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  1. I have a DLink DGL 4100 gaming router that has a Gig switch built in but its a 115 router. Its nice because i move large DVD ISO files from one to another and it is about 3 to 4 times faster that it was when i was just using a 10/100 router. I just liked the idea of everything being in one package instead of a seperate router/switch,plus you can give priorities to different games/programs as to how you want to prioritize what gets more bandwidth access. Heres a link- http://games.dlink.com/products/?pid=371DGL-4100 g:)
  2. Have you tried removing your HSF and putting a thin layer of Arctic Silver or thermal compound on thinly and re-seating you HSF ? Maybe it isn't good contact. g:)
  3. Yeah.i took the ram out of the equation foloowing the guide. The funny part is i can run my DVD-Rebuilder using 2 instances of HC Encoder which each instance uses 100% (supposedly) and it is stable at 2.75 @1.50 with no troubles but Prime fails all the time. Since i don't use Prime95 and i do use DVd-Rebuilder,fortunately i'm more happy that DVD-Rebuilder works with no troubles LOL Thanks for all the replies ! g:)
  4. Yes,they are. I am using four rated @150 with my 4 WD SATA II drives and get burst speeds over 150. I didn some research before i bought them and i believe i read that there was no real standard for the SATA cabling at this point and that the SATAII would work fine and they do. I am using the 2 that came with the MB 2 others and have had no trouble. g:)
  5. Thanks for the input. I'll try to compare the idle temps when my DVD Rebuilder project is over in a few. Thanks again. g:) PS-BTW,Mary Ann all the way !!
  6. Hi- As you can see in my sig,DC Opteron 165. The 0 core keeps pooping out far sooner than the 1 core but here is my question. I am using the stock HS with a Delta high output fan that when going full bore sounds like a jet. I have it on a rheobus so it is tolerable. My idle temps in MBM and ITE are showing 26 C idle and 40 C full load,this at 1.52 V as showing in MBM. This fan is a good fan,but these temps sound really low compared to the WC setup temps i see and so on. Even at 1.57 volts,it goes no higher than 42 c full load. My room is around 68 F always,and i have a blow hole in the side of my Lian-Li case that has the dryer vent plastic tubing bringing fresh air in and is attached to the top of the HSF so it isn't just blowing around the same hot air. The case also has 2 80mm fans in the front that blow right on the 4 SATA II hard drives and a rear exhaust and a top blowhole exhaust and the PSU exhaust.Also have another 80mm fan next to the blowhole for the HSF blowing on the PWMIC and that never goes over 44. :confused: Just can't get that Core 0 to be stable at 2.6 with 1.52 volts and 40 c being reported but Core 0 is stable at 2.8 with same everything. I know i can remove the IHS but was thinking about trying a different HSF but i don't see any (air) temps here much lower than mine so i'm wondering if it would even be worth it. Can this setup be so good or could it be reported wrong. I am using Windows XP x64 and am half-tempted to set up 32 just to see what it says.. Sorry for the book LOL Any input ? g:)
  7. I installed it on the same board a few days ago and i like it so far. It just feels more responsive even if their are no tangible statistics to prove it out. Just be sure they have 64 bit drivers for any hardware you can't live without. I do ALOT of video encoding and so on so it seems quicker to me for some reason. g:)
  8. OK,it seems to work more often so i guess i'll be ok. Thanks for hte advice ! g:)
  9. Will give it a try and see if it helps and report back. Thanks, g:)
  10. Hi all,new to DFI but loving my new rig. I just built it 2 days ago and have a small problem. I can only get into the BIOS on about 1 out of 10 boot ups. I hit the DELETE key after the splash screen while the RAID set up info is on the screen and most times it just continues. Steps i took to try to narrow down the situation were: A) Flashed the BIOS to the one listed in sig and B) Tried a new/different keyboard. Both keyboards are PS/2 and were plugged directly into the PS/2 port on the MB. Have not seen any othere signs of trouble with the keyboard other than this so it seems the MB isn't always *accepting* the signal properly during the boot up stage and doesn't get into the BIOS. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, g:)
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