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  1. Sorry, I forgot to mention I am using the latest Catalyst 6.7 drivers. Same problems occur with 6.6 also. It's not the cable either, as I've fiddled with it many times and it is secured as possible.
  2. I've been having some really annoying problems with my system, likely stemming from the RDX200 itself. First, I have this corrupt frame issue with CrossFire, where I will see a brief 1-frame long corrupt or out-of-place frame appear at random intervals during gameplay. I do not have either video card OC'd, and they are both cooled with VF-900s. My OCZ 700w PSU is the highest rated PSU on these forums. My case also has plenty of cooling: 250mm + 2 120's intake; 120mm + 2 92's exhaust. The corrupt frames usually appear after a 10 or more minutes of gameplay, and then they start occuring more regularly, though never very often, like once every few minutes. Second, and possibly related to the corrupt frames, is my northbridge temps. I installed the Evercool VC-RE (yes, I watched the tutorial) which at first appeared to lower the chipset temps when priming by 4C or so. My idle temps are 52C right now, according to SmartGuardian. But I alt-tabbed out of FEAR when witnessing corrupt frames and noticed that the chipset was getting above 80C with CrossFire enabled. Is this a problem and could it be related to the corrupt frames? Lastly, I have had the screen die twice randomly while browsing the internet. It just went black and monitor couldn't find input. It immediately came back on after restart however. This has only occurred since getting the new OCZ PSU a few days ago. Has anybody else had this problem? A few final notes: My OC is prime stable for 10 hours @ only 1.425vcore, stock NB voltages, and 1.3 LDT voltage, and I do test both cores at once. I've tried lowering clocks further but no improvement. Thanks for any help! -oNEMOg
  3. Hello, I've been having some strange problems with this board in terms of how it detects certain drives. I have 2 optical and 2 HDD on the PATA channels and 2 more HDD's on the SATA 1/2 channel, NOT in any RAID mode. For the first week of having this board, everything seemed fine. The system would boot quickly and see all drives without a hitch. Recently, however, it seems to have trouble detecting both SATA drives. It always manages to see my boot SATA drive (fortunately), but it is rarely detecting the secondary one now. Not only that, but sometimes it seems to hang on the initial screen while detecting the drives, only to continue booting 3-4 minutes later (no exaggeration, it's really slow!) I've also had occasional hangups on the screen immediately following the first BIOS info screen (where it is looking for boot CD's, right before the Win XP screen) but that is a rarer occurence. Overall, it's the inconsistency of the bootup process of this board that is really confusing and annoying me. Any ideas of what I can do? I have the latest BIOS, and like I said I'm not running any RAID, just 2 separate SATA drives. Thanks in advance for any response! oNEMOg
  4. I found out that CPU-Z doesn't recognize this board, so some of the info like the vcore is incorrect. Does anybody know of another good tweaker or information program that works well with this board? I'd like to know my vcore, fan speeds, timings, and frequencies in windows, since the BIOS doesn't give all of these things, at least not very clearly. Thanks in advance for any help! oNEMOg
  5. Hey sorry I didn't reply sooner, but this worked! Thanks a ton man! I don't even know what the LDT bus is, but I guess it has something to do with the PCI-E bus or HyperTransport? It's weird that it wouldn't be set to working levels by default on a board of this caliber. Thanks again!
  6. Hey Shockz, I have the EXACT same problems as you're having...and I mean EXACT. As you can see from my sig, we have considerably different setups. I posted a thread of my own before I noticed how similar yours was. If I find a solution I'll tell you. oNEMOg
  7. I've only had the system up and running for 2 days now, so that's how long it's been happening. It's been like this since the first run...no change really. :confused:
  8. Hello, I got a new RDX200 and X1900XT last together last week. I installed them immediately...had to get a new PSU to get it to work. Finally, it booted into windows without a hitch and all the drivers went in without a hitch. Everything was looking great until I tried 3dmark05, 06, and the Toy Shop ATi demo. These programs would run up to a minute before crashing horribly...the screen would first freeze and then go black, with the sound looping for a few moments before the blackness. After this the computer would not respond and would have to be rebooted. I even reformatted this afternoon, reinstalled XP SP2 and the devices (using the drivers included with the X1900 and the RDX200), and it crashed again in the same manner. Updating the BIOS to 12/23/2005 version did nothing either. Considering the quality of all of my components, and the fact that everything is running at stock, I am quite surprised by this, and I am currently at a loss. :confused: I am new to DFI boards and their incredible array of tweaks so I was wondering if any of you guys have any suggestions. Like it says in my sig, I'm running the OCZ RAM in only 2-dimm slots (yes, slots 2 and 4, not 1 and 3). Timings are stock @ 3-3-2-7 1T w/ stock 2.8v. Windows seems to be running fine except for 3-D apps. I even ran memtest for 30min on test 5 and ATI Tool artifact scanner for nearly an hour...everything seems fine. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! oNEMOg
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