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  1. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/370
  2. Gnunard

    Expert New Set Up

    really nice rig m8 gratz
  3. Gnunard

    Targan 1.1kw review

    the big Q is: is the dual engine; 600, 700, 800 and 900 equally good and stable?
  4. Gnunard

    Targan 1.1kw review

    every journey starts with a first step, it is a good review
  5. Gnunard

    Targan 1.1kw review

    http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews.php?typ...0w_quad_sli_psu Håll till godo as we say in swedish...have fun in english
  6. Gnunard

    Good Perfomance for 1920x1200?

    i'd take a 7950gx2 and some OCZ DDR500 EB's, I have them so i can recommend em
  7. Gnunard

    RAM TIMINGS OCZ Plat ddr500

    If its EB edition then yes...infineon/aeonon IC rocks in 2gig sets! you can even tighten some up tr and try again and a memtest. I think I had some luck when the computer gods sent me these mems I have but you should come up to 260-270 with 'em at least that what I can glhf with them! btw hows that chassie? I'm thinking of buying it..
  8. 667 the neighbour of the beast
  9. @ artvandelay You're so lucky living in the USA. RMA a board in europe (sweden) is so tough even Mr. T; Pittys it
  10. http://www.legitreviews.com/article/348/1/
  11. Gnunard

    Tagan Dual engine?

    http://www.tagan.de/pages/products/dual_En..._tg700_u25.html http://www.tagan.de/pages/products/dual_En...00W_UK_mini.pdf and theres a 800w version coming out to...if one looks at the 12v's its 20a each instead of 15a as in FSP's and OCZ gamex 700w
  12. isn't the Venus an official Opteronable
  13. Gnunard

    Tagan Dual engine?

    well i know that the ocz gamex 6/700w is the shizznick but still...its about the same price and woulnd 2 psu on 350w be more stable than 1 at 700w? like 2 wheel drive against 4x4, 4x4 being the tagan
  14. Gnunard

    Tagan Dual engine?

    trying to RMA my expert. the PSU issue came up...so I was wondering the tagan dual engine 600w or 700w anyone know how they hold up to an expert board? since, if i understand it correctly theres two seperate psu of 300/350w