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  1. I disabled the Nvidia one and am using the Marvel one. The problem happens regardless of which one I used
  2. I've updated my lan drivers, both the Nvidia and the Marvel. Now I am still having the same problem. Occasionally I'll be going along fine, then all internet will stop. When I go to repair, it says it cant conntect to TCP/ICP. Then I try and reboot, the computer goes BSOD and I get a "bad pool caller" statement. I am wondering if there is an easy solution to this or not.
  3. I have finally stablized my computer except for one thing. Occasionally my connection will drop and when i go to reboot, I get a BSOD. It states that its a bad pool caller error. I think something is messed up with my lan drivers. I looked on the site and only saw 2 different ones. One looked like an Nvidia dos driver and the other was Marvell. I'm wondering which drivers I need to stop the LAN errors.
  4. I will be upgrading my ram from 2x 512mb sticks of Value Kingston ram. In the same order, I will be ordering the OCZ Powerstream 520W. My question is, which ram should I purchase. I would like something that will overclock well with my Opty 165. I'll probably be going for 2x1024mb (2x 1gig sticks). I just want to get the best Ram I can for my system, which is used for gaming/video editing/general multi-tasking. The budget I'm shooting for is around $200, but anything over is fine as long as the price is worth it. I have been looking at GSkill ram and OCZ. Another question I have is this: I have read that there are limititations with the AMD memory controller, so if in the future I get 2 more gig sticks, they will automatically downclock in speed? I just would like some clarification on how this works as well
  5. I reinstalled the nVidia sound drivers, still nothing. I do have a pci sound card kicking around, but my pci slots are taken up by my wireless net card and my tv tuner card. I think I'm just going to look into USB headsets instead.
  6. i get nothing on the VU meter even with input checked. Also, skype test call isnt picking up anything either.
  7. rear port through the square box adaptor thing that came with the mobo.
  8. I am using the onboard sound on my NF4 Ultra-D. The problem is, my mic input is not picking up anything. I have used the nVidia drivers and the realtek drivers and neither one seems to work. Any solutions or ideas would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. my ram is running at 166. I will check that my ram is on 2T
  10. I definitely should flash the bios since new bios has been released that has adressed dual core performance. That will be the plan for this weekend. Then I shall look into a new PSU. The memory is old stuff from my last computer, which when the funds come in, I plan to upgrade. Thanks for the quick replies.
  11. I'll look into a new power supply and I'll update my bios. I'm just curious as to why I have had stability in the past and now I'm just starting to have problems.
  12. bios that came with the board, memtest has been successful in the past. PSU is a 450 antec smartpower that came with the case. The computer is now randomly restarting also. Previously the setup has been fine and I've been running weeks with it being stable. Recently it has just started acting up. edit: I'll run memtest again sometime this weekend and see if my memory is causing my woes.
  13. I have the system setup listed below. Everything is stock setup, no overclocking has been done. The problem is, occasionally my computer will freeze. The screen stops and sound stutters. The only way to recover is to reboot. I would like to solve this stability issue, I'm pretty sure its not overheating because my MBM says all my temps are below 50c. Any ideas of how to troubleshoot this or solve it would be wonderful, thanks.
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