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  1. thats not right dude. most stock cpus run at about 45-46 degrees that ive seen. clocked ones will run to 50-51 or slightly more.
  2. chokes? what is that exactly? and should i be worried that it is squeeling on shutdown? sorry i don't know what chokes is AT
  3. don't trust dfi temp sensors!! if you can whak the cpu into another mobo and run it in that for a while to get the right reading. then muck around on the dfi board.
  4. without even reading this thread i know the problem. its drivers. install the unified 4.24 drivers but only select the ethernet drivers as these are fairly old drivers i think. worked great for me.
  5. to get the onboard lan working use the unified 4.24 drivers and select the ethernet drivers only. worked great before i took out my nf3 mobo.
  6. A.T

    Wow!! 4000 Newark

    Is it worth trying to chase down one of thse puppies? Seems ppl are getting good overclocks with them. Only prob is I can't find a store in Aus tralia that is selling them.
  7. wouldnt worry too much. its the dfi board. their sensor is actually way more than 2 degrees out. trust me on that. I've conducted thorough tests and spoken to many a tech regarding this issue. All have said DFI mobos have dodgy readouts regarding temp sensors. Not good enough if you ask me. And my next mobo probably won't be a dfi because of all the problems I've had with this supposed 'king' of motherboards. sheesh.
  8. Hi. Definately motherboard guys. As I said i changed mobo over and everything is fine. and I have tested it in two nf3 250gb mobos. Theres a conflict with this card and the mobo.
  9. yeah I worked it out now. there was a thread from yonks ago that I found on here regarding temps and this mobo and a few others.. its the temp sensor. dfi temp sensors on most boards are always unreliable. I got my clawhammer back in my asus board and its all reading right. cant really use a board that doesnt have a reliable temp sensor.
  10. Hi everyone. When I bought the new xfxforce 7800gs the other day i whacked it into the nf3 and all was good. As soon as I went to power down the computer a weird squeek noise came from the motherboard. I changed my motherboard over to my spare one (an asus MB) to see if the problem was the same but it was not. The power down was all normal. Any ideas anyone on how to fix this? Also I tried it in a friends 250gb and it did the same thing.. A loud Squeek noise. Anyway thanks.. AT
  11. i upgraded to latest bios and it was still the same regardless. im doing a prime right now and in systool it says my cpu temperature is 61 degrees and i know for a fact that it isnt that hot. in bios the temperature is a couple degrees hotter as opposed when it sits in windows. I don't know whats wrong. maybe ita a jumper setting i need to set? who knows. I would like this problem resolved tho I just touched the heatsink and it feels about right. just above warm. I can still touch it. systool says 57 degrees while priming overclocked. 1.6 volt into cpu. now if i touched a cpu that was really 57 degrees surely it would sizzle my fingers.. so yeah i guess the temperature sensor for this board with my cpu isnt working that great atm.
  12. okay in windows it idles at 39 degrees regardless of how i run the cpu (stock or overclocked) its priming now at 1.55 volt @2.58 ghz.. temperature is 53 degrees. it got to 55 degrees max. again i felt heatsink and it isnt hot. just warm.. just. any ideas on why the readout is wrong? thank-you. also from cold boot i went into bios to check temperature sensor and it reckons my cpu was 40 degrees.. currently sitting on 42 degrees. something ain't right. usually takes a couple mins to achieve that temperature from cold boot.
  13. looks like the sensor is screwed. how do i fix this?
  14. excellent. case temp is 27 degrees. room is cold atm. I just felt the heatsink and it is cool to the touch whole doing a prime. I also have case vetillation. thnks tho