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  1. LVD SCA Adapter 68/80, From Maplin Electronics. and the SCSI Hard disk i need to test is a; Seagate. Cheetah 10K.7 M/N ST330000007LC I just need to know the pin Config thats all. It not for full use, its just for testing only for about 5 min to see it it woks thats all.
  2. Hello there, I need all of your help. Im trying to find out what each othe the jumper setting on the LVD SCA Adapter 68/80 are so that we can get our SCSI Hard Disk rinning from off this adapter. The list is as follows: ------------------------------------------------------- Termination NO OFF LED SYN DLY RMT ID3 ID2 ID1 ID0 DIFFSENS ------------------------------------------------------- Please Advise.
  3. lol, my admin for the server changed the password and i was not aware of this. So I canged it back.
  4. Naaa Windows midea center might be ok but XP Pro would still do the trick, I can always ask some of my co workers to mod the o/s.
  6. Basicly I want to get the best pc I can make within 10000miles (exluding govomentl and servers and millitory) Im going to have my TV though it, my room HI-FI, my workstation, my game station, my cinimar, my Radio and alarm clock also many other things. Im going to get rid of my TV and video and Dige box. Im going also to have a 20" TVT moniter Wide screen if so or bigger.
  7. If you are having to load a app eg Photoshop, it would take time to load this app off the hard disk into memory. The faster the spin on the disk the quicker it will get the pin to the data and the quicker it will get it to the cable(more cache) The hard disk to the mobo needs to also be better as the amount of data going down there. IDE ==== ATA ATA-7 Ultra-ATA/133, 130MBytes/sec ==SATA== Data runs at 160MBps [1.5GHz] ==SCSI== 320apx (unreliable and over priced.) those are all apx data transfer rates. SATA is the best though. But if you RAID them together you will bet even more speed. So basicly for loading apps it does affect the pc but after they are loaded as you quite correctly said, they do not affect the pc.
  8. umm, I was acholy refuring to the cache on my one at home. The Duron 2600+ XP. Were I said it can go up to 2.7Ghz, with watercooling. I only picked that up off a reveiw on a internet shop about 2 weeks back. I didnt know as I dont have one.
  9. http://forum.n-computers.co.uk you will see the error there when you get there. PHPBB
  10. Hummm, please let me nkow how you over come this please.
  11. I need some help, I have just killed my forum and I dont have a clue how to use PHP or MySQL. My admin is not being very helpfull.. Need help :sad:
  12. wops, yer sorry it was ment to be 7,200rpm lol the new westen digital raptor SATA H/D's are at 10,000rpm lol
  13. Awsome Mate, cheers. I will buy one in the futcher from there then . Now I need to find out were I can get the best but cheapest AMD 64X2 or Opteron. Any idears?????? Also i would be looking for 2 twin GFX cars to go in the babe and more. Please advise. I have my list already but more options the better I see it from .
  14. Kool, cheers for the help guyes but if you have a read to the left you will see that I live in the UK and pounds is what I work in. Not Dollurs. Sorry.
  15. Kool thanks palehorse. Yer the AUSU Delux had issues so I looked at DFI From a recomendation.
  16. Hello again, Were have you got your DFI LANParty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert mobo from??? I am having a hard time trying to track down the correct place to buy it from at a cheap price. Please help. Also a correct image of this mobo would also be great and many site post the wrong imagery for this.
  17. Then In that case I will not get the DFI Expert. I will jut stick with plan A of the Asus mobo. I dont want my £300+ CPU blowing up in front of me.
  18. What is the issue? Is it hardware based or software/BIOS????
  19. Umm, correct me if Im wroing but I thourt that this had been fixed in the last update of the BIOS????
  20. To right they did, £1000 for 1 lame processor. It better be good for that cash. I hope that the CEO of Intel reads more about AMD's products and I hope that he **** himself in panic when he tests them out against the ShIntels. Also AMD gave Intel a duel. Guess who chickened out. If I were Intel I would go and do a bit more research into there own processors instead of licking there loly pops in there playground.
  21. OOOOOO, excellent, I do love a lads night in time to time. :D:D:D:D:D:D
  22. um, I have to let you know that you can get a 4400+ from the default 2.2Ghz to a 2.7GHz, easily. You need to have a good water cooling system though and Good air flow in your case. Very good RAM and H/D, M/B etc... Is a big must though as a slight hiccup could end up in a very experience. Look at my system I have at the mo, I did get it to 2.2 GHz but it was on its limit. So 2.1Ghz is fine. The only problem I have is gues what, 1 the cache is too small and 2nd is that I use very slow pants 72,000rpm ATA IDE Hard Disks. (Mistake.) SCSI Is a go also for me
  23. I like it here, I think ill move my home to here and live here for a few months.
  24. But do you not just love reading this info, I know its almost 1 year old but do you not feel how things have come on since then and how there expectations have grown and there targets they have not met or blown away?
  25. Hello there, I am looking out for a New Motherboard with processor and other interesting hardware components etc... I don’t mind how much I spend for the Motherboard as this is like the main frame on the machine. The Processor which I was thinking to use was the AMD 64 X2, but I have been talking to a fue people and found out that this is not really the best processor for my needs, but I thought that 64 bits were 1 faster processing then 32 bit, but as it is a duel it would be a 64bit processor sat on a couch with another 64Bit processor having a beer. Now as the +4400 is at 2.2 GHz and I well know that they can clock to a good old 2.7GHz, then why do I need a FX or a Opteron???? (I know one thing and that is they empty your wallet fast for shore.) I want/Need a Processor which can beat a high or mid end P4 easily and at the same time blow anything else it eats while watching a film. I hate waiting about for applications to load and many other issues. Those who know me very well know that I switch between windows every 10 seconds and I usually load more then 1 high performance application at a time. I think you might get my point now so ill hand it over to you guys for a good old pc convocation.
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