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  1. OK. I just started having this issue a few days ago and I cant even go on my computer because of this. Currently, I am at a different computer posting here to try to figure out the problem. When I loadup my windows and the Windows XP Black screen comes up with the little progress bar, in the middle of the progress bar loadup, a random Blue Screen comes up for a split second then automaticcly restarts my hole computer.I cant even read what the blue screen says. This process just keeps repeating itself and it wont even let me go to my login screen. Is this signs of a fried ram? or what. Before all this happened the last time it actually loaded up normal , I was at this blue windows screen that said there was an error on my C Drive and that I had to "press any key" to fix this. Well I did that and then it restarted then i would get the other BLUE SCREEN for a split second, the my comp would restart. Then I tried to reformat, tryign to go into my bios it says that "Device is Disabled". If its my ram than I can just go ahead and buy new ram, otherwise I will have to take it to the pc shop nearby, which I really dont wanna do cuz its going to cost them just to look at it and will prolly just reformat it.Any tips are helpful. Thank YOU!
  2. ive got a Opeton 148 with a SLI DR. Can you guys give me any sugg? on oc'ing an opteron. I have 2GB DDR 500 Crucial. Thanks
  3. Hey. I just got my new rig and stuff. Everything is in my sig. Im ready to do some overclocking with my Opteron 148. Ive read the overclocking stickies but, its all a big mess and I am not VERY clear of overclocking. Any tips would be nice.
  4. I would go with the FSP Epsilon 600 Watt PSU. Its such a good PSU. Lots of power. VROOOOOm! I have two of those eVGa 7800 GT'S there great! Also I have tried both the OCZ Gold and my G SKill Extreme Series. I prefer the G.Skill. There is just a different feel when im on my computer with it. If you have the money get 2 150 GB Western Digital 16MB Cache Raptors in RAID 0 . Thats pretty much my setup and I love it!
  5. First, I would go with 2GB of G Skill Extreme Series. This ram is so great. Cheap aswel.. For the PSU i prefer a FSP Epsilon 600 Watt. Great PSU Lastly i dont prefer ATI Cards. I have had a bad experiance with them . I like my 2 eVGa 7800's . But if you dont have the money i guess get something that you like.
  6. xanskeet


    FSP Epsilon 600 WATT !!!
  7. im saying ifi i bought more of that hd.. or pick a smaller hd and get more of them. BTW What is the exact point of running raid?
  8. Can i run my HD in RAID with taht harddrive?
  9. Hi, Below in my sig is going to be my new setup. I want to be ordering this stuff soon. I Have a few things im debating. First is going to be my ram. Right now I am kinda set in the G Skill eXtreme Series. 2gb at DDR500 PC4000. I want to overclock. I need help picking out the best ram. My other choices are. -2GB OCZ Gold Edition DDR500 PC4000 -2GB OCZ Gold GX DDR500 PC4000 OR -2GB Mushkin eXtreme Performance DDR500 PC3200 Next. My DVD RW drive is IDE. Am I going to have any problems with my drive and my motherboard? Also. Is my Hard DRive compatible (ATA150) with my DFI SLI-DR Expert mobo? And Lastly. I am also having a hard time finding a good CPU Heatsink. I was looking at the ZALMAN CNPS7700. I heard there are better ones out there so i researched and found these: Thermalright XP 120 Thermalright XP 90 Thermalright SI 120 Thermaltake CL-P0257 Thats it plz post anything you feel. I wanna have the right build and the best comp:D PS-When i want to run 2 video cards. Dus the little connector thing i have to use to connect the two video cards come with the video cards?
  10. Yes look in my SIG for the 1337 PSU im using.
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