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  1. Do i manually set the frame rate in game? or is there a system setting?
  2. It might be the cards - how would i figure out of one was bad? should i take one out and run each one w/o SLI and stress them
  3. well my psu is pretty good - ive had SLI problems this is a new error. I fixed other errors I had. anyone have any ideas of w hat it could be? could it be memory too?
  4. its crashing with COD2 HL2(anyhwere from 10mins - 2 hours) some older games it doesnt crash(at least for an hour or so) ... 3dmark05 crashes as well after a few loops At one point i had no problems but SLI wasn't enabled. I enabled it and a ton of problems developed. I fixed most of them aside of this single issue.
  5. ive tried 85 75 I will try 60 this time ( 60 looks really ugly ) going to run 3dmark for about half hour or so see if it crashes...
  6. Mistubishi DiamondPoint SB70 - it never had this problem until now
  7. my moniter is giving the error - in games it sounds like its in a loop. When the message appears the sound loop ends(in 3dmark there is no sound so I dont hear a loop, but in COD2 I hear a loop for about 2-6seconds and then the message appears).
  8. I'm having trouble with my computer crashing in SLI. I keep getting a message saying, "signal frequency is out of range". My moniter supports [email protected] but I'm running it at 75hz. I can't figure out whats wrong with it. Is it possible I have a faulty card, is there any way to check if i have a faulty card? When i run 3dmark05 it crashes after 10mins to an hour.
  9. I think i fixed my random crashing - now another problem SLI wont work... I'm sad
  10. 81.98 is correct - i crash in 3dmark demo, COD2, WoW or pretty much any game I play. at load one card is 51c the other is 59c - I was thinking of going to watercooling would that help lower temps? can water cooling be hooked up to vid cards as well? all the games are patched cod2 has the dual core patch cpu is 51c at full load
  11. I stress tested my cpu ram etc w/ OCCT prime did mem test PI as well. everything is AOK. In 3dmark05 (or any game in general) I randomly crash. (i crash 50% of the time durring the game loading and the other half tjhe time anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours in to gaming. I have the dual core hotfixes etc installed, latest drivers etc. I also have switched the cards and ran in single mode w/ each card installed at one time. at 16xx2 the both single cards run fine. Both cards are vga. Can anyone help me?
  12. All three power chords are in the MB and each PCIe powersupply is plugged into the card . No bios updates for my card. Just installed the windows XP hofix, hopefully that will fix it(knowing windows its a small one in a quintillionth of a chance but its worth it). I appreciate the help today everyone, unfortunately I have to go to bed now ( three big tests tommorow + work after, i swear professors conspire to hit students hard). Thanks, tommorow I will be on again to work on this.
  13. hopefully I'ts just my luck this would happen. Should of took a vacation instead of wasting two thousand dollars on a computer that doesn't run for more than an hour. I really appreciate your help though. I'm going to try to reseat the cards.
  14. I also read elsewhere that dual core processors have trouble with SLI - one recommendation to another person with a similar rig was to revert back to the 77.77 drivers - do you think this would be a possible solution?
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