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  1. I have done some searching and cannot find the answer. What i am wondering is if I will have any problems with a pci-e 2.0 video card on my mobo. Current specs in sig. The vid cards im looking at are the : VisionTek 3870HD pci-e 2.0 16x and the PNY 9600GT pci-e 2.0 16 x ...Will my board have any issues such as crashing in games or what not. Any experience? Thanks all
  2. well, i can get 235x10 max outta my cpu w/ out BSODing on windows boot, with everything set to auto and stock, i hear my memory hits a wall around then, but i've heard people take it up to 250, im very new to over clocking, what would i need to change also to help boost this? i've even dropped the ldt divider to x3, but havent tried the cpu/fsb multiplier
  3. iamkoza, building a new Rig is something i do not plan on doing for a while, but upgrading to a 7900gs is something i have been thinking of doing for a while now, becasue i have heard great things about them. i am considering jumping up to one from EVGA, and getting a new PSU, and using the eVGA step up program when the 8000 mainstreams come out. sounds like a good idea to me.
  4. My Current CPU is @ stock, and yeah i was thinking of 170 for the 10x , i hear my ram brickwalls at 225 according to reviews,i have not over clocked this cpu becasue i plan to sell it once i upgrade. but since i wont have a noticably large performance loss, i may just spend on a new GPU when they hit, my PSU puts out 18a per 12v, which is what 36a total? the 8800gtx and gts require 30A, i generally go for the more main stream vid cards, i dont do super hard core gaming, so when the 8000 mainstream models come out ill get one of those,would i really need a new PSU in that case? or were you speaking as far as a 8800gts/gtx for a new PSU, my PSU should handle over clockiing a 170 no prob i would think. I dont udnerstand where you are coming from on needing a new PSU for what im looking for, its on the reccomended list for mid range set up. An overclocked slightly 170 and a midrange vid card would be considered in that range woudlnt you say, or is that more along the middle high range?
  5. So far right now im torn between getting a opty 170 or 165 socket 939 to get that extra boost outta my system for newer GPUs and upcoming gaming. becasue i know the cpu i have right now is great, but will have a bottle neck with newer gpus to come, thus why i want to get a opty or a 2x1mb l2 cache x2 4400 or 4800. Although 939 is aging, is it worth buying a CPU for this board, or buying a AM2 board and cpu later on, only thing is with AM2 i would need new memory also which is costly, what would you guys do in my situation, just get the 939 opty and call it a day or wait and shell out more money for a newer setup..? thanks in advance.
  6. As a mainstream user, I do a tad bit of gaming but a lot of desktop processing for now, would i notice a great difference between a x2 3800+ and an opty 170? stock wise, Some say i should look into upgraded my GPU first, but way i see it is i should get a better CPU, that i can overclock , and upgrade when the dx10 cards come down , and have the better cpu ready adn over clocked for less of a bottle neck.
  7. Well, right now its passed christmas, and money from those odd relatives keeps flowing in, and i've decided to buy a opteron 170 or a 165 possibly, then ebay my 3800 x2, but what im wondering is, on my ultra d with respective bios in signature, will it be a simple drop the opty in clear cmos and maybe re install windows and boom there i am , is there any major bios updating or configuration i need to do to get these opterons in this board, i know they work "un supported" but does it take any magic or special knowledge to do so?
  8. Raphie, so you saw a noticeable difference between the 3800 and the 4400?
  9. currently i have the 3800, wondering since christmas is around the corner and all the folks will be throwing cash at me, would i notice a huge difference going from a 2x512 to a 2x1mb cpu, in other words going up to the 4400, in games and multitasking, the x939 x2s are only 189. 99 on new egg. thanks edit. also looking @ the opteron 170 and 175, would those do better than a 4400? im looking to get into over clocking , and want a cpu that can handle it well. Will my current bios work fine with a opty 17?As well as another question, what is all the stepping raves about on the new egg reviews? thanks
  10. Excellent detail on bottle neck, i see how it works now, though like ones stated before i will definatley notice a huge jump from 6800gs to 8800GTS, as far as over clocking the cpu, i need to study up some on how to do it.
  11. hahah, i type like i talk, fast and non stop.
