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  1. I would be willing to try it again , but it is just too much hassle to take out the mobo again after doing it twice before. Possibly in a few weeks , I'll try it again and see what happens , the fan on the evercool is definitely better , larger fins and less sound when it spins. With the TIM issue , I don't think I used too much , I used AS5 and was really frugal with it as I didn't want it to squish out under the pressure onto the rest of the chipset chip. But I am pretty confident that my 7900GT wouldn't fit with the VC-RE. I wonder if anyone here has this same setup of video card,motherboard and cooler ? I'd love to be proven wrong . Thanks for the opinions ! P.S. I was really worried about the arcticlean liquid spilling out over the chip (nForce4 ultra = really small chip) partricularly the first compound - The TIM remover possibly a little got away hope I'm OK. For me, forget everything else ! When you want to get rid of old TIM or just clean surfaces for this application Arcticlean is the way to go ! Cheers, Caspanis
  2. Hi All, No particular problems here just wanted some information from the Gurus about reseating the chipset fan. Here is my saga: I bought the Evercool VC-RE to replace my chipset fan and did so according to Angry_Games' tutorial (or part thereof) but sadly two bad things happened : a) The Evercool VC-RE was higher than the stock cooling solution and hence my 7900GT had to go in the other PCI-E X16 slot and run at X8 ,I wasn't too pleased about this :mad: but I lived with it . B) Apparently the VC-RE I got must have been slightly deformed (specualtion here) because it would not spin consistently and chipset temps rose to a whopping 64 degrees centigrade. :eek: was the order of the day. Seeing this i decided to revert to the stock solution with what I have to say are some pretty nice results :cool: . The chipset temps after reapplying the stock chipset fan with AS5 went down a whopping seven degrees both idle and load. Awesome ! Question I have is this , I used Actic Silver's new TIM remover ArctiClean the second time around on the actual chipset and also the DFI chipset fan (This thing really can remove TIM ! made the chipset look like new !) . Was this a Good idea ? Comments / Opinions / Views most welcome Best Regards, Caspanis
  3. Thanks to all for the feedback , very informative and helpful ! @ Frenchy2k1 : That was my suspicion as well for the stuttering , hence my idea to separate system stuff (pagefile etc. ) from the WoW install. But I did a major defrag of the disk last night and while it did not completely remove the stuttering , it significantly diminished it. As for the setups I am still somewhat undecided between option "B" and option "D" in my original post. Something inside still kinda wants to keep system stuff to itself. Cheers, Caspanis
  4. Hi All, I recently got rid of my two seagate 80GB NCQ HDs and am now down to one disk. Sadly , now I get stuttering almost constantly while playing WoW ! Whenever the HD light flashes , I get a stutter/hiccup in gameplay ! The WoW was installed on the RAIDed disks and the single disk was the system drive. Now everything is on one drive. I've come to the conclusion that I need some new disks to get rid of this darn stuttering ! I have the following options which do you guys think is best : A) 2X80 GB NCQ in RAID-0 for everything system/games/applications/media B) 2X160 GB NCQ in RAID-0 for everything system/games/applications/media C) 1X80 - system/applications & 2X80 GB (RAID-0) games/media D) 1X80 - system/applications & 2X160 GB (RAID-0) games/media E) 1X160 GB NCQ for everything system/games/applications/media Which of the above 5 choices do you think would be best in terms of a price performance analysis ? Any suggestions welcome Best Regards, Caspanis
  5. Yikes !! , dæmon , if you're not into soldering , then I think you can buy fan replacement cable that'll fit one end on your FAN and the other end on the motherboard header. This do-hicky here . it should do tha trick Hope that helps. Cheers, Caspanis
  6. Hi, Check out the stock speed database . Also check out the NF4 memory advice thread Hope this helps Cheers, Caspanis
  7. Thanx for the advice :cool: Cheers, Caspanis
  8. LMAO ! Yea Voltes-5 :shake: the location gets them everytime , http://www.outpost.com is one of the very FEW online retailers that accept international credit cards , hence you see my vendor selection is really limited . But in general it looks like a darn good deal ! Cheers, Caspanis
  9. Hi All , Just saw this Outpost Link and the price seems low even when compared to the price from a popular competitor . Possible good/great deal on some cool memory ? Check it out ! Additionally , I'm looking for some input regarding memory selection ( I intend to overclock) , my crucial's look like they're going back to RMA hell so these are my three options : 1) OCZ 2GB DDR PC-4000 (500MHz) OCZ5002048ELGEGXT-K, 3-4-3-8, Dual Channel (2x1gb) DDR 184-Pin with XTC Heat Spreader 2) 2GB (2x1gb) DDR PC4000 (500MHz) CAS 3-4-3-8 184-Pin, MUSHKIN Xtreme Performance #991483 3) OCZ EL Platinum Dual Channel 2048MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory (2 x 1024MB) Opinions/views always welcome Cheers, Caspanis
  10. At this point I am wayyy out of the 30 day refund window so its doubtful , but I really do not want to have to go into a RMA cycle with crucial (I bought the stick originally from crucial) but it seems inevitable , I mean has anyone seen the size of this thread ! At this point , IF the sticks are again faulty , then I either : 1) Do the RMA thing again , and again , and again or 2) Buy some OCZ and kiss over $300 goodbye :mad: I hate this. Caspanis
  11. Hi All, I have a set of Crucial Ballixtix 2X 1GB PC4000 sticks that I had to RMA and I am now using the replacements. I have the following problems : 1) System in general is stable but I can never get it to successfully run super PI whether using 1 instance ( shared between both cores ) or using two instances (affinity set to each core). Generally one of two things happen : A) The application fails and I get a Windows Pop-UP asking if I wish to report the matter to microsoft or B) I get a complete lockup requiring me to hard reset the system or cycle the power. 2) The system at times suffers from either a complete lock-up or a BSOD then immediate reboot. I must add that this occurs very infrequently but enough to be cause for concern. 3) On rare occasions , the system does not boot completely in that I get the single beep stating that POST was successfull but the system appears to hang at the beginning of the hardware display screen just before displaying the amount of memory detected (Note at this stage , 1 RED led is lit ) However all other benchmarks are successful ( memtest , HCI memtest , Prime 95, 3dmark0[356] , PcMark05 ) so what gives ? am I again going to have to do the RMA thing with Crucial ? Or do I forget Crucial and just buy another set of memory sticks known to work ? PS. I am using the exact memory settings in this post by moderator Sharp , honestly these have worked really well for me except for the problems indicated above. Comments/Advice most welcome. Regards, Caspanis
  12. REiGN, Why not just use the logging facility of everest , then you can get a nice report of all the system sensors during any activity you want (gaming / aquamark / etc. ) in html or csv. The option is in the preferences section from the file menu Regards, Caspanis
  13. Check out my advice here Hope it helps. Cheers, Caspanis
  14. Well, I guess you're :cool: then ! Cheers, Caspanis
  15. Honestly, I use version 6.85 (bad caspanis ! bad ! spank spank lol :shake: ), I use them and they're fine so far, although , given your chipset you should use 6.70. Power supply issue sounds like a real nightmare. do you have another to test with ? Hope this little bit helps. Cheers, Caspanis
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