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  1. Thank you very much , guys -I knew someone d help -)
  2. Hello, just today Ive received this new RAM, finally decided to switch from 1G to 2G. Just now I am running on AUTO + SPEED RAM settings. Ive searched the forums , but I ve found contradictory recommendations Could you, guys , point me to the right G Skill Extreme 4000 /500/ HZ mem settings ? Thanks !!!! Zdenek
  3. yes these babies get very hot, in fact i think the cooling is paramount here- ok burning in helps always
  4. Agree, that 2800-2900 are the sweet spot and negligible difference in games apps etc
  5. Yes, smetimes, but sometimes just the overclock fails ... but I do not want to argue. I agree , that one should make some stability tests , but , honestly, these 24h primemarathons seem useless to me / to me /
  6. Opterons CCBBE 165 0610 DMPW batch 0099 @ 3GHZ @1.50 V Core CCBBE 165 0610DMPW batch 0368 @3GHZ 1.44 VCore /able to complete SPI 32M 3DMark 06 3DM06 loop PRIME blend test / actually this one is maxing out around 3.1GHz at 1.57 VCore, but no need to push it that much .
  7. Why to be an overclocking " purist " ? Even people with 8 hours prime "stable " got from time to time instability at games. If he can play COD 2 , BF 2, Oblivion or any other CPU GPU intensive game, he is stable . I can see a lot of people , who are actually "priming " and not using their computers for -fun, gaming, brwosing etc .
  8. THX , pyro, I am on water, have to find the way how to do it
  9. Just some Mem-testing , I am currentyl running on 7/10 divider CPU @2900 THX I think I am going to tweak the mem afterwards
  10. URL=http://imageshack.us][/url] First tests -so far so good
  11. Hello, I am currently testing my Opty @2800 . Used to run OCZ EL Gold memory on 1T timings @2.8 V with a divider . Could you tell me the approximate timings at 2800-2900 if I d run my memory 1:1 ? THX
  12. I d recommend an Opteron 170 .I ve got the 0551 UPMW and Ive managed to oc it to 2800 , which is better than FX60 and [email protected] that Ive got as well.
  13. Hello, guys ! Just got the above mentioned Opty. What do you think - is it a good "tribe " , a good stepping ? I know, that every CPU is different , but anyhow, your comments will be valuable *
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