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  1. do you have a compare url, or the SM2 SM3 and CPU scores? like Mussels said 3dmark isnt a muti threaded program so it wont take advantage of the 2 cores
  2. i see huge increase just by running CL2.5 over 3 what are you using to test the bandwidth with cl3 i get under 4000MB/sec
  3. even the 3112 is pretty slow for me, i got 2x 36.7GB raptors in raid0 and i get about 130MB/sec brust and 105MB/sec avg. while other with nvraid get 160+MB/sec brust and 100MB/sec ish avg.
  4. the older version of Everest reboot computer, but the 2006 release doesnt
  5. your rams not rated for those speeds PC4000 is 250 1:1
  6. your cpu score seems low for a fx60 i get 1700ish with a x2 4400
  7. Enter BIOS Advanced BIOS Features > Full Screen LOGO show > Disabled
  8. is it running 11.5V idle or during a gfx load my PowerStream 600w runs 12v @ 12.35 idle
  9. its a XT but the ati 6.2 beta drivers see it as XTX
  10. I ran my ATI x1900xt 512 at 600/700 (500/600 stock) and it runs stable, people at xtremesystems say you can run the ram at 800 with stock cooling
  11. I have burned 2 dvd's with this mobo and havent had any problems, i seen your review on newegg and i dont see a reason why u wouldnt need higher than udma 2 becasue 16x=21600 KB/sec. which udma2 is 33MB/sec, theres not a drive on the market that can fully use the 33MB/sec
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