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  1. One thing I will say is that with the wires, the more times you cable tyie them, the better you become at neatly cable tieing up a system. I wil take a pic of a system that i have recently made at work, for someone that has not been trained up, i think iv done a dam good job.
  2. kool, i like your post. Let me know when you get it mate. See if you can digital photograph some more images that they dont show on the site. etc... I will deside on your revew of this case, as its only like £100 apx.
  3. Thank you. Yes, I was looking at the armor one more then the water. With the side fan. also Silver is the way. i have a silver one already. Dont see the dust much. Whats your thorts though with the screwless issues that cuoficr is talking about? Do you have an issue? I do know that some times they do a duff batch like all things. Keep them ideas coming people, even if i do argue a little. lol
  4. LOL, mate part of my job is to make fix and mod out test lab pc's. I love it when you have cases were you dont have to touch a single screw. eg. Sun Microsystems cases. There the best.
  5. Hello all. Ok, I will first give you the low down. I am/will be buying a DFI Infinity motherboard along with a Core2Duo. This will have a few GFX cards in there along with quite a few hard disk's (I fill them up to fast.) Now With my hard disk's I which to have them so that the fan's direct air flow goes past the disk's so to cool them down and to extend the life of them. Also I would like it so that you can easy remove the disks with out having to remove 65% of the components already installed on the machine (Like I have to do at the mo.) So really disk carriers removable from the front of the case or from the side of the case would be nice. (hard disks point there asses toward your face when you look at them.) eg: Now the Second thing I would like is to have very very good air flow. Fans pumping in air from front and then fans pumping our air out at back etc. like this: Also a case that needs only your fingers to fit in cards and hard disks. Basically screw less case. Like this: O no more images >.< etc... I think you get the idea. Ok, so your thinking now ok, so what’s all the fuss about? Looks like you have found one that you like. CORRECT!!!! I have. But. There is always a but in the equation of life and things. Which one should i get? http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Chassis...r/va8003bws.asp or http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Chassis.../ve2000swa.asp# Also I would like it so that it looks nice and corporate type. Remember also that I live in the UK so no USA case anorak sites please. If you know of any other case that would be better then these two, please post them. All suggestions please.
  6. AHHHHH, this will be agonising work for me, and it will take loads of time. Time that really i dont have unless this were my day to day job. Which once it was. For 2 days lol. http://www.addspaceconstruction.co.uk/ ^^^^--- 1st ever site made my me and my friend. He did the flash and i did the other crap. Still dont know why the images arnt showing up though on a few pages. Its there fault i posume, it was purfect my end. Anyways back to the point. Basicly i will let this go as i dont want you waiting on me etc... and also i dont want to screw this up for you. If you like what iv done so far, ill send you the url to the secret folder of mine that has all the PSD's and othe images that i got from the main speed fire template. Have fun my friend. Need any help on the images let me know. Its just the config with the main template intergrating into this one that i will have issues with.
  7. ???? I didnt say that I hated Vbulliten, im just saying that I do not own a Vbulliten. It used to be a free peace of software for non supported forums but now its all pay. I will see if there are any sites out there that still let you download the old version. I can make up the template to fit this one exactly as it is but i will need you to copy all of this forums images and to send them to me so that I can then intergrate them onto Photo shop and then get the layers set up correcrtly. You can still keep Vbullitten as you did pay for it and im not forcing you to do it. It was only an option that you COULD of taken but you DONT want to so thats FINE>.
  8. I have set up a subdomain to install a PHPBB2 fourm on there to test this out, although it wont be much cop as this here is a Vbuliten board. http://testzone.n-computers.co.uk
  9. WHAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR VBULLITEN BOARDS????? Foget that. Go to phpBB2 mate. Free, easy and low mantinance. Then as well i will be able to help you out loads more as im used to working with PHPBB2 forums. (modding them!!)
  10. lol, Its ony a template of the real thing i have back on my web machine. O and this is as a JPEG BTW hence why you cant click on anything lol. If you want me to, ill some how dl a Vbuliten forum onto my server, then set it up with out mullering my own forum (phpBB2) then test out the template 1st before you quys put it up here and find out its screwed lol.
