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  1. I am using the nForce4 6.70 drivers for my Ultra-D board, and I am wondering if I am actually using the newest drivers for this board. I see that nForce4 430 drivers are newer, and the descriptions don't seem to really say what ones I should use. Can anyone give some good answers to this? Thanks!
  2. does anyone have the 1.53 dll? I can't find it and of course these guys don't exist anymore... Would love a link to the 1.53!
  3. I was having problems with Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam locking up and thought it was due to problems with sound because if I shut the sound off in the BIOS, the problems went away, and if I had sound on, the more it was accelerated or in higher quality mode, the faster it would crash. So I bought a new soundcard, and had the same problems. Here is the solution I found to work for me...start up the game...once it goes to where you can choose profiles, choose a profile, then ctrl-alt-del to the desktop, and set the processor affinity to one of your cores (doesn't seem to matter which one). Now go back into the game. Play for hours and enjoy. I couldn't find this solution anywhere on the Net, so I'm posting it here to help someone who might have the same problems.
  4. maybe I'll have to reinstall bf1942...all my other games seem to work, so I guess it's kinda strange...just played age of empires III, II, and rise of nations with no glitches...oh well, it was a good excuse to buy a nice soundcard!
  5. what about dual-core systems? I like this program, but I'm wondering how to find the temp of each core on its own.
  6. Anyone ever have problems with onboard sound locking up games on loading into a level? BF1942 locks up when I spawn if I have hardware sound enabled in the game options. With hardware enabled, I can ctrl-alt-del back to the desktop and kill the bf1942 process. It takes longer, but still locks up when I have it set to software and 32 voices, and the whole machine gets locked up this way. It doesn't do this to me in Combat Flight simulator 3 nor in Command and Conquer Renegade, so could this be game specific? If I shut off sound in the game, I can play several levels and then it will lock up. I shut off the onboard sound int he BIOS, and so far no problems. I ordered a Create Audigy 2 ZS today. Has anyone had this happen, or have ideas? I'm really stumped. I have run memtest for about an hour..no problems. Run prime95 for quite awhile as well in many different modes and no problems. This really baffles me. I could really use some help!
  7. just ordered a Audigy 2 ZS...hopefully this will stop the lockups.
  8. hey guys, my LP UT Ultra-D is being a pain. In BF1942 if I don't have the sound shut off, it will eventually die. Hardware accelerated, it dies instantly in battle...if I use 32 voices in software, it lasts longer, but eventually dies still. I shut off AC97 in the BIOS and it seems to run fine, but I would like to hear! anyway, my question is, what do you guys recommend for soundcards for this board? Thanks in advance!
  9. If I shut off AC 97 sound in the BIOS, it seems like I can play bf1942 fine...sucks sucks sucks...any ideas??
  10. they are all plugged in... This thing runs memtest86 fine, and I can prime95 it until I'm blue in the face, and not one lockup. Combat Flight Simulator 3 runs fine too. It's BF1942 that bombs on me.
  11. I think I have it figured out to some degree. If I use hardware acceleration for sound in BF1942, it will lock up as soon as I have selected the type of soldier and start waiting to spawn. If I change to software voices, it takes longer. If I shut the sound off in the game, I can play several rounds. Has anyone else had this happen? This really sucks.
  12. no known issues with BF 1942 and Cat 6.1's
  13. I am having some weird problems with my system. Just installed last night...Windows XP SP2 and fully updated. Using Nforce 4 6.70 drivers and using Cat 6.1 for the graphics card. Battlefield 1942 basically locks up as soon as it dumps me into the game. Sometimes I can get back to desktop, and sometimes I can't. It's fully updated as well. This is really irritating! Any help? advice? Thanks in advance, as I am new here. update: found out if I shut off the onboard sound, I don't get lockups. :mad:
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