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  1. Are there any good sites for Windows 2000 themes? I use themexp.org with the XP Pro machine, I'm looking for a site like that for 2000 Pro, are there any out there? I searched the hell out of google with no luck, TIA!
  2. it wasn't the virus, I loaded a fresh version of 2000 Pro and its working perfect now. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Sorry to get back so late...major crap going on at work today...namely WSBlast virus. I've got a licensed version of 2000 Pro that I'll try and install, do you really think that's our problem? Also, will she notice any comp. issues wth it? TIA!
  4. Here's the deal, my mom has this old Dell XPS-T500 workstation that she's been using for a while now. About 2 weeks ago we upgraded her to XP Pro and all went reasonably well. The other night when she went to start it up we ran into some major trouble... It made it to the XP boot screen, a blue screen popped up for like 1/8th of a second, and then it restarted itself. It'll keep doing this until you just kill the computer. It wouldn't even boot into safe mode, same thing happened. I decided to reload XP Pro, once again it went fine. But, I still have the same exact problem!! It still won't boot into safe mode or start normally. I replaced the 256MB of RAM that was in it with 2 brand new sticks to no avail. Tried a PCI video card I had laying around to no avail. What's next?? I need your help guys, I'm really stumped and I want to get this thing up and running again. BTW: It's a P3 500MHz, 256MB RAM, 120GB WD H/D, 20GB IBM H/D, (2) Phillips CD-Rs, NVIDIA 128MB PCI video card.
  5. Yeah, they're real good boards. i love mine, let me know if you need any help
  6. I haven't had any problems with the PC4000 yet. I bought Kingston HyperX b/c they were the only company that Abit had tested 500MHz units with their boards. but to be honest with you, I just got the system up and running good last night (Monday), so I'm gonna work with it for at least a week on stock setup before I start OC'ing it. I'm hoping to hit 3.4-3.5Ghz range, but I don't know yet.
  7. I knew it was much faster when running seperate chains. My second HDD just holds all my actual files, mp3, etc... I transfer files down to it probaly once or twice a week at most. I would leave it second on my "primary" IDE chain, but I'm worried about burning CDs from it. I think that putting them on seperate chains is the best way for me, I need the secondary one to be just as reliable as the boot HDD.
  8. I was thinking about doing that, just didn't know if it would work. I've got my main HDD (master) and my DVD+R/RW on one IDE cable, and my other HDD (master) and CD-R/RW on the other IDE cable, this shouldn't cause me any errors should it?
  9. Alright, I'm running dual 120GB WD HDDs. I have all of my files on one, and I want to use the other one for my boot/OS HDD. Here's the problem, when I try to install XP Pro on the proper drive, it recognizes my data HDD as "C:/" and my new one as "F:/". Will I expierence any problems from this? If so, how can I change my drive letter(s) so that my main one is "C:/" Please help and TIA!
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys, I got the comp up and running last night so I haven't been on all weekend. I ended up getting (2) Kingston HyperX DDR PC4000 512MB. It runs great and is awesome. I called Abit before I ordered the RAM, they said that they KNOW their boards will support 500MHz RAM and that they were getting ready to start announcing the news. Once again thanks for all the help. BTW: In case your wondering, I'm running a P4 3.0GHz 800MHz HT processor with the Abit IC7-G and the Kingston HyperX PC4000. If anyone wants more details just let me know.
  11. I just ordered my Abit IC7-G. Now, the specs for the board say it can handle up to PC3200 RAM, but I've read of some guys running PC3500 Kingston memory on this board. Is it possible?? I've e-mailed Abit, but haven't gotten a response from them yet. I need to order my new RAM, but don't know whether to go with PC3200 or the PC3500.
  12. LOL, that's cool. Thanks for the help.
  13. how is the overclocking on a P4C800? Also, the cheapest I have found it is for $200, is this a good price to pay?
  14. Yeah, that is the main drawback to mine now, that's why I'd like to go with something else. GigaByte is supposed to have some good boards, I've just never seen one run or heard anything substantial about it.
  15. Alright guys, I've been here for a while, just never posted. Now I need your help or opinion. I'm currently building my new PC, and having some trouble deciding on which motherboard to go with. I've narrowed it down to three, please give me some feedback on which one you think and why. 1. DFI LanParty Pro 875 2. ASUS P4C800 Deluxe 3. GigaByte GA-8KNXP All 3 have a about the same features, the main one being a 800MHz FSB to support my P4 3.06 800MHz. I'm going to be running (2) Corsair 512MB PC3200 DDR RAM, (2) WD Caviar Ultra 120GB HD, ATi Radeon 9600 Pro Video Card, haven't quite decided on a sound card yet, and XP Pro. I've only dealt with DFI boards before and I was pretty impressed, but I wanna keep my options open this time. Anywayz, can you guys help? I've heard such mixed reviews about all of them that I don't know where to turn.
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