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  1. 200 Euros for Europe shipping included Never modded, everything is like new.
  2. Hi, Selling an EVGA 7900GTO 512M, used couple of weeks. Will include the box, all accessories, cables and softwares. Stock BIOS and heatsink. Clocked at 650/1320. Using it at GTX speed (1600). Can go further : 720/1720. Asking 240 shipped (CAN & USA) Paypal prefered EBAY FEEDBACK
  3. You can go for 3.3v but be sure to have good airflow on it. I mean, get a fan RIGHT over them. My source is OCZ Ryder, an official OCZ support guy that is sometimes on this forum. The VX4000 is rated 2-2-5-2 at 250 at 3.2v. Go for 3.3 just to be sure it's not a power supply issue. And yeah disable that CRC (2t), it is imperative with 4 sticks. I have VX3200 (2 sticks) but will receive 2 sticks of VX4000 soon. I'll try 4 sticks for fun, but will probably go for VX4000 and sell those 3200. If you want, I could tell you the results when i get them.
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