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  1. My personal experience is that IDE nforce drivers get your computer to crash random sometimes, but its a bit faster to start windows and apps with.. Though only if ur using IDE drives offcourse
  2. When u say prime stable in prime, which test did u run? You should pick the first one "Small someting" Have u tried memtest and superpi? if they are stable? Otherweise i would say that 2.7 is a very good clock for that cpu, i only got my 144 up to 2.6 :S bad stepping i suppose
  3. Ive heard that it should work with under 80c, but i think its to hot if it gets over 60c...
  4. you are cooling your system with aircooling thats why your temps ar "lower" on that area, if you have water in ur system u have no fan in that particular area :cool:
  5. huh? :S My setup is stable with 165
  6. Thing is that I dont want to back of my oc But thats maybee not an alternative :/ I found a opty 165 with 0551 stepping, will try it tomorrow
  7. I got a weird problem with my 165 opty... I get errors in seconds in prime95 on the first core (CPU0), but CPU1 can run for hours straight without problems.. Any idea? :confused: Its though stable in windows and in games.. System in sign..
  8. so, how about the errors in prime on only CPU0... common problem? CPU1 ran for hours... but CPU0 fails after seconds :S Still stable in games and 3dmark etc..
  9. What do you mean with (-a0 and -a1)? I know you can set the affinity both in taskmanager and prime but what is that?
  10. yeah.... weird isnt it? :S Do you have any other errors/problems, or is it only in prime?
  11. I've probably got the same problem, prime gets errors from seconds to minutes.. But it's only one core that fails(CPU0).. The system is stable in everything else exept prime on CPU0, quite weird huh? :confused:
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