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  1. Okay, im stumped. After having the memory running at the proper 2.8V, after a few days of nice operation, its back again. I havent a clue what could have changed between today and yesterday but I get graphical corruption/glitches in all games after a few mins now :... again. I dont get it. edit: finally solved the mystery. One of the molex-pass-thru fans that came with my thermaltake case was shorting or something... take it out and i can run bf2 for an hour np... put it in it corrupts in 5mins (no matter which molex cable coming off the power supply I connect it to, i think im going to replace them all for the sort that plugs right into the motherboard headers...
  2. Yeah, I saw that later, and printed it out, its the closest match. Solved my problems in games,alot faster and stable now.
  3. so, in my quest to figure out WTF was wrong with my system. both the bios and smartguardian say 2.65V my ram (shown in the link below) is supposedly rated(via both newegg and OCZ site) at 2.8V and 3-4-3-8(ddr500). My problem is, how do I translate 3-4-3-8 into WTF I need to put into the dram settings... its alot different than my old nf2 lanparty thanks! here are the links: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16820227219 http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...al_channel-2gb_ should I go ahead and manually enter 2.8V? and how do I setup my Dram settings properly :drool: im retarted lol
  4. Errr.. Sorry I re-read the OP. No my windows just doesnt want to unload =P It goes into shutdown mode, but hangs waiting for something (and im trying to figure out what)
  5. Yeah, their amazing tech support said this: "Quote : Did You check the Temps on the BFG Card? If the EVGA GT has higher Temps in Idle and Load State's it may be because of a poor mount of the HSF. You can fix this Yourself, if You wish, by removing the HSF and Thermal Pads, and then install Arctic Ceramic Paste on both the Core and Memory Modules and reinstall the HSF. Be Careful. If You decide not to try this, then Call EVGA for Replacement. Good Luck. Let Us Know what You did. " I dunno about you guys, but If i buy something that is admittedly done wrong, do you want to automaticalyl void your warranty by opening it up and then maybe or maybe not fix the initial problem. Cook1: Thanks but this is the exact reason I got an entirely new system this time instead of moving components. I have the old XP/6800 Rig and that will hold me over just fine in the meanwhile
  6. Yeah = I kinda spent my bankroll on the machine so Im gonna have to wait a few weeks for the RMA process i guess. and alot of people are getting 2nd defective cards on eVGA, seems like quite a large batch all is experiencing the same problems. One guy with a SLI-DR expert said he got his to work fine changing the pcie settings(basically running 8x), but I dont ahve those in my bios
  7. I underclocked the card to 427/1000 and it still did this (albeit later). If I move the card away from directly over into the northbridge fan, it will run at 8x PCIe right? In the lower slot think that might help? its like smack dab right ontop of it, pretty long card
  8. also, the evga techs wanted me to check my 12v voltage under load. it stays rock solid
  9. Im running 6.70s, 81.98 or whatever eVGA recommends on the site video drivers. When I get into games its beautiful for about a minute, then i experience severe artifacting. This artifacting continues even after I exit the game, and if I tried to run the game for a while after it started, it will appear on teh bios screen etc. Lots of people on the evga forums reporting the exact same issue with the exact same card. Should the -12V bother me? What could that be? All of the +v readings are good
  10. So, Im using the enermax whisper II PSU listed in the recommended psu's thread. My EVGA card was glicthing and the first thing the support guys told me is to run speedfan and check the voltages. Here they are... What does the low -12V mean? Could one of my aux connectors not be working right or not connected on the motherboard?
  11. Hmmm.. see mine even says on the box "copper heatsink" did something get whacked out in configuring this batch ro something? my serial # is def a 517 tho, i will check the board right now. editx2: did some more digging and found this post I apparently have the 516 @ 470/1100 wit hthe copper cooler. my case ambient is 29 degrees C, graphics card idles aroudn 40 in 2d mode and its at about 50 c when bf2 screws up bad. Considering the 'threshhold' temperature over 100c... why is this happening? editx3: tons of the exact same issue over on the evga forums. Guess im RMAing my board 8(
  12. I was getting beautiful performance... for about a minute then it would glitch and die. edit: anyone got a link for the bios files?
  13. I have the 517 running 13.7B bios, mines clocked at 470. It doesnt play games at all : EDIT!: sorry, I looked, i have the p2 n516. stock clock was 470, ponder on that one
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