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  1. i completely deleted all drivers for both realtek and nvidia sound. rejumpered it to Real'tek couldn't get it to pass DD so I uninstalled it, and reinstalled(and reumpered) nvidia and it's newest drivers. Switched DVD's just in case that was the problem, and voila. BTW both movies said DD 5.1 on the back, but perhaps one wasn't configured correctly. This fixed all problems.... somehow.
  2. I can NOT get dolby DIGITAL to pass through this card. If I set the jumper to AC97 then I can get sound out of the S/PDIF, but no dolby digital (yes i'm using a dolby digital DVD). I want to pass all the work through to my receiver, and I see a checkbox for that in my WinDVD program, but alas that doesn't fix the problem. It still sees a 2 channel signal go out and it converts it using DPLII. I don't know what to do... please help
  3. I get a severe echo using the newest nvidia drivers for the karajan module. I also cannot output Dolby Digital over the spdif out for some reason, even from DVD's I KNOW are encoded with DD. I have an amazing home theatre system and want to be able to output my game sound to it without it sounding like the reverb is turned up too high. Any suggestions that don't involve using analogue outputs? I essentially want my karajan module to simply pass the info to my receiver as it will do a much better job decoding/processing the sound that the tiny clip on module could anyway. BTW, first time posting
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