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  1. Yeah, the CMOS reset worked... Everything was going wonderful... Then as I was loading the new drivers for my X-Fi sound card it locked up. Now it will go through the entire boot post and just show a blank screen where Windows is supposed to start... :/ This is getting frustrating.
  2. I just got this mobo... I also got the E6600 and a 7950GT to go with it. I loaded windows and everything was going just fine, until... I did a bios update. Used Winflash per the DFI site instructions. Backed up the bios, gave it the downloaded bios file from the DFI site. It showed the "bios updated successfully" screen and said to reboot. I rebooted, but now it won't even post? I'm trying not to freak here, but if I need to send it off or something to have the BIOS reset plz let me know... Thanks!
  3. CharmedLover84- You can always lower the clocks of your RAM in BIOS. Just find a timingset with timings that are higher than the ones it currently reads. Then you can clock away with the GPU. Let me know how it goes...
  4. LOL... note the sacastic happy face at the end... nevermind, most people never get my sense of humor... :drool:
  5. Happiness is a state of mind best acheived by forgetting all but one person in the world whom you love the most exists,and then forgetting all the bad things that they've done...
  6. ok, I'm going to sell my rig and buy a new one, but before I do... I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of investing in a Conroe E6700 or E6800. So I have a few questions... 1. When is the LanParty line of Socket T mobos slated to come out or is it even slated yet? 2. Are the benchies in for Conroe vs. AM2 as far as gaming is concerned? and 3. Would the Infinity series be okay for Socket T or would it be more prudent to wait for the LP series?
  7. I think the major problem with the oil companies is that they truly are doing something illegal as far as a capitolist system goes. When Microsoft began to flood the market with their products they were forced to back off because they were being considered a monopoly, which under the current laws is illegal. Because the oil companies are fractionated and share the wealth they are not considered a monopoly, but they are indeed a monopoly in the fuel industry. There are VERY few cars or planes or vehicles in general that run on anything BUT oil based products. If all of them work in concert and agree to keep prices at such and such a level, then they are truly acting as one company that controls all of the fueling needs of our society and thus are indeed a monopoly which is, in fact, illegal. I agree with you ExRoadie about the whole "we are paying the prices that we should be now because of inflation and such". My father explained that to me in great detail when I began whining about gas prices one day... lol! The thing I don't agree with is the fact that the oil companies have gone to great lengths to supress any other source of fuel that may be cheaper or more efficient. That is the action of a monopoly. The thing that TRULY sucks about all of it is that there is no way that AG's suggestion is going to work. People are not about to bike cross country to see their families. People are not going to travel by wagon for 3 days to get to a business meeting. People are not going to walk or ride a bike to work either when most people in the US work about 20-30 mins drive from where they live. It is NOT our fault that we are dependent on gas. Our society and lives have been shaped around it. It caused cities to expand rapidly because we could get from place to place faster. It caused new places to be developed outside of cities where previously there was no option for development because it was too far away from businesses to be feasible. What we SHOULD really do is get all the top scientists and the greatest thinkers alive today and have a conference (or series of conferences) where they come up with the most efficient, most cost effective, and cheapest new sourceS of fuel so that new companies can be built to rival the oil companies. Only then will the monopoly on transportation and our dependence on oil be truly broken. Then, those that wish to use gasoline may use it and those who didn't want to pay the prices for gasoline could go with the cheaper stuff. Tell me how fast the price of gas would drop then?? It would have to at LEAST compete with the lower priced fuels in price in order to have ANYONE want to continue to buy it... :nod:
  8. If you look at it realistically though... Suppose there are roughly 50 million driving Americans. Suppose again that roughly half of the times someone fills up they go to the Exxon station. Suppose again that people fill up and average of every 3 days. This works out to roughly $12 in profit for Exxon every time someone fills up at their gas station (out of between an average of $35-50). Giving them some leeway even and saying its the upper end of the price to fill up ($50) it would work out to about 25% of everything you pay in gas goes to the PROFIT of the oil companies. I certainly don't know many companies that make a 25% profit on everything they sell... AND I've been told that we're going to have another $0.50 - $1.00/gal increase in the next few days. :eek2: Looks like they want to double their profits. They need closer to $20 billion every 3 months apparently.
