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  1. OK, Hopfully Once i get this system, I will do step by step guide of the images and also a write up. I will post them on this forum and my own forum ONLY!!! I will try and take pic's that the standard sites dont show and I will also tell you what you do get in the packets. Unlike some sites, they only show you everything and keep you guesing.
  2. OOO, Nice Sig Kccustom, and also nice dfi- street header. I like it. You see a true pro when you see his work. You have modded the toser, i like it. Also, the motherboard at the back has a strate like down the left hand side were the image ends. (smuge or fade it into the forground or somthing). I hope you win.
  3. Question. Can i hook up my pci-e crosfire master card to this card??? just an idear, probly u cant. http://ati.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod...tnum=100-714800
  4. humm, for an extra £50 is it worth it? humm. If it will go boing on you then it should do it within that 30day. If not then its a crap cpu if it dies like 3 years later. Like I got from Belking a router that screwed up half a year into useing it. Now they shiped me a new router (took 2 mounths, inc phoneing up etc.. and a £100 phone bill phoning them up asking why they were talking so long etc...) and this new replacemnt also did not work. So basicly dont buy from Belkin. But I will take your advise and i will get the 3 year warrenty. But should the oem one not come with 1 year manufacture standard warenty?????? most things should these days. Even a toy.
  5. O, now thats a good idea. Did you Say PCI-E X1 speed slot??? Or PCI-E x16 I will take a look at this. Also I just like ATI, hence the boo. I do argree with you as its a bit like Intel and AMD, one out wits the other and so on. Both are good but one get ahead of the other after a while and vis-vercer.
  6. BOOO, TO NVIDIA... ATI ATI ATI ATI ATI ATI ATI!!!!! Also your saing that a USB TV tuner devise would be better then the card correct??? Hard to beleve but o well.
  7. Is there???? :{ OOOOO Ill get that instead Ill look for it on there site. Whens it coming out??? Nop, cant see it on website. Link if possible please.
  8. Ok, who here know's much about TV cards?? I am looking for one that will either fit in a PCI, PCI-E x4 slot or a PCI-E x1 slot. The system that it will be fitted into is at this address: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...5663#post635663 I would like one that had a remote controle so that I can sit in bed or have mates over and change the chanle or vol with out loseing my space to a cronee. Also I would like it so that it can play Radio and Free View. (free) Also so that I can record any tv program that i want while watching somthing els. Also one that can handle Hight Deff /Digitla TV. Correct me if im wrong but you watch tv via your moniter via your gfx cards correct?? If so then it will be going though my cross fire cards so my screen image will be awsome. Please advise me.
  9. No ones intrested in my new babe apart form kool WintersFury and his Where's my peanut butter? fan club.
  10. Yer, but then how do i use the crossfire as it uses both the PCI-E slots??? Unless I use the PCI-E X4 slot.
  11. Well the way that I will be doing mine this is as follows; 1. You want to have a dam fast read and write speed from your hard disk of your o/s and apps etc... So you get 2 x 36GB WD Raptors and configure them as a RAID-0. (Striping) 2, ok so you might think, thats prity dum of you. If one disk goes baing you have lost the lot. Correct but wrong. Lets read no.3 3, You Then have 2 x 250GB or 350GB WD 16MB Cache etc... does not matter about if its SATA II or SATA, thats just a marketing thing to get people's money. In reality you dont even get to the top end of a 150 datatransfure unless you buffer it all up and do one large burst which seems prity dum. The raports dont even top 150, so really these disks saing o wow we 300Gb/s transfure is a wast of $$££$£££. Its the Averege read/Write to the disk that counts hence why scsi is so good but not so good as it makes one hek load of heat that kills all the components on the disk. (And very unreliable and adds about 100000million years onto the boot up of your PC. Well it seems that way anyways) - Sliding into 4. 4, The 2x 360/250 Hard disks are a RAID - 1 (mirror) This way you store all your data and all your back ups eg images of programs, back up of os etc... Partion's: Video's/Music = 100GB P Doc's Web stuff or what ever you do = 100GB P Images of apps etc.. = 78GB P OS Back up = 72GB P You can change that about. ^^^ You should not lose any data that way as its all on the 2 large R-1 disk's. Also you will have a very fast machine for loading apps and saving files.
