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  1. I doubt that this helps, but I found it necessary to mention that I have installed an eVGA 7800 GTX into my eXpert with no problem what-so-ever. DID you remember to plug the extra power cord into the video card itself? I overlooked this step the second time I rebuilt my system, and was quite embarassed to come to that realization.
  2. I also haven't input Angry's or RGone's BIOS settings. I wanted to try it on the stock optimized level first.
  3. I would really appreciate a sincere response on this. Like I said, I have never built a system before, so the learning process may not be as quick for me as it is for others...
  4. CRAP!! My heart just sank sitting on my other computer when I heard my system shut off in the other room! The system crashed after running Prime95 for only a little over an hour! How do I diagnose what is wrong? Is there any program that does live crash analysis? I know people that built a system on a DFI board and went on about their business. Maybe I should have done the same and not been so thorough. I doubt that I will ever get the usage at 100%, but Prime crashing before it had even run for 2 hours is unsettling. What is the next step? Should I update my BIOS? Should I update my drivers? (Didn't do yet because I'm not at my house with access to cable modem). OR, do I ingore this.....which would be hard anyway....
  5. OK, this one is probably a real worry. I am running Prime95 right now on both cores (two versions). My temp probe that I fixed to the very bottom-most portion of the heatsink is reading 48 degress right now. When in BIOS, I had noticed many times before that the probe and the BIOS varied by 2 degress usually. The BIOS says 2 degress higher than the probe. Do I need to worry or is this just the AS5 burning-in that I heard about? Please let me know if I need to reseat the heatsink or anything like that before enough time has passed to fry my system!! I haven't installed any software monitoring programs yet. I wanted to start off with a clean system running Prime95 and then use this as a building block to push ahead.
  6. That beast is real close to killing SATA 3&4 - real close, but I tried them both out just to make sure...
  7. I just wanted to take this opportunirt to thank all of you that have been helping me (and everyone). I sorted out all my speedbumps up to this point and am running Prime95 on both cores as we speak. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I was afraid that I had made a huge mistake as a first time builder by choosing a DFI. Really, I thought that I was a glutton for punishment. To be honest, the DFI's are very picky. If you make the big decision to go with a DFI, which I made initially because they have the lowest return rate in the industry, then be prepared to plan everything else around this diva board. It only likes very particular equipment to touch it. These boards are divas in all sense of the word. Speaking of the low return rate, I just realized what must be the larget contributing factor to this awesome achievement -- this forum. If someone buys a DFI board then they might as well have a whole community of computer intelligents just sitting in their living room, eager to assist with any and all problems. You guys are sincerely respectful. It is one thing to be experienced and intelligent AND ANOTHER to be experience/intelligent and willing to help get people on the road to becoming a peer. MUCH RESPECT!! I am confident with my DFI board now and happy to have made this selection. I know that if I even have the smallest problem or question than you guys are ready to aid. THANK ALL OF YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!!
  8. Well, it covers about 2 cms of the fan blades from the top. I don't think it's enough to drastically effect the airflow. I do worry too much and it doesn't worry me, so consider that...
  9. Hmmm, just noticed something. My BIOS says that my 12v rail is at 12.35v. Should I adjust that? It it worth worrying about?
  10. All right, I admit that I should've read more closely. There is a lot to read and get straight when you are building a system for the first time, especially if it's on a DFI board. I know that I read that post more than once, but I guess it didn't sink in. Hmm, I just read over most of it again. I don't see where it says not to load nVidia Firewall or nForce manager. As a matter of fact, Angry specifically lists nForce as something you should download and puts a link to it. Maybe I'm slow, but are you suggesting to install nForce, just not off of the DFI disk? Maybe I didn't read far enough?...
  11. I'm afraid of trying the reset button on the case again. For now, I unplugged it from the board. Could I cause damage to the board if I try this again and it gets stuck in constant reset again?
