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  1. do you have a compare url, or the SM2 SM3 and CPU scores? like Mussels said 3dmark isnt a muti threaded program so it wont take advantage of the 2 cores
  2. i see huge increase just by running CL2.5 over 3 what are you using to test the bandwidth with cl3 i get under 4000MB/sec
  3. mumixam

    SATA bios settings help.

    even the 3112 is pretty slow for me, i got 2x 36.7GB raptors in raid0 and i get about 130MB/sec brust and 105MB/sec avg. while other with nvraid get 160+MB/sec brust and 100MB/sec ish avg.
  4. the older version of Everest reboot computer, but the 2006 release doesnt
  5. your rams not rated for those speeds PC4000 is 250 1:1
  6. mumixam

    Graphics Flicker (x1900 series)

    i have a x1900xt and it does a few flashes at boot
  7. your cpu score seems low for a fx60 i get 1700ish with a x2 4400
  8. mumixam

    Startup screen?

    Enter BIOS Advanced BIOS Features > Full Screen LOGO show > Disabled
  9. is it running 11.5V idle or during a gfx load my PowerStream 600w runs 12v @ 12.35 idle
  10. mumixam

    3DMARK06 scores!!

    its a XT but the ati 6.2 beta drivers see it as XTX
  11. mumixam

    Best way to overclock?

    I ran my ATI x1900xt 512 at 600/700 (500/600 stock) and it runs stable, people at xtremesystems say you can run the ram at 800 with stock cooling
  12. Any SLI Ready PSU should work, that psu will not work
  13. I have burned 2 dvd's with this mobo and havent had any problems, i seen your review on newegg and i dont see a reason why u wouldnt need higher than udma 2 becasue 16x=21600 KB/sec. which udma2 is 33MB/sec, theres not a drive on the market that can fully use the 33MB/sec