  12. Ok people. Here is what I will be buying. Still need some advise on if to put a TV Card in or a Sound card instead. Although the mobo does have HD/Jack sence audio (NOT AC97) I dont really know/care if the sounds that grate or not. But i will be useing my pc alot for tv. Please post your comments and idears.
  13. http://www.n-computers.co.uk/other/speedfire2%20copy.jpg Also What you have done now is far more nice then before. (Getting rid of the two side's)
  14. Sounner, I beleave that the bottom one of the 2 is infact mine. I did this about 3 weeks ago and i even have the psd to prove it. Please do not steal other peoples idears and hard work. Thanks.
  15. Ok, change of mind. http://www.coolermaster-europe.com/index.p...01+CM%20Stacker that one.
  16. One more thing, anything but ASUS and MSI. Especially MSI.
  17. Still dont know if to stick with fans or to go with water cooling.
  18. ok, This is what im getting so far. Not shore on the water cooling thouhg. Please Advise. Please see below a list of what I will need for my new pc. DFI Infinity 975X/G Motherboard ---------------------------------------------------------- Core2Duo E6600 Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2 x 2.4Ghz 4Mb Cache 1066 FSB Dual Core Processor Novatech Order Code: IL-E6600 Ebuyer does this for: £211.39 ---------------------------------------------------------- 2x1024MB OCZ Gold GX PC2-8000 (DDR2-1000Mhz) @ 5-6-6-15 I think its these, please advise.>> OCZ 2GB Kit (2x1GB) 240Pin PC2-8000 1000MHz Dual Channel GX XTC Gold Novatech order Code: OCZ-G802GX ---------------------------------------------------------- 2x X1900XT Crossfire video cards @ 690/792 (limit of CCC) ^^ Happy, what make did you go for? There are more then just one brand of these. ---------------------------------------------------------- 2x 80GB Westan Digital SATA II Western Digital Caviar 80Gb 8Mb Cache Hard Disk Drive SATA 300MB/s <8.9ms 7200rpm - OEM Order Code: WD-80JD 3x 120GB Westan Digital SATA II Western Digital Caviar 120Gb 8Mb Cache Hard Disk Drive SATAII 300MB/s <8.9ms 7200rpm - OEM Order Code: WD-1200JS ---------------------------------------------------------- Corsair HX-620w modular PSU ---------------------------------------------------------- Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS PSI Sound Card Or Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music Novatech Order Code: CRE-XFIX Dont know which is better. ---------------------------------------------------------- DangerDen TDX cpu waterblock + ---------------------------------------------------------- 2x DangerDen Tyee ATI X1900 waterblocks ---------------------------------------------------------- ThermalTake Armour Case Silver With 25cm Fan Side Panel Novatech Order Code: TT-ARMORS2
  19. Yer, i saw them but didnt get to see inside one. Very good. lol look, it even has its own wheels on it so that you can take it for walkys. lol woof woof.
  20. humm, cant say its that attractive though. What about the TT one that has a nice front on, i think it began with a K. The dude in one of the posts pointed it out.
  21. Ok, with the Antec 900, is this a case or PSU??? as on the antec site im having fun trying to find it, unless its under a diffrent name that is lol.
  22. Well i suppose you can buy the front, correct??
  23. Yep, im going to be a ternip and order some time next week this one: http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Chassis...r/va8003swa.asp If anyone wants to change my mind please do so now. It better be goodin. Also,,,,, where in the uk is it the cheapest to buy? http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpag...?tt-armors2&P=0 Is were i might get mine from but the sales rep i go though usely kills the price by about £20 - £30 depending on what i buy and how much they have and how much they sell etc... use junk.
  24. Well just going on what ding dong dozer here said... I think he basicly means that water cooling is sort of a bad idear. Personaly i feel that gell pipe cooling with fans are the way fw.
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