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  1. I guess that could be one explanation, I just might go back to asus because I'm not sure how much OC'ing I'll do anymore (I'm tired of the loud fans). If you think about it, amd 64 3800+ with 2 gigs of ram and a x700 or x800 will be a very noticeable upgrade from my amd 2800+ 1 gig of ram and geforce 4200 (4x agp).
  2. So basically, it's been 2 years since I've really been back on these forums (I've got an itchy finger to upgrade my computer again ). Two summers ago, all I remember is people saying a7n8x deluxe this and a7n8x deluxe that - and that's what my current computer has right now. I've been very very pleased with my computer, and decided to go and see what Asus has to offer right about now. Went to their website and found this puppy: A8N-SLI Deluxe But um, I don't see the same amount of people backing asus....so what happened? Is there someone out here now that's basically become the new king? I'm not saying asus was king...just....eh, sorry if i offended your choice in mobo's =) I was thinking about getting the AMD 64 3800+ (the new venice chip)....since I've also been very happy with AMD - minus the chip running a bit hot...probably due to my lack of cooling abilities. Anyone with any suggestions - I've read a lot of people mentioning the DFI lanparty thingy. Thanks, blip
  3. are you talkinga bout motherboard monitor? I have that already installed, I use it to check my volts and cpu temp and such...but i hadn't seen anything that'll actually let me raise the volts. are you talking about another program or do I need to go back and look at mbm5 again?
  4. do any of you guys know of a prog. that can get my vcore past 1.85? i've been searching for hacked bios, but haven't had any luck..thanks -blip
  5. I personally use and LOVE gentoo linux. To be honest, the installatino of gentoo is probably the worst thing, but it's one of the easiest to deal with installing software...strange how they dont' make the operating system as easy as they do the rest of the software. I have to use suse for a networking class I'm taking, and I just think that it's incredibly annoying. That being said, their big software, called Yast is incrediblly nice. Yast is just a system file that makes it easy to control everything. However, I'm pretty sure they're going to be releasing Yast under the GPL, so other distros will be able to use it. Mandrake and Fedora Core will give you easy installs (suse will too...but blech..it's suse)...and if my memory Mandrake has a systemconfig thing like suse does. Between the two, I'd choose Mandrake over Fedora Core...I hate how Fedora core doesn't ship with NTFS support built in, eventhough the new kernel..i htink 2.6.8 and beyond support NTFS writing now. Whichever one you choose, make sure you find one with a good and ACTIVE forum....you will have problems, and they can help you. Just based on my experience with Gentoo Linux, the peopel is incredibly helpful, probably beucase they've had the same problems you're having now. good luck -blip
  6. so yesterday i opened up my comp, and there was tons of dust everywhere, so i cleaned it all out, the front fans, the side and the two back...the video card fan and also the heatsink fan. My monitor was also right next to the cpu, and it's a huge huge monitor that puts off a lot of heat...so i moved the cpu away. Now, with a .05 increase in vcore, from 1.75 to 1.80, the computer is 5 degress cooler..celsius. I still ahven't decided whether or not I want to get another HS and Fan. I wish i could get my vcore to go past .85, so that i could OC it more, but right now I don't htink my mobo supports it....it's an asus a7nx8 deluxe. Anyways, thanks for the help guys.
  7. it really just might be full of dust, i'm going to find out today, I really haven't touched it in forever...thinking i'll go get some of that good ol' "air in a can" and clean it out. Thanks for the help, I was looking at the thermalright900 also, thanks -blip
  8. eh, the room temp is probably the worst part, and probably the main reason, it's about 75 F in here. I have one of the Antec Cases found there. So i have a decent amount of fans in it, two back, one side, two front. I've check and they're all blowing the right way, only the back fans blow out. Someone else told me to turn the fan up all the way, and that's where it's at, it just stays there, i don't mind the noise. I think today's project will be to reapply the thermal paste, maybe do it better this time. Thanks for your help -blip
  9. Hi guys, it's been a long long time since i've been back here, considering I built and overclocked my computer almost a year and a half ago. The CPU I've got is an AMD 2800+ overclocked towhatever I feel like, usually only make it roughly a 3400+. I have the Thermaltake Volcano 11+ and I used the artic silver II (or possibly III) at the time I built it. Basically, with vCore at 1.7 and my FSB at 200 and multiplier at 11, I have idle speeds of about 52 C. After running prime95, it gets up to be about 59 C. I'm also running my volcano 11+ fan at max speed. For some reason, since my VCore is only .5 higher than the stock temp. I'm wondering why the temps are that high. Granted I'm in a college apartment, and the A/C isn't the best in the world, but I can't do anything about that. Is there another HS that you guys think would do better? I kinda wanna stay away from the more non-traditional ways of cooling....maybe once I get more time, and more income if I just happen to blow something up =) Another possibilty is that I might've put too much compound on the cpu...do you guys think these temps reflect this? thanks for your help guys -blip
  10. Yea have you considered buying a different brand board? Other than the brand that crapped out on you? Just wondering if you were an "Asus faithful" However, DFI does make some savage overclocking boards... well, it was my fault that te board crapped out on me....when i was messing around with the front USB headers and such and guess i didn't ground myself enough (stupid sparks)...stupid carpet in the floor. but i really like asus, so i'll probably stay with it. any limitations that i've come up with are from my chip and not thos board.
  11. well since 6 weeks ago i saw some sparks in the case...i'm betting it's just messed up a;lsdfa;lsdjf;lksajd;lasjdf;lkasd;ldsfj;lkasdf;lskad;lksjdf;lkasjdf;lkasj;laskj; asldkj i'm a computer science major and computers are the bane of my existence. thanks for the tip, i'll try to do that
  12. Hey guys, it's been awhile for me on this forum. I had an Asus A7n8X Deluxe mobo, but i think it's really messed up, some USB ports stopped working and now the two LAN/ethernet thingies are gone too...so it's time to get a new one. I've been searching websites to buy a new one..mostly zipzoomfly.com (used to be googlegear.com), and they show the A7N8X-E Deluxe....what is that extra "E"? I've heard that the a7n8x-x is horrible to try and overclock with, but i'm wondering what the story is with the a7n8x-e. thanks for all your help -blip
  13. blippy


    i use gametiger all the time for CS.....but that was when cs 1.5 is out. now that there's 1.6 and everything is ocmpletely changed.....gametiger hasn't been working for me as well, maybe they fixed it since i last used it...
  14. there's a server i play alot, and it just went to 1.6 and added an incredible amount of extra maps. www.godsclan.com/godstrike/ -this is the main site Map Pack direct links 1) http://www.taaow.com/GoD/cstrike.zip 2) http://www.taaow.com/GoD/MapPack2/Map%20Pack2.zip 3) http://www.godsclan.com/godstrike/flash/Maps/MapPack3.zip they have some fun maps in there, de_therealrats and de_pier or pyer..whichever, those are smaller, but check em out and come join in the game THANK GOD THAT CAL BANNED THE USE OF THE SHIELD!!!!!!!!
  15. he was right when he said about a 300mhz overclock. 12.5x185 is 2312.5, and the normal 2800+ runs about 2.08. also, with your memory timings, you might want to keep that first number up at 11....there have a been a lot of people who find they get a faster response time with that number being up around 11 or so. Search these forums for anything like slower memory timmings. It's a weird thing that the nforce2 boards do. gj on the OC
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