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  1. ElectricHead

    New Case

    I reccomend the LianLi PC-61 (or any LianLi case). They are a bit pricey, but worth it.
  2. I have done both Off and Auto. On my setup, it didnt make any difference.
  3. Incorrect. I dont have anything overclocked on my system (with either BIOS version). The only thing that I changed was the BIOS version. Once I went back to the 11/02 BIOS, the problem was gone.
  4. That is the exact same prob I was having; crashes in games, lost the display, and a sound loop...had to reset manually. This started to happen right after I flashed to the 12/07 bios. Went back to the 11/02 bios and it is stable just like when I first got it.(it came with the 11/02 but after about 2 weeks of ruuning it I figured I would flash to the "better" 12/07 bios ) For my system 11/02 bios=good
  5. ElectricHead

    3D Marks!

    11,512 on '05. 7,528 in '06. Running my eVgas at 490/ 1300. They will run higher but I get artifacts. (Gotta get these things on water). Everything else stock.
  6. ElectricHead

    Positive Feedback

    I posted something like this a while back. Its a great board. What kind of 3DMark numbers are you getting on your rig?
  7. ElectricHead

    Sound Card Question

    I was using a Hercules Fortissimo. Good card, but the x-Fi sounds about 1000% better. I really noticed it on Quake IV and FEAR. Also on Silent Hunter III (you can really hear the creaks when you dive deep). On a game like Quake IV you can enable OpenAL....really sounds good.
  8. ElectricHead

    Sound Card Question

    Yup. Using the Xtreme Music with my Expert. Never had one problem with this sound card.
  9. Yes it can. My Expert came with the 11/02/05 bios and was stable as a rock(no overclock on the system as of yet). I decided the flash to the 12/07 bios and I started getting random crashes in serveral games (always the same type of crash in different games). Did a reinstall of Windows with the 12/07...no luck. Did a reflash...same thing. Flashed back to the 11/02 and everything is stable again. The point is the just because a bios is new does NOT mean it is the best for your system. Try' em both and see which works best.
  10. ElectricHead

    Easiest build ever

    Actually, it looks like crap. The solid plane with the volume texture covers up alot. My very early version looked kinda cool (had 5 primatives in the room). Not really sure how long it takes this one to fully render...I only let it run about 2-3 days on this rig before I want to start tweaking around with the setup...no self-control, you see
  11. ElectricHead

    Easiest build ever

    Not one prob with this card. I think I have one of the later ones with a newer BIOS. This rig amazes me really; first NF4 I have ever delt with. I have a Bryce 5 file I made to burn-in systems I build (Bryce 5 is a system hog when it renders; I made up a room with mirrored textures on the walls, floor, and ceiling, 8 lights, 5 very high polygon objects, the objects have reflective textures, and I put in a plane of fog). On most systems I have built, I can get the CPU temp up into the 65-70 range (Socket 754 and 939) Takes about 7 days or so to render. I couldn't get past 50 with this rig. Sort of irritated me It wasn't until I added about 4 more lights AND a solid plane (with a volume texture) that I saw an increase in temp...and even then it was only up in the high 50's. Nice combo this NF4 and 939 chip. Oh yeah....the Big Typhoon rocks!
  12. Hi all, first post. This may seem odd (comparing to some of the posts I have read here on the Expert board), but this was the smoothest build I have ever done. In fact, I made it harder for myself than I had to when I flashed to the 2005/12/07 BIOS(from the 2005/11/02 that the board came with)...for whatever reason, my hardware combo doesn't like that (somewhat constant crashes in games, very repeteable, did NOT show up until I flashed to the 12/07 version). Did reinstall of XP just to see if the 12/07 would play nice but no go....flashed back to the 11/02 and stable as a rock. This goes to show that the ony right BIOS version IS the one that works with what you have. I really like this board...stable as hell once the setup is right...luckily for me that didnt take to much effort, in part because I read and re-read post after post on this board. Good work DFI!