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  1. so... yeah im trying to install windows on one of my harddrives but when i do it says its not the right format and wants me to delete the partition so **** that, then i try my other harddrive and have the time when i start the computer bios doesnt even see the harddrive, so i go into bios and autodetect sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. When it doesnt detect it, it does that pos Detect Array whicih is really . me off...... so any help guys... i dongt want to have to delete my other harrdrive to much stuff on it

  2. ok wait i went into BIOS, and it didnt see either of the 2 harddrives so i hit auto detect and it found both of them.. I restarted then it froze at the lanparty LOGO, so i unhooked one let it boot, 1 LED was on, it did detect array for a couple seconds then said enter system disk and hit enter, i hit enter and it repeats


    so i unplugged that hd, and plugged the other one in. it boot up fine, NO LED was on, it DIDNT detect array, but it did say enter system disk. I dont no which harddrive has the windows on it


    what should I do?

  3. ok well its all hooked up, I have 1 red LED lit up. It boots up fine, i didnt fool with BIOS much, but now im looking at ... i WAS looking at a screen that said please enter system disk or something but i boot it up now and it has that f'in Detecting array... again and its frozen there... Since i have a new motherboard and psu do I have to reinstall windows? its the same exact mobo

  4. i had that problem, try a diffrent sata/ide cable fixed my problem.


    Yeah but i dont hear the harddrives start up or anything.


    Also, when I plug in the PSU or turn it on, are all the fans suppose to start up? Because in order for me to boot up, i gotta start the PSU up, and then switch on the computer.. shouldnt they all jus boot up at the same time when i hit the computer switch?

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