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  1. The nuvi 200 does not have maps for canada only North america
  2. I have both the TomTom one LE 3rd edition and Garmin nuvi 200. I never owned a GPS system before. I hear Garmin is better, but I also read that the TomTom is a good brand. I'm trying to decide which one to keep and which one to sell. I need your opinions on which is a better GPS system overall. I noticed that the Garmins graphics is nicer but I really don't care about that all that much. I also noticed that the TomTom has maps for Canada and the Garmin doesn't. I was told that the garmin has more point of interest if that makes any sense. Anything that you guys can add would be helpful to a newbi for GPS's:angel:
  3. I've done it before. All you have to do is put the cd and let it boot from it right. But i get the stupid error message the NTLDER is missing. But I will make sure to set it priority. I dont get why i'm having so much problems with a simple task. I agree with you guys. Thats why i hate computers. =)
  4. I tried following the directions but some where i'm not doing something right. Also i don't have a floppy drive.
  5. No. When I put in my xp cd it just saids i'm missing ntlder. That's all it saids.
  6. It won't let me reformat. It saying that it's unable to format it. WTF is going on with my computer.
  7. I want to do a fresh install of MS xp. The problem is I have a newer version of xp installed right now and the xp cd i have is a older version( legit cd). Because of that it won't let me re-install xp using the older cd. I do have sp2 just on a different cd. So how can I go about doing a fresh install? The reason i'm doing this is because my computer is running sluggish and I want to start over sort of speak. Any ideas what I need to do? I have the bios to boot from cd. I also get a error message that the NTLDER is missing.
  8. Well I plan on buying another head set. I did make sure it was unmuted and I also plugged the connectors to my sound card. Nothing works. The only thing works is the headphone part and not the mic. Maybe the headset mic combo is incompatible.
  9. Well I did place the connectors in the right place and my mic didn't work. I connected the mic plug to my mobo mic connector and still didn't get any sound. I dont know what to do. I'm lost.
  10. I see what ur saying. Well I will put the headphone and mic connector to the right spot to see if that works. I think I've tried that already, but I will do it again to make sure. Then I will get back to you. But if that doesn't work what else could be the problem.
  11. Well I have the main male connector connected to my sound card and the 2 females are connected to my headset. One for the mic and the other for my head phone. Does this make any sense? I dont' get why my mic doesn't work. I have a stand alone mic that works fine. Please let me know if you can figure this problem out. I asked other forums and no one has yet to figure out why this is happening.
  12. The problem is I can't get the mic to work. I can hear sound but I can't talk to anyone (when playing cs.). I'm using a splitter and that one is hook up to my xfi sound card and the other end of it I have my headset hooked up which has 2 male jacks, 1 for the sound and the other one for the mic. Any ideas what am I doing wrong? I went into windows volume control to make sure nothing was muted.The brand that I have is cyber acoustics. My stand alone mic works fine. All I do is just plug it in and it works. I don't know why i'm having so much problems with this headset mic combo. I have a regular headphones which works fine with my stand alone mic. Any help would be great thanks. I've been to other forums and so far no help.
  13. I just noticed that my view sonic A90f+ crt monitor (19inch) monitor is flickering around the edges of the screen. Its kinda hard to explain it. I want to say its kinda like a light vibrating look to it. Is this bad? I have the resolution set at 1152 by 864 and I have it set at the highest hertz which is 75. I thought maybe because the resolution is high I set it back down to 1024 by 768, but the same problem keeps happening. Any ideas? I've been to other forums and so far no help. The video card driver i'm using is Xtreme G 160.02 32 bit from tweaks r us.
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