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  1. so... yeah im trying to install windows on one of my harddrives but when i do it says its not the right format and wants me to delete the partition so **** that, then i try my other harddrive and have the time when i start the computer bios doesnt even see the harddrive, so i go into bios and autodetect sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. When it doesnt detect it, it does that pos Detect Array whicih is really . me off...... so any help guys... i dongt want to have to delete my other harrdrive to much stuff on it
  2. hmm there used to be a thread showing all different settings but nothing comes up with search I dont care if i have to reinstall windows, but if i dont have to it would be much better. lemme no what i should do
  3. Na i couldnt write anything down, but i know which one i used from these forums if i can find them. Do you know the thread for my ram settings?
  4. ok wait i went into BIOS, and it didnt see either of the 2 harddrives so i hit auto detect and it found both of them.. I restarted then it froze at the lanparty LOGO, so i unhooked one let it boot, 1 LED was on, it did detect array for a couple seconds then said enter system disk and hit enter, i hit enter and it repeats so i unplugged that hd, and plugged the other one in. it boot up fine, NO LED was on, it DIDNT detect array, but it did say enter system disk. I dont no which harddrive has the windows on it what should I do?
  5. ok well its all hooked up, I have 1 red LED lit up. It boots up fine, i didnt fool with BIOS much, but now im looking at ... i WAS looking at a screen that said please enter system disk or something but i boot it up now and it has that f'in Detecting array... again and its frozen there... Since i have a new motherboard and psu do I have to reinstall windows? its the same exact mobo
  6. Ok finally i got the motherboard and PSU, gonna start hookin it up from scratch ill let ya no what happens
  7. Aight well im going to let this cmos reset keep on til tomorow at 7pm, if that doesnt work ill rip everything out and try it on the table. So, again if I plug in the power, and start my PSU there should be NO fans at all until i switch from the motherboard correct? If there is i should RMA the board? I got the bored brand new from newegg.com.
  8. My computer doesn't boot period =X only the fans start going
  9. Yeah but i dont hear the harddrives start up or anything. Also, when I plug in the PSU or turn it on, are all the fans suppose to start up? Because in order for me to boot up, i gotta start the PSU up, and then switch on the computer.. shouldnt they all jus boot up at the same time when i hit the computer switch?
  10. Aight well going to start the 24hr cmos clear. If that doesn't work then am I buying a new mobo? =X
  11. O wow thats the connector I was talking about, but it says Fan5 next to it so i guess i got confused lol thanks for the picture
  12. can the pin randomly bend over time? cuz the computer used to work but i never touched the cpu
  13. Ok cmos is being cleared the only thing is i cannot find the floppydrive style power connector, i found one but it says fan5... Does my mobo not have this?
  14. Ok i got the PS today I hooked it up, and same problem. When i turn the PS on all the fans and lights start going, then I press the power button and nothing else happens. Its been a while since I had to mess with the motherboard but the 4 LED lights are on, is this good or bad I cant remember =X I know either they have to be all on or all off
  15. ok i went ahead and ordered the OCZ GameXStream OCZ600GXSSLI ATX12V 600W Power Supply from newegg.com. I hope this fixes the problem otherwise your all in trouble!!! haha ill keep you guys updated once i hook it all up thanks for the help
  16. I cleared for about an hour maybe a little more, and yes i followed the steps correctly. I think something is worse now, when i turn on the powersupply, all the fans inside the computer turn on but when i press the power button on the computer nothing happens at all.
  17. I dont have any other PSU that will work on that motherboard, thats why i wish there was a computer place around here but there isnt.
  18. yeah i cleared cmos, i left unplugged, and no i can't get into any kind of testing or bios =X Im just really fed up and im stuck + i just bought the thing not even a year ago.
  19. please read post, http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=67606 I cannot get the computer to work at all, i start it up and the fans turn on but nothing on the screen. I cant find any computer shops around me, is there anyone in NJ thatll fix my computer?
  20. I cant run any tests because it doesnt go past the lanparty UT expert NF4 screen, and no the trick didnt work i left it unplugged for over 30minutes
  21. Is there a way to make sure its my psu so im not going and buying a new one and then get the same problem?
  22. I was in the middle of playing WOW and my computer randomly restarted. know when I boot up it either freezes at the LanParty UT expert NF4 screen or it goes to a screen that says something about Mediashield and then says Detecting Array and doesnt do anything after that. I havnt done anything unusual with the computer lately just games. what should i do
  23. Is there a program that scans all your hardware and tells you if you need to update it?
  24. Hewlett Packerd CD-Writer+ 9100 Im still tryin to find out the firmware version.
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