  12. So, i am looking to upgrade my Video card, between lines right now though, i want to buy a 8800 series card, but from what i hear, i will have a bottle neck becasue of my CPU. My system is no where near crap, if you look at my sig, im what some would consider a mainstream gamer, i have the set up to definately handle a 8800 POWER wise, but according to some, i would bottle neck w/ my cpu, can anyone explain to me how i would notice that bottle neck, or even at all? Also, becasue of that bottle neck i am almost driven to pick up a 7900gs or gt to hold me off until the main stream version of the 8000 series come out, kinda like a 8800gs or 8600gt or something a long those lines , for DX10. 7900gs from what i hear run like champs, my card does the trick, but i want a little more for oblivion, i lag here and there due to 12 piplines and slow gpu. What are some of your guy's and gal's reccomdendations. Thanks in advance Cheers
  13. Well after some seaarching and reviews and money i had available,got the G.skill's on great deal, sold my corsairs on ebay and came out nearly even, the G.Skills, booted just fine, clocked @ 2.5-3-3-6 and mem tested like that perfectly over night no problems. runs great,thanks for everyones advice and input, couldnt do it w/ out these boards. hooyah.
  14. So i currently own the rig in my sig, and looking to upgrade memory for around the 250ish range, im looking to go to two gigs, right now i have one, but i want more than DDR 400. i hear that the ddr500 and possible the ddr550 will work fine w/ this board? if so any reccomendations, or any guides on upgrading past the ddr400, will i need to do any over clocking or changing of settings other than timings and what not to get it to post w/ faster memory? let me know all reccomendations. thanks
  15. Andou, i thought about slipstream, but im more familiar with just hitting F6 to install raid drivers, that worked fine for me if you have a floppy, internal one USB didnt work.
  16. Thanks for the luck! btw it all went well raid 0 is up and running and is looking nice and fast, glad i made this cheap yet very improving upgrade.
  17. got a new drive coming in tommorow to match up w/ my current 120 to put in raid 0, can anyone drop me the link to the download that , i think it was Ex rodie had that you just downloaded the .rar and ran the extracted file and it c reated teh floppy? i hear that the disk that comes w/ the board has some issues, or does it? thanks
  18. Glad to hear you got it figured out, good idea eh? That Cpu is less than half the price of your video card! So should be a simple/easy replacement! Time and Money is everything!
  19. If you dont have patients to do a 72hr CMOS clear and you think its pathetic, you do not need to be attempting to repair your own DFI configured pc, please do yourself a favor and bring it into a local tech shop, CompUSA(thats my shop ). Is 72 hours to long to wait to POSSIBLY have your non-working rig, working again? Have you tested another GFX card in your board to be assure that its the video card? possible a new PSU considering it requires the PCI-E plug to be plugged in?
  20. my apologiez loggan , lol i read your post wrong, i though you said i would GET 130 in raid 0, not lose 130, but at any rate i got another 120 so i can raid0 it w/ my current 120. Will i notice a increase , how does your raid 0 set up run, faster than 10k raptors in any area? thanks again
  21. good luck? is that a "good luck getting it to work" good luck, or what? i see your having some troubles with yours, have you followed H_Gs raid guide? http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16557
  22. No no, i bought another 120 to raid w/ my current 120 i use as storage, and isnt it if you raid0 120 adn 250 you get 240? you gain the smallest drive size from the larger size and waste the other. but im going to put my c urrent 250 as storage and raid my 120 now and the one i ust ordered.
  23. awesome, thanks, i actually got a new 120 instead of 250 i seem to get a little more performance out of my 120 vs. the 250 according to hd tach, but i ordered the exact same 120.
  24. Thanks for replies guys, also as well, say i just go out and buy another 250 and put it in raid 0 with the current 250 i have now, i would buy the exact same 250, that would make it 500 but i dont want my windows partition that big, if i was to say partition the 500 array to say 120 for my windows partitoin and the remainder for storage, would i keep the same performance? basically would my idea work and do you lose performance when partitioning a raid 0 array? thanks again. i found it cheaper just to buy another 250 and raid it with what i have now.
  25. not always insane or stupid, not everyone needs computer the same way you do. I know plenty of people who boot off of flash drives onto live versions of Linux and live windows cd. One point is for security reasons, boot off flash drive, save to it, shut down, take the flash drive out, put it around your neck, your stuff is secure with you. As far as the guy thinking he was cool for doing it, i dono what he was thinking. But plenty of government agencies do it for security reasons.
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