  9. Ok, I understand now... The things I was talking about would run easily off of a battery or 2 though and you really would just put water in your tank and go if they work as the inventors say that they do. In fact... The hydrogen producing machines that they were talking about actually generate MORE energy than is needed to run the thing in the first place by anywhere from 115% to above 900%. That is why these machines are of such interest. They create power for much less energy consumed, so if they were utilized in the power plants, then the fossil fuels would have to begin the reaction, but as long as you never shut it down they would never have to be used again. It would simply power itself and provide an excess of power even after doing that. The show actually scrutinized the machines stating that it is scientifically impossible according to the laws of conservation of energy and motion to have a machine that can put out more energy than it takes to run it. Apparently, scientists refuse to work on this sort of project because of funding issues. They are much more likely to get funding by studying quarks and leptons and neutrinos than by studying a supposedly impossible machine. It did make a quite convincing case for the validity of the machines though. I'll have to see if I can figure out what that address was so I can post it and you can watch it for yourself. It's a very interesting show...
  10. How is it still requiring fossil fuel to make engines that run on water? The hydrogen producing machines that I saw were run on electricity (like very high current, very low voltage through a transformer er maybe that is reversed) and only used water. I don't understand... :confused:
  11. I saw this show from a link one of my friends gave me about hydrogen power. There are people all over the US currently developing water based hydrogen power systems. The basic theory is that they break water into its hydrogen and oxygen components and the hydrogen burns while the oxygen allows it to combust (so it would work even in a no oxygen environment like space). It showed some examples of these machines. All of them ran at greater than 100% efficiency as well (meaning they put out more energy than it took to run them), some of the water based ones were reported to be 800-900% efficient O_O. They looked very neat! The sad thing is that they also talked about how the inventors were being either bought off or having their lives threatened or their patents stolen, etc. AG speaks the truth... the oil companies make far too much money and have far too powerful an influence (because of the money) to let any other form of energy become our primary fuel source (especially if its water because then you could just go to the nearest river, use a home distiller, and fill up ROFL!). As long as the oil companies have oil to pander, we won't see any real improvement in our power and fuel needs.
  12. Just thought I'd let everyone in this thread that has said they have problems with the temp reporting on the CPU for the Expert motherboard... I didn't even see it till today when I popped on the DFI site to see if there were any updates, and VOILA!! A new bios (4/6/06) is out for the Expert and GUESS WHAT?? It has a CPU temp calibration option!! Well... now you can have the correct CPU temp (according to your calculations) reported! There are some other fixes as well, but I'll let you read about that yourself... Here's a link Hope everyone is happy with that... seems the best DFI could do under the circumstances... :cool:
  13. there was just a local chinese restaurant that was doing it and they were shut down by the health dept... their response was that they thought it was more wrong to waste it claiming cultural differences... sheeze... does everything have to be an argument? Sorry if I sounded like I was stereotyping. :confused: The worst thing about it was that I had eaten there before. :/
  14. actually, I know of a lot of chinese buffet places that will recycle unused food back into the buffet... :/ They really don't believe in waste, so to them, its perfectly alright to do this sort of thing.
  15. I love camping, hunting, and fishing... There isn't really a whole lot to do otherwise recreationally here in good ole WV. Campfire cooked apple or blueberry pie, roasted marshmallows, hot dogs, freshly sliced kettle cooked potato chips, fresh trout filet... I would live high on the hog if I had to live without all of the modern technologies... I love it!! My boy scout troop when I was a kid would do a winter survival weekend. It always ended up cold as @#$%@ and numb in a lot of areas when we woke up, but it was always quite fun after we got moving. LOL!
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