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  1. Hi, I am using my system with 1 graphic adapter with 2 TFTs, both via VGA-port. I received a second identical graphic adapter today and want to use a third monitor (also VGA-port) with my system. Do I have to activate the SLI modus or is it sufficient to put the second graphic adapter in the second PCIe slot without any changes? Your advice? Thanks, Linus
  2. Hi, could anyone please tell me how to re-add a new hdd to an existing RAID1-array after one hdd crashed? The array is still there, but due to a hhd-crash it is now broken. The Mashine still boots with the broken array. Is it possible to do this under Windows? Or do I have to do it via the RAID-Bios? I am afraid to kill the existing data from the still fine and working hdd... Thanx in advance, Linus
  3. What I can say about Standyby etc. is: It works perfectly with STR and STD. And I like this feature very much, because there is no boot time. One Mouse-Click and the system is back... Very cool...
  4. Hi, I have a RAID 1 at IDE 1 Master and IDE 2 Master. The RAID 1 works fine with Windows XP installed. My problem is that I have an additional SATA HDD I'd like to use, but the BIOS shows no HDD. Also the RAID BIOS doesn't see the SATA drive. Also Windows does not recognize any further HDD. Is there any trick? Thanx, Linus
  5. I have a prob right now. I need to read some *.chm files. After the tweaks I can't read them anymore. The right side is empty... Which service do I have to re-activate? Thanx, Linus
  6. That was the plan :-) I will have a look... Where can I find them? Send me a PM...
  7. I now connected all PSU adapters as adviced. I did the prime95 test for 25 Minutes. Torturetest with all fans full: Idle with all fans full: Idle with all fans auto. Very slow and quiet: Very good for me....
  8. Well the CPU is always at 33 to 35 degrees (due to Smartguardian) without fan. I think that is okay for the CPU. But you are right, perhabs these temps are wrong. I will take the time to do the stress tests and write the results down here...
  9. Hi, I want to share some experience with my DFI LanpartyUT NF4 Ultra-D. I bought and installed it, BEFORE I knew of this forum and angrys advice. AND: I didn't any OC. I left all BIOS configs as they were, except the RAID config, 'cause I am using a RAID 1 array. I followed the instructions in the manual so. It says: Use a PSU of >= 400 W if you use only one graphic card (6800 GT). I use a PSU Delux 420W | ATX 24 PIN and I only plugged 2 Power Connectors: The 24 Pin ATX of course and the 4 pin 12 V just beside. And it works pretty fine. I now added the two other power connectors but there is no difference. As I didn't want to buy another PSU, I still use the 420 W model against angys advice to use at least 480 W. But it still works fine with my configuration. Of course it may not work with another config, but for me it is ok. The graphic accelerator NF 6800 GS fits perfectly and does not touch the chipset fan at all. The chipsetfan which was quite loud. I installed Smart Guardian (Link) and found out how to slow down the cooler. It starts at 40 degrees C and speeds up to "Full" at 50. BETTER! :-) The chipset never shows more than 45 degrees. And its quiet. The CPU is at 35 degrees without any fan activity. I use the arctic freezer 64 Pro. Smart Guardian starts the CPU fan at 40 degrees, "Full" at 45. The loudest part in the PC was and is still the GPU cooler. I downloaded rivatuner 2.0 RC 15.8 (Link) where it is possible to slow down the GPU cooler to 25%. MUCH BETTER now! And the temps are really ok with 32 degrees. Just my 5 cents... Linus
  10. Hi, 1st: Thanx to angry. Nice job. 2nd: I added some more mirrors for the vid, which will mostly be deleted after 14-30 days of inactivity or due to "exessive" usage (whatever that means ): Mirror #2 Mirror #3 Mirror #4 Mirror #5 Mirror #6 Mirror #7 Mirror #8 Mirror #9 No registration required at any mirror! Yours Linus
  11. Hi, I just bought the LanpartyUT Ultra-D. Angry stated that a PSU with 24 native pins is absolutely necessary. OK, I've got of those. He does not tell anything about this extra P4 4-pin adapter 12 V. The manual of the board does and says that I have to plug this one too. My question is: Do I really need to plug this P4 4-pin 12 V adapter? My problem is, that I have a big Chenbro Server Cube and I need an ATX cable extension. OK, I can also get that. But I don't find an extension for the extra P4 4-pin adapter 12 V. Thanx, Linus
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