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    AMD 64 how many volts on your CPU?

    Athlon 64 3200+ Venice at 2650MHz (10x265) 1.55v stock air cooling
  2. iamthegreenbird

    Your Daily Voltage

    Mine's at 1.55v 24/7. The increase from stock voltage helped a lot with my OC.
  3. iamthegreenbird

    What does your DFI board report for CPU temps?

    What choice did you make in the poll above? I believe that the reported CPU temperatures are accurate. Motherboard: Ultra-D Mobo BIOS version: 11/14/05 CPU : Athlon 64 3200+ Venice @ 2441MHz(244x10) CPU Idle : 26°C CPU load: 38°C Cooling: Stock Air Room Temperature: Approx. 24°C -EDIT- Increased my CPU voltage recently, OCed my 3200+ to 2650MHz(10x265), and temps went up about 2°C on either end. CPU idle: 28-30°C CPU load: 38-40°C Cooling: Stock Air I still believe my temps are accurate, though.