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  1. I would use this to power a gaming system for my kids at my ex's house. They are currently using a Pentium D system with a 6800gt and it desperately needs to be retired. In parts, I have a Phenom II X4 970, RAM, case and a Radeon 4860 (yes they do exist), and all I would need to complete the build is a motherboard if I won this power supply. Thanks for offering these up!
  2. How did I miss this thread???? I actually "Stumbled" upon this thread using Stumbleupon. It definitely got a thumbs-up.
  3. Nah. I got frustrated and sold the cards. I'm keeping the ticket alive just to show how awful tech support there is. But if what bosco said is the case about the employment mixup there, I wouldn't be surprised if they are the next to go the way of Abit.
  4. Two month bump and the ticket still has yet to be viewed. http://www.dmmsupport.com/index.php?action...EBnbWFpbC5jb20=
  5. Just ordered a replacement foam kit from here: http://speakerex.com/refoam_kits.html The kit I ordered: They customized the order for me over email. Included a free dust cap for another speaker I need one for. Going from grey foam to red and looking forward to it. Thanks for the help guys!
  6. I was wondering if anybody here has ever done a repair of their old speakers with foam surround that rotted off or something. I have a 12" Cerwin Vega powered sub and last year a mouse decided to crawl in the porthole and chew a hole in the surround on it, and now I need a kit or something to repair it. What kit did you go with and are you happy with it? Any suggestions before I move forward with this project? edit: here's what I'm looking at.
  7. 1:1 was a very important goal back in the athlon64 and x2 days with ddr1 ram. Nowadays, it's not as big of a deal. The idea is to keep your ram close to stock speed or over a bit as long as it can handle it. You shouldn't see any performance hit with a ram divider.
  8. My Lexmark X4690 came with a cable, but I got the Circuit City exclusive, and guess what... CIRCUIT CITY IS THE ONLY PLACE THAT HAS THE INK FOR IT!!! So now it's a hunk of plastic after the ink runs out.
  9. here's the thing about teaming: It will be benificial ONLY if you are saturating the current gigabit port during file transfers. Being 100mb/s, it's hard to come anywhere close to the bandwidth available on one port. The only way it would be useful would be if you are running a server with many workstations needing to access files from that box. So as stated above, the only really good use for that 2nd port is to configure a shared internet connection with another computer that would connect to it. And then, the box with the ports would have to be on for the other to be connected to the internet. So IMO, dual gigabit is a gimmick and is very unnecessary.
  10. I say go with the single 1gb, then get another one once you save up some cash for it. BTW, prices dropped on the 4870's today on newegg. The card I have was $299 yesterday and is $244 today. Quite a price drop.
  11. here's a couple of mine. the top pic was taken with my cell phone so the quality is awful.
  12. I posted this ticket January 29th. It has yet to be viewed by tech support. Nine more days and it will have been a full calendar month. Since I submitted the ticket, I put one of the cards up for sale and sold it. I didn't know which one was causing my issue and took a chance and picked one. Unfortunately, I ended up selling the one which probably would work in crossfire and I'm stuck with the one that won't. No big deal though. I'm going to sit on this ticket as long as it takes. I don't really care about the outcome of the ticket. I'm over it. I'm just in it for the lolz and to spread the word about how awful Diamond tech support is. http://www.dmmsupport.com/index.php?action...EBnbWFpbC5jb20= (to bosco: I know you are close with them. You've helped me out with my past issues with them, but my issues with the same ordeal you helped me out with months ago still continues. Please don't tip them off about this thread if you can help it. thanks.)
  13. Don't rule out the possibility that your board doesn't like your RAM. I know you have a different board, but your story sounds very similar to my situation. I just sold a DFI x38 board that wouldn't get my e8400 over 3.3ghz without introducing random vista crashes, program crashes, etc. . The guy I sold the board to now has his e8400 at 4.2ghz no problem using different ram. The symptoms I had were identical. I could get the processor overclocked to 4.0ghz and it would NEVER error in prime testing, but would BSOD or crash the os or programs. I have since switched mobos and now I'm running a rock solid 4.0ghz with the same ram. So in the end I found out that all my overclocking woes had to do with the ram. Look around at people with successful overclocks and ask them what RAM they are running and consider switching to that brand of RAM. Edit: And try to keep your cpu voltage under 1.36v If you are putting in 1.4v and getting 1.36v, that's some pretty heavy Vdroop. See if there's a vdroop mod for it or a bios setting which should help alleviate Vdroop.
  14. eVGA, then XFX, then Visiontek The worst would be Sapphire, Diamond and BFG
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