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  1. This Fault mother board must have a short circuit! the mobo caused the fire in my PC case! its the mobo's fault. its obvoisly faulty and unsafe i saw a Flame coming out the PCI slot..... dude what is there to catch fire? do u know what electrical fire is? these things handle alot of power the back of my PCI slot is melted
  2. omfg wtf jesus! :eek: :eek: my mobo set on FIRE! it has taken my 7900 GTX with it!!!!!! i saw flames coming out of the PCI express slot where my GFX was seated! i cant get the RMA service to work on the site?? Someone please help???? what do i do about my GFX? RMA that to?
  3. Twist The Heat Sink Around On The Cpu While Its Locked In!!!! Its Easy! Then It Will Work Loose!
  4. i just got same stepping as your opteron and i gotta say its w a n k! im gona send this thing back and get one from somwhere else. new ones hittin 3ghz im not stable at 2.8
  5. im getting 3 fx60s this week with 0620 steppings brand new! im on water cooling... which i just had a leak on! omfg! i duno what to expect atm 3.2 on air is unlikely they have goto 3.5ghz on phase but 3ghz should be doable
  6. personally OZC is fine, did u check the stock settings on bleeding edge? im happy with my ram and PSU and they aint rated number 1 for nothing. if you cant run ddr500 at stock then its probably you not the ram. goto bleedin edge and ask for help there. or goto xtremeforums and ask for OZC tony
  7. 60c will kill an X2... what r u doin goin that high r u mad
  8. well i got water coolin so lets see how well it can do
  9. cus 165 doesnt do 3d aswell as a fx 60. the commands arnt optimised for it. just cus clock speed sounds the same doesnt mean it works the same. also i got a deal on 3 CPU's im selling 2 so it wont cost me alot probly the same as a 165 and ill have a FX60 with a brand new stepping.
  10. ive been reading people hitting 3.5ghz on phase with these new steppings so im sure 3ghz on water is possible
  11. im buying 3x Fx60 CCB2E 0620BPMW just wondering what i can expect on water? also if any one is interested in the other 2 let me know.
  12. hard to take a photo of it now.... but basicaly buy a chipset cooler and u get 2 free heatsinks with thermal tape. u just stick it on with that
  13. just thought id let you guys know... the pwmic chip is supposed to be be rated to 80-90c but after 58c u get major fps lag and it can also crash ur pc. i now have a fan wedged inside the cables to keep it down to 30-35c i wud sugest if anyone elses runs hot like mine did to do the same. ive also stuck a little heatsink on it with the fan blowing onto that which seems to be doing the trick.
  14. i gota buy a sound card cus the module gets in the way of my case fan and soon to be water system
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