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  1. Ive been running in SLI mode since January.. When i bought the PSU it was sli cerified and ive not had any trouble with running in SLI.. i was just hoping that nothing was wrong with my cpu..... Ive ran 3dmark 03 and 05 and it never shut the computer.. You think it just could have been a glitch.. like i said thats the only 2 times it has done it. The Room the pc is in has been a little warm, we havent got around to getting the room cooled.. but workin on that now.. u think that might have been a factor with the room being a little warm and getting the temp up a little.
  2. Hey Guys.. im having this problem and it just started.. I was on the net the other night and wasnt doing anything but surfing the web and the cpu just turned completely off by itself.. Ok i was on the net again tonite and it did the same thing. .. I went into the bios and checked my temps and they all looked normal with the highest one being 55 degrees celcius.. and that was on the chipset....I installed Sandra Sisoft to run some test of the cpu and everytime i click something on it, it shuts the cpu completely off.. I can play games fine... no problems there. it has only done it these 2 times plus when i installed the Sandra program.. has anyone else had issues of these kinds.. thanks
  3. Hey Guys.. I know their are some people out there that would love to have their own site, but cannot get one because of hosting companies wanting them to pay 2 years in advance.. Well im here to help the little guy.. for a small fee of $5 per month i will host your site for you. The only thing you need to do is get you domain name or i can get your domain name for you.. (extra cost) domain name is $10 for 2 years which is just a 1 time fee.. Guys thats $60 a year for a website which you will have full access of .. you will be able to have your own site, guys i dont think you can beat this deal... If your interested please drop me an email at [email protected] remember it doesnt have to be a clan.. you can even get it for your personal reasons.. thanks
  4. Hey guys i was just wondering has anyone noticed your expert boards giving a random beep, while the computer is always on. I can just be setting on the net or playing a game and i will here a (beep). it just started doing this. thanks tony
  5. Hey guys ive got a Maxtor Diamondmax 10 SATA HD 200GB, once i installed Windows XP Pro i decided to check the Storage Space, and its only showing 127GB, I went to the Maxtor site and look in there trouble shooting section and they had a registry patch that was suppose to fix this issue, when i tried to run the exe. it said that i had the wrong OS. anyone have any ideas.
  6. None of the ATA devices have nvidia drivers, And i also have defragged the HD. I dont know what would be causing this. I do know that in the ATA Devices it has 9 Controllers. is this normal?
  7. Nividia Idea drivers? I installed the NForce 6.70 drivers i didnt see anything pertaining to Idea Drivers.
  8. its a brand new, Western Digital 7200 RPM HD...80GB 8MB Cache
  9. Hey guys my problem just started the other day, when i turn on or reset my pc it goes thru the post super quick, but once it gets to the windows Xp loading screen it takes a long time, the little bar that goes across the middle of the Windows Xp screen keeps moving and after about 3 minutes it will go to the desktop. I flashed back from the 12/7 bios to the 11/2 to fix the SLI issues which this did fix, but i dont recall the loading screen taking this long. I just done a clean install of windows XP Professional and its still doing it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hey Guys i also was having the Sli-crashing problems, I noticed that i would get it more often when i turned the fan up on my heatsink, and it wouldnt happen as often if i left my fan on 1/2 Speed, but it still happened. So i linked it to my PSU, but the only thing i couldnt figure out was why sometimes it would play for hours and sometimes it would happen within minutes of playing a game. (ex. BF2) While i was puzzled to why this was happening i figured i would re-route my wires so it would look a little neater in my Shark Case, and when i had finished re-doing the wiring I notice that i had plugged the little floppy power connector into the board above the PCI-Express slot and it was the only thing on the Rail. while my CD Rom and HD were on the other rail together. After doing all this i decide i want to do a little gaming, Ive played BF2,COD2,Rfactor/N2003/UT2004/ CS/DOD/NFS Most Wanted/ over 1 week now without a single crash. So it led me to think, before i re-routed the wires i had my cd-rom and the little Floppy power connector on the same rail. Could the Expert board be setup to where that this little part on the board needed a suffient supply of power all the time and when gaming when the cdrom spun up the game would freeze. So I wanted to test out my theory and i hooked up the cd-rom back onto the same rail as the little connector. Within minutes after started the game , SLI CRASHED. Guys im not saying that this will work for everyone but it did work for me, it may be the solution and it may not. try it and see if it helps. I hope you have the same luck i had.
  11. Hey Guys my memory timings are, are these good timings or could i get timings if i OC.. I dont know much about OC except turning up the FSB small increments until its stable. but after reading here on the forums alot of the guys talk about dividers and setting tight and loose timings. if someone could explain a little of this it would be much appreciated.
  12. Hey guys i did a clean install of windows on my new machine. and when i try to download nvidia drivers or any other type of driver from my machine i the this error. the contents of this file cannot be unpacked the executable are attempting to run has been corrupted please obtain another copy of the file, verfiy its intergrity and try again. I can download the same file on my laptop and send it to my machine and it works perfect. I cant figure out what would be causing it... Ill have to put my specs in my sig, but here they are until i get those on there. AMD Athlon FX 4200 X2 DFI Lanparty Expert (with new Bios) 2GB OCZ ddr 400 memory 80 GB HD 2 7800 GTX's Antec TP 2.0 550 PSU Xfatality Soundcard
  13. im having the same issue with my expert board. When i plug the SATA drive onto my board it dont even pick up the drive in the bios. im stumped because i dont know if i have a bad drive or not, i have nothing else to test it on.
  14. Ive already been in Sli mode i was just wondering what that disabled option was. The problem is when im in sli mode i can play for a few min and then i lose the screen and it resets the cpu. now im getting a Blue screen with an error. Driver IRQ error..
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