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  1. If I were getting a large hard disk I would rather get 3 120GB STAT Hard Disk's as a RAID 5 then one 300GB or 200GB S/PATA hard disk. The bigger the disk the longer it takes to find the data, also these large disk's dont have a high rpm and also have a low ish cache. I have also herd of romers of them being very unreliable. One more thing also, due to testing this stuff the damege sector rate goes up prity fast with large hard disks. If you ever get any hardware (HARD DISK'S!!!) Try and use Pc-Check V6.05 as this is ideal for all types of hardware tests. (The Best.)
  2. Some chump mush deleted my post for the vote evil campain. I want my money back. :@
  3. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=60966 Just vote for Evil
  4. happy, why are you not on msn??? I need to talk to u. Delete this reply once you read this.
  5. Ahhh, kool. No problemo. I know what he's under. lol If and when crap Belkin give me a router from the last one which blew up on me then ill be back on my 2m connection. If AG wants Ill give him a hand with the forum as I do run my own at http://forum.n-computers.co.uk and I know my way around very well and also I know how to mod the templates etc.. in Photoshop or in Fireworks.
  6. Thanks, I will read this now.
  7. Bump buy it mte from here. http://www.novatech.com http://www.ebuyer.co.uk http://www.eclipsecomputers.co.uk
  8. Hello, What happened to the forum here people? Last time I came onto here it was looking good. But now, well I dont want to sound like to much of a rebal or spamer but the foums look prity ****. Dont you think?? eg the colour and the DFI logo etc. If its still in early stages then ill let you off but if this is final the its still ****.
  9. Hear Hear. I agree with you. Shame on you RGone who is suposed to be a Super Moderator. But I still think it is a bit silly for uping the volts to 2.8 lol It usely says on the ram model the Volts its ment to run at dude. BANG lol. I also think that you should still try our russion way and kik it and then put a hammer to it and then ice hokky it. lol Sorry this is not helping, but im in hasterics here lol pmsl. Tell us from the very beginning what is wrong, iv not been reading this and i cant be botherd to go back a page. Tell me the Spec of your system to the smallest detale. Tell me whats woing and what did you put in the pc befor you had this issue. If it is a hardware issue then your best bet is to http://www.eurosoft-uk.com and ask very nicly to gary or simon for a Demo of Pc-Check ok. Also if you like it, we would love you to buy it
  10. * could i borow that hoky stick one day please, I have never tryed this and it seems better then the russion way as the hocky stick has more uses then a hammer and a foot.
  11. I dont know if this is any help to you but when my pc sudenly goes on the blink I usely do what my russion friend does. Takes a run up at the case and boot it as hard as you can. That usely does the trick for me. Not all the time but most of the time.
  12. mate, ur lucky that it works still. Good job it was still touching the contacts. otherwise !!BANG!!
  13. Who ever deleted my post on how to solder is a cheese noob.
  14. AHHHH, EDIT I had to delete most of this post since several of us had no idea what it was about except the solder part. Since there are several other options than to solder on a very expensive chipset I went ahead and deleted it as I am dumb and do not know how to solder onto PCB's which are over 2K. Beleve me, the pencil way is a good way to make a good chip worthless once fried.
  15. AHHHH, binary, if that becomes a loose conection you will end up in cashes left right and center and it WILL damege the IC's. Solder on link wire or face a naff chip 2 years down the line. Those chips get very very hot, hence the heat sink and fan. The tape and pencle led would ether ech into the IC or go mank or shrink or expand. Now here is my step by step gued onto soldering a link wire onto this. (listen up n00bs) List. 1. Get a soldering iron. 2. get a P7 Spade tip. 3. Get Some solder (601). 4. get solder Sucker (if you make a hess and a half.) 5. Get a solder Stand WITH SPUNG. 6. Get anti static rist strap with wire. 7. Get an anti static mat or something which is a null of electrical discarge. 8. get some twezers. 9. Get come wire cutters. 10. Get goggles. Prepare. Conect ur anti static strap on, conect to ground scorce, put anti static mat down or news paper etc... Put goggles on, conect soldering iron and tern on. Put in stand. Get spunge and get it wet and then sqweeze it will i cant get much water out. Then place back onto the solering iron stand. To solder the perfect solder joint it should take 3 to 4 seconds max. 1 iron on pad, 2 insert solder. 3 take away solder and iron. Please try this on some old PCB's befor you try for real. But if your confident go ahead with next step. Now you might want a friend with a stedy hand to do this but with most solders this is a peace of cake and can do this with bouth hands. 1. scrached off the varnich on the 2 pads of were you are going to solder onto with the tweezers or **scaple** (should be silver under neath apx). 2. get iron and a solder and dab a bit of solder on to the tip of the iron. 3 get the link wire and cut to legth. 4 place link wire on pads to that each end is on pad by half way min. (dont over haing it much ether) Basicly so its baing in the middle etc.. 5. do this with twezers, (get friend to help hold it in place) (with advanced solders you can hold this in your left/right hand with the iron and solder in the left/right hand) Hold the link wire in place and then iron down on pad, then solder then off. 6.do the same for the other side, you should have it in place now so that ur friend can go off and play. DONE. correct [--]------[--] ok [ -]------[- ] Wrong [ ]------[--]--
  16. :eek2: No NO NO NO, dont use a screw driver. your finger will do just fine, remember to be in a anti static area though at all times when dealing with IC's. If its not for resale then just dont bother. I used to be a PCB Assembler and Its fine. Ok, it might look messy but who cares.
  17. Would it not of been better to just scratch some of the varnish on the 2 pads and then solder a wire across?????????????? That way would be safer and also less messy then with a pencil. (PS. Rookies at soldering please don’t do this, as only people with experience should attempt to carry this out. Rookies do what he did with the lame pencil.)
  18. Slap more on mate, its probly not conducting the heat across or its not even touching/sticking. I say more of the heatsink compound the better I slap it on till it ooses out of the sides lol. that is why I got my 1.6 to a 2.2 but droped it to a 2.0 as it was woboling a bit. (AMD Duron +2600)
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