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  1. THANK YOU RGONE! That is more of the response I was looking for. I accepted the fact that the PSU needed to be upgraded and understand the need for minimum system requirements for troubleshooting. I have been getting frustrated because nobody would give me the answer you just provided without jumping through an endless circle of hoops.
  2. I started the CMOS clear before the new PSU arrived. If you really want to be specific it was more of a 48 hour clear. Once I ordered the new PSU I broke the system down to minimal build status and cleared the CMOS. I apologize if I didnt state that clearly but I thought from previous posts that it would be assumed that I wouldnt be asking for help unless I had already performed those actions.
  3. This is like going around in circles! Yes, I have tried a 24 hour cmos clear and a minimal build . The only reason I am posting comments about this in other threads is that I have been going around in circles here and those other threads are having the same symptoms. The only thing I keep seeing on the forums is ,"Its your PSU" or "Have you tried a 24 hour clear?" Well I replaced the PSU , I did the 24 hour clear, I did the minimal build despite knowing that the other stick of RAM and the 2nd Video card are not part of the problem and now you are telling me to try another 24 hour clear? Come on!! :mad: If you dont have any other suggestions, you could at least tell me my RMA options, If there is a possibilty that it could just be the BIOS, or just be up front and tell me I should buy a new CPU or MB or whatever instead of this run around.
  4. That patriot RAM will run at 1T timming so I dont think that will be an issue. The default settings should be fine as they the not overclocked and their shouldnt be any issues with dual core drivers. Your best bet is to clear the CMOS for a good 10 min or so and try to load optimized defaults.
  5. Karkan, Be wary of the advise given here. The first thing they do is look though your sig to see if there is anything that will negate your system from support. It seems that the first thing always mentioned is the PSU. Yes , I know that the PSU IS the most important component, but the initial responses that you get here will typically just tell you to throw money at the system whether or not it is the source of your problem. I was also getting 4 LED's and was told to replace my PSU, which I did. Now Im just getting ignored and the same problem persists. I bet an ASUS board would still be running on my old PSU!! Concrete answers are hard to come by it seems.
  6. So I do as the mods requested and throw more money at the system to upgrade the PSU. I even asked what the next step would be assuming the PSU was already replaced and I get NO RESPONSE?! Come on mods, give me something to work with! If nothing else, tell me my system is hosed and I should get a new MB and CPU. Dont just turn your back on the issue!!:mad:
  7. I installed the new OCZ PSU today and I still get the same condition ( 4 LED's) So now that I KNOW its not the PSU. What are my options for determining if I need to get a new CPU, motherboard or both. Is it possible that the BIOS is just totally corrupted? Is 4 LED's the usual response for a corrupted BIOS?
  8. With that PSU dont expect anything more from support without upgrading to something that is on the recomended list. The Expert board is picky and demands a high quality powerstream. What I think catches most of the Expert MB users offguard is that we purchase the MB based on it performance to put it into a system not realizing that the system needs to be built around this MB. I personally just purchased my case and PSU before I decided on a MB. I even switched PSU's before purchasing the MB to make sure I had a naitive 24 pin EPS PSU. I completely empathise with you and it sucks to have to throw more money at the problem without even being sure that this will resolve the issue, but these guys do know what they are talking about. Although it might feel like they are going down a check list to see what they can find on your system components that will nix you from getting more information; that is the first step in resolving the issue. I have some experience ( as I'm sure a number of people on these forums do ) with technical support, and if you dont meet the minimum system requirements then there isnt much point in going further. At this point you can either go and get a multimeter and test that PSU and prove (at least to yourself) that it isnt the problem, or you can upgrade the PSU to one that is recomended and will not be questioned as to whether it is up to the task. I personally will take the upgrade road. Although it may be more expensive, in the long run; your system will be more reliable. Whew , that was cathartic! :nod:
  9. Yeah, Its just very disconcerting that I have to throw more money at it. I will consider it an investment and count it as a lesson learned, provided that the PSU fixes the problem. My new OCZ PSU should arrive from newegg by monday at the latest and we will see what happens. BTW, ISSA2000, the 4 LED's is not HDD detection but CPU detection.
  10. Thanks for the link Tasr. The review really doesnt trash the PSU at all with a final score of 8 out of 10. I was aware of the crossloading issue and put some lights in my case and distributed them on the 2 rails to avoid that. I guess I will see what happens.
  11. Starbucaneers, I feel your pain! As you can see by my sig, I also have an Ultra PSU. I have the X2 550 which was supposed to be improved over the first generation as well as being a naitive EPS PSU and SLI certified. My system has run flawlessly for the last 8 months and now I all of a sudden started getting the same wont post with 4 LED's and no amount of BIOS clearing will correct this and I have cleared for as long as 30-32 hours. You wont get anywhere with support here as long as you have the Ultra installed. I think I am going to go with the OCZ 600 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817341001 given that its on the top of the list and only $120. I will be so pissed if when I get that OCZ installed and it does the same thing. I'd be willing to bet that I can throw that Ultra X2 PSU in any other system and it will run just fine. I guess that is the price we pay :sad:
  12. Thats the one. I would have origninally purchased one off the recomended list but the simple reason is that I purchased the PSU before I had chosen the MB. I even talked with an Ultra rep about their PSU's after I heard some questionable stuff about Ultras first Xconnect PSU , but was assured that the new X2 would run any SLI MB and like I said previously, it has run this expert board without any issues for the last 8 months.
  13. no way huh? I first powered this system up back in late Feb and it has run well daily until last week. Although you say it will not run the expert board, the PSU meets all the requirements with voltages on the rails and consistancy. Now for you offering support on the forums I completely understand that you want to look at my sig and discount my PSU. You send me on my way no fuss no muss to throw some more money at the system. Let us suppose that I throw $120 at it and put a new OCZ PSU in it and the same thing occurs? What would you recomend at that point? $120 isnt too bad, but if I then have to purchase another CPU or worst case CPU and MB; it really starts to add up for someone who is collecting unemployment at the moment.
  14. Ok, so even though I have had no problems with this PSU, you are telling me that if I replace this PSU with a recommended one, my no post issue will just disappear? I suppose a PSU is cheaper than a new MB and CPU, but I will be twice as upset if I buy a new PSU and it still does the same thing! Which I have seen happen a number of times on these forums.
  15. How did I know you were going to say that. Have you tested the Ultra X2's? This psu wasnt even in production when that guide was written. This PSU has performed flawlessly and has run this system for several months. The PSU is SLI certified, has been tested and is hardly under a heavy load on my system with just the 1 HDD, and the liquid cooling. I have no reason to suspect it. If I wanted a solution where I just had to throw money at it, I would be ordering from newegg right now instead of searching for help on the forums.
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