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  1. Over three weeks since I flashed to the 11/02 BIOS and no crashes to date. I haven't put in a terribly large amount of time playing but I have got in a few 6+ hour clumps of Dungeons and Dragons Online, plus some Day of Defeat: Source and recently some Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I did encounter one graphical glitch in Oblivion but it didn't crash my computer, and was fixed upon restarting the game so I'm going to assume it is unrelated and blame it on the game since there have been a lot of reports of general bugginess about this game. Took almost a month to get this build working perfectly from when I first put it together but since that I've been as happy as a pig in mud (except for the herniated disc in my spine which makes it too painful to sit at my computer for long periods of time which is why I haven't been putting in 40+ hours of gaming/week).
  2. I never had a problem with Source games on my old rig: Asus A7N8X-Deluxe AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 2x 512MB Corsair TwinX Except of course that I couldn't play the games in their full glory at 1600x1200, heh. Thus the new rig. Plus, the Silicon Image RAID controller on that board was a POS.
  3. So far no crashes since I switched to the 11/02 BIOS. Everything is running smooth as silk now and I am extremely happy with my OC and my rig in general now.
  4. MX518 Max Payne mouse pad that came free with the first game.
  5. Temperatures were discussed in the original thread on this subject and it was pretty much decided that it wasn't the problem. I don't know about every computer but mine is as cool as a summer breeze in the Antarctic. CPU never climbs above 38C, GPU's never climb above 55C and chipset about 50C. Plus one of my side fans is blowing directly onto my memory, and I've tested with the memory running at 2.7v which is understock (default voltage is 2.75v) and still had the crash (even though the comp was dual Prime95 stable). My computer is a veritable tunnel of wind and noise because I'm not shy about having a super loud computer. I just turn the volume up on my speakers. Really, if you can hear your computer over the noise of gunfire, you're not doing it right
  6. Which BIOS are you using, 11/02/05 or 12/07/05? And how long have you had your computer and been playing games on it? If you have the 12/07 BIOS and have only had your rig a few weeks (or don't play games for long periods of time) then you might not have run into the crashing yet, it is very sporadic. In other news, I flashed to 11/02 yesterday and haven't crashed since. DoD:S goodness and DDO:Stormreach most of yesterday without a problem. Interestingly, I've only found one difference so far between the 11/02 and 12/07 and it wasn't listed in the changes on the DFI main page for the 12/07 BIOS. There is a setting in Genie BIOS called "Dual NV chip card Support" or something like that, it is right under the PCI Express Configuration setting. In the 12/07 BIOS, this setting is grey and cannot be accessed while the PCI Express Configuration is set to 8-4-NC-8, it can only be enabled when PCIe is set to 2-1-1-16. In the 11/02 BIOS, the Dual NV chip card support doesn't become grey as you change between different PCI express settings, you can access it no matter what setting you are using. I didn't fiddle with it as I am pretty sure it is for dual GPU video cards, but it makes me think that some of the SLI settings must have been changed in the 12/07 BIOS from the 11/02 one. Maybe one of those changes in that area screwed the pooch? Just a theory on my part.
  7. There is a BIOS option that you need to set to 'Enabled' to recognize USB Keyboards and Mouse.
  8. There is a BIOS control to enable "Dual NV chip cards" in the Genie BIOS, but it can only be accessed when PCI-Express lanes are set to 2-1-1-16 (I think that is what it is) instead of the 8-4-0-8 settings. The manual doesn't aknowledge that this setting exists but I'm guessing it is for those video cards that have two 6600GT GPU's on the same card, a single card SLI. I don't think it will help Austhor out if he has two single GPU 6600GT's but then again, if nothing else is working, I'd give it a try anyway. Sounds like he has moved on to a 7800GTX instead though. Flashing to the 11/02/05 BIOS tomorrow (well, later today, but after I get some sleep). Been so busy this week that I haven't even been able to play games to experience the crash. Angry, if you want to test for long periods of time without actually having to play games the entire time, you could try setting up a non-dedicated DoD:S server filled with bots with your computer as a spectator. That should be identical to actually playing without having to sit there playing games all day which you probably don't want to do. Actually, you probably do, because that would be a lot of fun, but who has time to sit at their computer playing games all day, heh.
  9. Do they? Handy that. Only running SATA 1.5Gbps myself, but I would still plug in the Samsung drives into the nV chip so that they don't bottleneck while bursting out of cache. But either way, no big deal.
  10. Any 7800GT should work, just make sure you are using 8x.xx Forceware drivers. 7x.xx Forceware drivers needed identical cards to work in SLI.
  11. Try going to Power Management Setup in the BIOS and make sure that "Soft-Off by PBTN" is set to "Delay of 4 Seconds." I was having a similar problem at first and changing that setting fixed it right up.
  12. According to the Samsung products page here: http://www.samsung.com/Products/HardDiskDr...ies_SP2504C.htm The SP2504C is a SATA-2 Harddrive. That means you will need to plug all four of those into the nVidia SATA controller because it supports SATA-2. The Silicon Image Sil 3114 chip only supports SATA 1.5Gbps.
  13. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=A&SITE=US
  14. If you game more than anything else, than the video card would definitely be the best bet, followed by increasing RAM. You really won't notice a difference between an X2 3800+ with what you have now while gaming, unless you want to convert video's to MP4 WHILE gaming.
  15. I'd be impressed to see a GPU reach 200C without melting. Hell, 100C is 212F, otherwise known as the boiling point of water (and while the GPU isn't made of water, I sure wouldn't want to run any electronic component at that temperature for long). Maybe they meant that the card was good up to 200F instead of 200C. My quick Google for maximum operating temperature came up with around 90C (though with a lot of variables).
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