybe it just can't run at 1T. So my new question is this. What is the major signifigance of running 1T as opposed to 2T in day to day apps and games????? Any thoughts greatly accepted. Thanks Kibby
  4. Thanks again for the help, To Album leaf, I know there is no dual channel on this Sig board, the question was about my last Nforce board, which has dual channel. Hello Mistress, I had to run 2T, otherwise the system (at 1T) would go into a boot up/post loop displaying "Detecting Array" over and over. Wouldn't boot to Windows until I changed to 2T. At 1T, with the ram at it's stated specs 8-3-4-3, divider at 166, volts at 2.6 to 2.9, I couldn't OC even 10 Mhz off the stock 200 on CPU. I read (forgot which thread) that 2 sticks of 1 gig, in slots 1 and 3, would need to be run at 2T, and sure enough once I did that I was able to achieve a fair OC. I say fair because I had this stuff all running in the VNF3-250(before it's power management system went cooky-replaced for sig DFI board) at 2.28 Ghz very stable. Much better CPU score in 3dmark06 with that board too. I'm confident with more reading, Ram tweaking, and advise from people willing to help rather than classy lady, I will get there again. (I had to bag the 4000 idea for a while, old "Clutchie Magoo" in my Jetta decided to start slipping. Gonna have to fix that first.) So Mistress, how in the world am I gonna get back to 1T, and OC, Any suggestions. I can post here all the currrent settings for my memory, if that would help and you are willing to look at them. I like the 7800GS, it definitely is king of the hill if you are looking into the future for shading capabilities and DX10. You have a nice card already, and maybe the prices will come down to reality on the 7800. But man it is hard to wait for prices to come down! and sometimes they don't. Anyway, all input from whomever will be appreciated. Thanks! Kibby
  5. Thanks for the reply, Yes, both sticks same timings, I was at 210 Mhz Dual Channel. In a Soltek SL-75 Frn2-rl.
  6. Greetings, I have been busy putting my rig together, and boy have I done a lot of reading here. Followed all the great advise in all the links. My first real stumbling block was realizing that my memory needed to be set to 2T! Otherwise I couldn't OC one bit, making me crazy for the better part of a day- until I found the answer. My question is this.... I ran a 3dmark 06 on my last Nforce2 rig with a mobile athlon XP at 2.4 Ghz, all other equipment same as below, and I got a CPU score of 890 in that section. With my Athlon 64 2800 at 2.16 Ghz I scored a 840 in the CPU section. The shader scores were a little higher on the A64, but the CPU score was lower. Since the new system has 1MB L2 cache, and a faster bus, etc., I can't see the CPU score being lower than the Athlon XP's. But I don't Know, and that is why I'm asking you all. Does this seem right? Any feedback would be most appreciated. I am still tweaking the chip, and memory. I had all this stuff in a Chaintech vnf3-250 a month ago and I was able to hit a 285 MHz X 8 top end. I know this board has the capability to do that. Now comes the hard part of getting it there! The last of the tweaks are always the most frustrating. Thanks for any advise or feedback, lots of helpful people here. Kibby
  7. Sorry to hear about the hassle Wilso, I tried an X850Pro AGP in my sig rig first, and I would get crashes all the time. Tried the .net thing, Omega drivers, etc, just as you have. No luck with anything! I finally got so frustrated I brought the card back to Compusa and got one of the new 6800 gs they just released. I think the Nvidia-Nvidia will work OK for you, and the performance is pretty sweet. Fixed everything for me. As far as the 7800gs, you may want to reconsider. Yes it is a sweet card, but unless the price comes way down, you're really not getting too much of a jump over the 6800gs. There is about an 80%+ chance you can unlock/OC that card(6800). And it can be had for under $200 right now. Either way, stick with Nvidia, better shading! Kibby
  8. New here, good reading! Dupfold, Sounds like you have a pretty strong chip there, once you get everything "dialed in" you will certainly be happy with that core. I have 3 barton core CPU's. 2 mobiles w/unlocked multipliers and 1 xp2500+. All three run at 200+ FSB. The mobiles run at 210 X11.5 and 205 X 12 @ 1.75V. The xp2500+ at 200 FSB. The Barton Core is great! MedianOCer, you have a very thorough reply on memory timings and such. Kudos to you, that should help alot here. I have my memory timings at 11-3-3-3-2.5, they have been the best performing for me at least. Kingston ValueRam at 2.8V. I have 3 Nforce2 Ultra boards, and from all my reading and personal tweaking those are the best performing memory timings if you can achieve them. If not, try 9-3-3-3-2.5 next. I still use these computers daily, and love them. I recently built the machine in my profile, that's why I started reading here. Sorry to say I don't have a DFI Nforce2 using the Bartons, but the boards they are in are pretty good (Soltek and Albatron). I have tweaked that CPU as much as I can, and it never dies! Good luck, Kibby PS- Nice ride there Mistress!
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