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  1. I had a similar situation with my ballistix (different model but...). At first my system ran fine for about three months; then I started getting STOP errors all the time. I could run memtest all day long on either single stick and get zero errors. Once I added a second stick to the mix; errors everywhere. Also, if I booted with one (or two) sticks, xp would crash with alot of STOP errors (sometimes it wouldn't even get that far!). I solved this by purchasing some OCZ sticks and my rig has been up 24/7 with no problems ever since. I know this probably isn't the solution you want to hear but I would suggest you ditch the ballistix and get another brand to avoid these headaches alltogether.
  2. I'm running at stock settings (3-4-3-8 @ 250 2.6v - DDR500). This required a slight cpu overclock from 2.4 Ghz to 2.5 Ghz. I have not played with them to see if I can get them tighter. If you want my complete dram bios settings, just ask and I will post when I get home. They are very similar to the stock settings posted on the OCZ forum.
  3. Run (don't walk) away from the ballistix! I (and many others) have had bad experiences with it. Replaced them with the ones in my sig and haven't had any problems since.
  4. My two cents: Have you tried replacing the ballistix? There are many threads in this forum with peeps who've had lotsa problems with it (myself included). FYI, after replacing, my temps went down 5 degrees across the board.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't it be the orange slot furthest from the cpu?
  6. Quick question, are the replacement fans from DFI exactly the same or better/improved?
  7. I've been thinking of getting this as well (my fan is really starting to scream). Is there any way to get new foam tape (in case transfer fails)? Is there a compatable replacement product? Can I order one from DFI?
  8. Thanks RGone! Kudos to all! OCing here I come...
  9. UPDATE (for those that care): My OCZ Gold GX XTC PC4000 ram arrived today (ordered on saturday...how's that for service!). Installed them and tah dah! the system boots (cmos jumpers on clear all day)! Next up, figure out how to oc and get the ram running at pc4000 specs. Thanks All!
  10. I am currently using the orange slots. FYI, when I first got the board I used the yellow slots for 3 months without a problem. I have the tmod bios cd so I'll switch my bios as a last resort if I can't get the rig to boot later today.
  11. UPDATE: Installed a second HD a couple of days ago (for dual-boot). Installed a second copy of XP on it no problem. Installed some other software without incident then surfed the web. While opening a webpage the system crashed (bsod, unhelpful STOP error as usual). I figured damn, I've gotta relax the ram timings even more! So I go into the bios and adjust some settings (don't remember which...) and reboot. Nothing happens. I get 3 diagnostic LEDs on. I then powered off, set the CMOS jumpers to clear and wait about 30 minutes. When I restart, I get 2 LEDs. I left it this morning unplugged with the jumper set to clear the CMOS. I will try rebooting when I get home today as well as trying each stick. Does 2 LEDs mean the ram has been detected and it is hanging on the video card or that the ram detection has failed?
  12. I did follow the sticky about the ballistix for awhile. It does certainly seem like my modules are slowly dying (I experienced several more STOP errors this weekend which I fixed (for now) by relaxing the timings). I am currently waiting on "OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB Dual Channel" to arrive. Hopefully, the OCZ sticks will put an end to this problem (and provide a little oc pleasure). FYI, I will be RMA'ing both sticks of ballistix once the ocz's come in and then sell them on eBay - any takers?
  13. I am currently running the X16 drivers with no issues but YMMV. I decided to try them after reading this (sorry, but you'll have to wade through the post to find the relevent info).
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