  11. An updated one i did tonight. http://www.n-computers.co.uk/other/speedfire2%20copy.jpg like it?
  12. lol. Sorry mate, the system in m bio is not my personal machine. I needed to put it there so that I did not brake any rules in the forum lol. As im at home now I will mod it to the correct spec. I seem to remember having it there before but i think some **** idiot removed it as it was sooo old for his liking lol. PMSL.
  13. yuck, just looked at it on the web and it looks kack. ill scrap that one. Up for segegons and images.
  14. Ok, I havnt had that much time to deal with this but a few weeks back I had a spare 30min. So I did what i could in that time. Any sugestions in the way the new template should look please msn or email me. http://www.n-computers.co.uk will have contact addresses under (supprising) the contacts link. All them emails go past me anyways so ill pick any up. Wops, almost fogot the link to the image lol http://www.n-computers.co.uk/other/speedfire%20copy.jpg
  15. This is doing my head in. Most people, who know me, know that I love AMD CPU’s as if it were my own hart. Well due to Angry posting all of this crap about C2D's and trying to reason with me that AMD now suck compared to C2D’s etc... (our lovely convocations on MSN) My Brain suddenly thought of something, why do you always get the best pc's and the best configuration out of them all the time? I am really annoyed that you get to have this configuration and normal people do not. Well news for you, I have had enough!!!!! (Sorry AMD. Ill be back!!!) I am now going to get off my dam but and buy the exact configuration of your machine RIGHT NOW!!! (The case still needs to be decided about) Then I will configure it the same way that you have it. Then there will be 3 people out there that have a supper dopper machine. lol Nothing will get in my way.
  16. Travis. Do you have any images of like mobos or what ever which you want to use for the new template??? I would like them now if you would like me to continue with the template for this forum. Anyone els please post images here aslo so i can get a look at a large selection. Thanks.
  17. Err, I dont think I said anything about RAID 5 being the fastest, I was more less saying it was the most economic of all the raids. Mostly for backing up data. So if one disk goes down then you can put anouther one back in and rebuild it. No loss to data.
  18. Haing on there Happy man!! I was not refuring to a RAID-5 on a desktop. I was basicly saying that if you wanted to have hard disks used for data storege then a RAID-5 would be better as its more economicly better. But not for speed. If you have eg a server like I do here (Gateway 9220) with important info then you would use a RAID-5.
  19. Also I have a AMD XP+2600 which I find is a sempron
  20. O that, lol that thing burned up a while back. Im in the process of getting an opteron. Anyway if you think im just talking junk prehaps you should take a vizit to our test lab one time we have half a rack, full of SUN's which all have AMD X2, FX, Opteron, dule quod, etc.. processors in
  21. Ahhh, you have one of them anoying CAP CPU's. There crap.
  22. Im just waiting for AMD to get there asses a move on and make a mobo which supports DDR2 RAM and also has a CPU which is a Dule and has a Cache of 4mb and has a FSB of 1024MHZ. O look that sounds a lot like that new Intel Core 2 Deo. Dam Intel have got ahead of AMD again coz AMD does not get there asses a move on. AMD FOGET ABOUT THE PAST!!! LOOK INTO THE FUTURE AND UPDATE THINGS ONCE IN A WITE DUM ASSES!!!
  23. From a pro side of things Get the Windown XP Pro. Home is also ok but has not many netowrking and other facilitys in. Windows vista is just a pain in the butt!!!!! XP Pro mate
  24. Also one more thing, you said the fan is running on the PSU, We have one of those here in the UK test lab and it have thses gay crap switches at the back. It can go into like a sleep or supspend mode. When you last powered down your PC did you send it to sleep or hybinate at all????? Just an idear.
  25. Mate, for the last 3 weeks there have been some very nasty powerfull thunder and lighning storms down my way, I would sugest that you also may of had these also if your in the UK. A spike or searge may of poped the PSU some how when you were away. Try to obtain a 500W apx PSU to see if this works. As you said you tryed this on anouther board and did not power up. Things for you to do: 1. See if the cable is ok. 2. Check the cable's plug to see if fuse if ok/blown. 3. Try anouther cable. 4. Make shore power switch on wall and the PSU is switched on 5. Try anouther power source. 6. Make shore its pluged into the PSU proper. 7. Make shore the power switch on your case is wired/connected correct on the motherboard. 8. Try a New PSU. (500W) Do that all in that order on bouth boards.
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