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  1. I can not wait till it comes out. Do you know if you can self boot USB flash disks from it? In complient with WinPE 2.0
  2. Very intestsing Praz. Do you have 48 test lab machines with all the latest and top end spec? Didnt think so. Yer we had Vista Ultermate since June (someware around that time. Everything does too fast in life for my liking.) direct from MS. Then we got the RC1 RC2 etc.... But I do have to say we only found this to be an issues with some of the moards we have not all. Some of the more moden boards (2007/Dec 06) we have are fine with this but with some of the 2006/5 board there a pain in the arse.
  3. ok, so this chipset is not as good as the 680i for over clocking but good, but DFI should over come this issues right? Also what is this link boost :S and you cant run 1200MHz SLI-Ready memory?(what ever....) (I think that there is something you can do which will alow you to lol, but untill someone playes about with it we wont know)
  4. ok, So correct me if i am wrong here, the 680 LT does not have link boost what ever that is (if some one can please explain what this is) and the 680i did have linkboost but in the latest bios release it has kinda disabled it? Also with the LT chip DFI basicly hacked it so that its got all the bells and wistalls working again correct??? Please feel free to explain this bit more to me as i have no knolege of 680i chipset lol.
  5. Anyways, back to the motherboard. What is the difference between the 680 LT and the 680i chipset???? I was reading up on a few forums that the LT was a budget version of the 680i?? Is this true? I cant comment on this as I don’t actually know myself.
  6. I am not even going to reply to your post. I was in the middle of wring a very long reply as to why I said that, but after 20 min of typing, i kicked it in as you would most likely just come back with some random stuff. If I was not informed by the engineers who told me this, I would of gone along with what you said as I used to do it this way anyways even with XP. Not every Realtek chip out there is actually supported by the default Realtek vista driver that they have on there site. Even though it would seem to work on some machines, it does not. It was even proved to me by engineers as i thort it were all ball crap at 1st which you will also think (I have nothing against you for this). One of the way to prove there point was this. (easyest to explain) First they downloaded the default HD drivers from Realtek's website (they did this on 4 machines, 2 AC'97 and 2 HD Audio, all 4 were Realtek chips.). Installed the machines with vista and ran our intensive audio testing. Everything failed. We didnt even get any sound out of the machines speakers (yes they do work). Now, we then downloaded the Realtek drivers from Intel’s website for these motherboards. It was the same version and everything. Installed a fresh copy of vista onto the machines again to make there point more solid, and then installed the drivers from the intels site for the same machine's and wala audio was loud and clear. Now you tell me this, why did the drivers from the Realteks site not work even though it was the same "version etc..." as the one on Intel’s site? But why did the Intel's Realtek driver work? Ill let you figure out the answer. Its not that hard to see after you have spent 1 week in the test lab figuring out why. lol Have fun.
  7. To CPDMF = You cant just do that for vista drivers. It is not like XP and I am not going to argue about it. To Praz = So, if the motherboard is on there web site, then this does not mean it has been released yet. Is that correct?
  8. Does any one know if the LANPARTY UT NF680i LT SLI-T2R is going to be vista ready? Does any one also know if its going to have Vista Drivers???? I know that there are no divers there at the moment as it has only just come out, but if anyone has any inside information they would'nt mind slipping out then please do so. I would like to know.
  9. Could some one email me the exact info as to how to oc this to 3GHz please, I tryed it today but it didnt like it.
  10. One more quick question to the memory here. Can this board use the OCZ 1GB DDR2 1000Mhz Gold XTC RAM? If so, are you able to use this to its max?
  11. Hia, does anyone have the new LANPARTY UT ICFX3200-T2R/G motherboard yet? Let me know what its like. I would like to get one instead of the infinity 945X/G Link: http://eu.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_sp...TYPE=MB&SITE=UK
  12. Re awakened, Basically just move everything across to that new mobo and you will be fine. Just leave it all at standard configuration for now on the new mobo.
  13. Ok, Doing some research on this existing mobo, this is the spec of what it can do. Link Here:- http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&l2=...787&modelmenu=1 And this is the link to the mobo you are getting: http://www.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_s...ID=4556&SITE=US 1st off. CPU. Yes you can use the original one you already have in your system. 2. Yes basically Put you’re PCI-Express X16 GFX card into the PCI-E x16 Slot next/ near your CPU/RAM. This is PCI-E Slot 1. The second one away from this is for your second card which you can use only for if you are going to run Crossfire which is fine as you already had a motherboard that used this before. 2. RAM. This is for your new mobo. Four 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMM sockets Supports dual channel (128-bit wide) memory interface Supports up to 4GB system memory Supports PC2100 (DDR266), PC2700 (DDR333) and PC3200 (DDR400) DDR SDRAM DIMM This is from your old. Memory 4 x DIMM, max. 4GB, DDR 400/333/266, ECC and non-ECC, un-buffered memory Dual Channel Memory Architecture yourn,..... zzzzzz O yes, sorry I just fell asleep, were was I now. O yes that was it. Yes, so basically you can just move across all of your old ram to the new system ONLY IF IT IS NOT ECC!!!!
  14. Thanks for that bit of info but I already have an exellent strong signal were I live and I can pick up every channel that i am supost to pick up. Even Freeview is awsome. I dont really care about the software, as long as it can run on XP Pro and can display a good pic via my expencive gfx cards then im fine by that. non of this signal lark affects me. HDTV ftw (not the signal, just the display. or even both.)
  15. sorry ignor that part "this is ati radon correct". Just that some sites use the wrong images etc... you know..
  16. Do you mean an Arial booster. If so then I already have one of these to boost the signal for our Free view box down stairs. 30+ free channels.
  17. ok, i think ill get the tv wonder 650. this is ati radon correct?? can it do free view??
  18. Yer, I saw that out and about. Is that basicly a PCI-E x1 slot then??>?>?
  19. Ok, with relation to this list of parts linked here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=68197 I am after a TV Tuner card for my PC. It has to be ether a PCI or PCI-E X4 slot. I would like to have free-view on it, I would like to have a remote control, also I would like it to be in HD and also anything else I/you can think of. Please advise me.
  20. OMG, sorry, i didnt see the other pages of the review. Yes I will get the X1950 Now that is proper crossfire.
  21. What about the XTX though?? ............................................| Core Speed | Memory Speed | Pixel Shader Processors | Vertex Shader Radeon X1950 XTX.......................650 MHz........1.55 GHz....................48.........................8 Radeon X1950 CrossFire Edition......625 MHz.........1.45 GHz....................48.........................8 Radeon X1950 PRO.......................575 MHz........1.38 GHz....................36.........................8 On the spec sheet it looks to be the top of the lot??? Why the pro??? Is there somthing on there that i should know of??? Please expalin. Also if im just going to put on one PCI-E card. (with xfire it will run at x8 but as its on its own it will run at x16) i might as well get the ATI wonder TV tuner card. It seems to be one of the best. Please Advise me.
  22. So, basicly, correct me if i am wrong here. The X1950 Pro pumps out the same gfx if not better, then the crossfire and SLI??? And its always the best gfx at all times (Like SLI) unlike crossfire that only works grate on games and apps that are programed to handle it. Please explain your actions if i am wrong.
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