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  1. Hey man i got the same board and I want to say I kinda hate it =X. Always have problems with it. Ive had it for 2-3 weeks and formatted probobly 6 or 7 times. When you boot up are all 4 leds on and all the fans are spinning full speed? If so, are you switching the power button from the psu first and everything turns on or you hit the power button in the front of the computer?
  2. nvid firewall + network mgr not installed, just uninstalled ntune, i did memtest but not the 30 min OCCT and prime95 can you link me to those?
  3. Just formatted, reinstalled drivers, did the dual core fix, and now every once and a while for no reason the whole computer freezes, i cant move the mouse alt-tab, ctrl alt del or anything. Music will still play though but it will not unfreeze unless i reboot. Any known fixes for this?
  4. Hmm weird, I installed that hotfix, and reinstalled the network driver. Now it seems to be running really good. I didn't set the affinity to 1 core but maybe it does it automaticly? Because with the nvidia it has different Profiles you can select and I picked HL2, so Im guessing it does it itself? Thanks for all the input btw
  5. Ok, installed it. What would I need winflash for? Also do you know how to turn of that DMI POOl that runs in the begining of the system boot or do I need that?
  6. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/driv..._FLAG=A&SITE=NA Is this the link for the dual core fix, how do I Install? Yes, the fps goes crazy during game play it doesnt go any higher than 99 because I have it set to stop at 99 but usually itll stay at 99 constant. Im going to reinstall the lan drivers now, and no windows firewall is off and no extra firewall, just a router.
  7. If you do have the nvidia firewall and network manager loaded this will give you problems, when i first setup my new system i installed those 2 things and it gave me so many problems. laggy, freezing, corrupted files. The second I uninstalled them, it ran so much smoother. so check and see if you have that running/installed
  8. I had to reformatt my comput last nite because I was getting all types of windows errors, and explorer kept on crashing. I formatted, installed all the drivers, set my video card settings to what they usually are. I usually take of vsync because it drops your FPS in game a lot. When I go into counter-strike 1.6, when i run i like glitch and every like 3-4 seconds i stopp running and cant move but i can shoot but doesn't seem like anything registers. Ive never had this problem before its really weird, and the fps in game is very instable. What should I do?
  9. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/driv..._FLAG=A&SITE=NA Which of these should I use to update my bios/mb, and how =X Should I use winflash or a floppy disk?
  10. Ouch... they should make a fix for that or something
  11. Yes I do have that thank you I hope that solves my problem Where do I remove it its not in add/remove programs
  12. I've noticed there has been a few downloaded files that became corrupted after the download has finished. Is this common, because it was rare for something like this to happen before i upgrade now its happended like 3 times today..
  13. Also if anyone can help me with my sound, it used to sound like you can tell where your getting shot from or where the foot steps are coming from but its different now. =X
  14. GIGABYTE GV-NX68G256D-B Geforce 6800GS 256MB vCard I'm getting poor fps during game play and like for who ever plays games on STEAM, when i load up a game and im on the main screen i get like 5-10 fps and listing servers takes forever and its so laggy I cant stand it. I turned vsync off and put the Application profile to Counter-Strike: Source. I went to gigabytes site but they have no drivers for this video card not sure why. What should I do to fix this?
  15. =X Ive alwasy built my own comps but yeah i guess im not as good as I thought thanks for ur help so far
  16. Is that my problem the ram and are you sure his name is oczryder I cant find anyone by that name
  17. Getting support, ive been sittin here all day and not getting any feedback, only once in a while. Im not trying to be an a**hole but I just over a grand and I have been messing with this thing for days now and im just so fustrated =X
  18. I don't want to keep on making new threads so ill continue on to this one. If you guys can help me who should I contact? Anyways, I started all over, did a memtest and now all the ligts go off, I get past the boot and right when windows login is about to come on a blue screen flashes and the computer restarts, the cpu fan is spinning so i dont think its over heating what should i do?
  19. wow this is confusing, the build guide is not for my mother board. Its for the ULTRA D I have the SLI-DR. I will do the memtest now
  20. I have no idea what you mean passed 5 full tests? and 20 passes? Can you explain please sorry and yes I followed the build guide, which one would you recommend, because Ill start over if I have to
  21. Ok new problem. I unplugged the ribbon cables and only plugged in the hdd one. The computer goes down to 1light. Once the screen comes up that says "Verifying DMI Pool Data" the CPU fan shuts off and so does the last led. I went into bios and adjusted it so the fan turns on if its 25 degrees instead of the default. I went to optimal settings, and then I restarted, the computer does the same thing when it gets to the loading part of windows it restarts and does the same thing.
  22. Ok you can see my setup in my signature, I finally got the right PSU with a 8pin and 24pin connector and floppy connector. I have them all hooked up right into the motherboard. Got the ram in the orange sockets, I turn the switch on in the back of the power supply the fans start up and the motherboard lights go on(4 lights) then when I push the button in front of my computer the HDD's turn on and the 4 lights blink and then go down to 3. Shortly after goes down to 2 lights. At no point does the monitor turn on or anything... What is the deal with this 1300.00 setup?
  23. DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard Is my mother board. Can someone link me to the write psu pref from newegg and pref a OCZ
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