  12. I can't believe this! For those that missed it, my windos froze in initial build, so I hit the reset button on the LeXa case. After that, the board would no post anything and all four LEDs were lit. Well, I decided the bets thing to do was to start all over. With just my RAM and video card, I began plugging everything in one at a time. After each peripheral plugged in, I would restart the board until the system reached the BIOS and then went on. GUESS WHAT TH CULPRIS WAS???... It was the freakin' reset switch on the case! Apparently, when I pushed reset, the button got stuck and stayed that way. Therefore, the system could not boot itself because it was in constant reset! I can't believe that such a small, simple thing made me so frustrated and worried all night! ON TO THE QUESTIONS: When would you use the safe boot jumper on the board near the on/off&reset buttons? What exactly does it do? Right after the splash screen, on the post screen, it says that the board is in safe mode (jumper not set to safe, though) and that I should try resetting my CPU voltage. I haven't re-installed windows yet, but is this going to be a problem? Did having my system in a constant state of reset damage anything? THANK ALL OF YOU! Who could have guessed such a small and silly thing?
  13. Oh, I forgot to mention something. I don't think that my motherboard speaker works. I have never heard anything out of it, which was particularly furstrating when I was having that problem. Yes, I checked the jumper, it is set correctly. Does enabling Karajan disable the board speaker? Or do you think that I just got a busted speaker?
  14. All right, I keep getting a different answer on this one... Should I really install the drivers from the DFI disk? In the SLi-D guide, it said to install all of them besides the IDE, nVidia Firewall, & nForce manager. Is this still the case or did they fix the bugs in those by now? How about DirectX 9? Please let me know what is and what is not helpful/necessary on that disk. I ask because some at the AMD forim actually told me to throw the disk away! THANKS!
  15. I just wanted to let everyone know that helped me yesterday, it worked. I REALLY appreciate it. Just to make sure, I left the board on CMOS clear jumer overnight. When I hooked everything back up and booted it, I was able to make it to the BIOS. QUESTION: Once I plug all the peripherals back in, should I do a new install of windows? History of problem is here is you missed it - http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=42313. I guess I will go ahead and do a fresh install, just to feel safe. Thank you so much everyone! Lowboy, I really appreciate your help. That link you sent me on how to clear the CMOS was a real help.
  16. OK, well, I realize that the RAM LED doesn't light up until you actually turn the system on, so that is not the problem. I went through these steps (http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24) to clear the BIOS, but I had the same problem in the end. Maybe, I didn't let it clear for long enough. I'm just going to let it set on Clear CMOS jumper 1&2 for longer (the battery is also out.) Hope this at least lets me into the BIOS. If I get there, I fell confident that I can set everything straight. thanks...
  17. Ok, I cleared the CMOS and turned the power back on to the PSU. However, one thing that I did notice was that the LED near the RAM is not on. I can't remember if it was before or not? Do I need to sort this out before I even try to turn it on again? Thanks for the quickly reply guys.
  18. I can't believe this. I think I may have made a huge mistake. Everything was going fine. I had my system all set-up real nice. Things were going effortlessly, so surely something bad had to happen. It did. Windows XP Pro SP2 loaded smoothly. Next, I put the DFI driver CD in and in auto-ran. I installed everything that it asked, excpet for the IDE drivers, Nvidia Firewall, and Nforce Network Acess Manager, just as I had been told by numerous people. As I was doing this, Windows alerted me that important system files were being replaced by unknown files and asked if this was OK. I said this was fine and the system rebooted. When it was rebooting it froze. I stepped away from the computer for 20 mins and came back and it was still frozen. Here is where I made the mistake. Like an idiot, not thinking, I pushed the reset button on the case. IDIOT! After it restarted nothing showed up on the screen and all four of the warning LEDs stayed lit on the motherboard. Trying something new, I turned the computer off again. While it was off, I switched the safe boot jumper over to 2&3 and tried restarting it again. Unfortunately, the same thing happened - nothing on the monitor and all four LEDs on motherboard lit. What can I do now? Have I ruined the motherboard? I know that I made an idiot mistake, but please tell me that there is something that I can do to fix the situation!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Everyone's kind assistance had to me the right point, it was just my inexperience that screwed things up.
  19. Many people have suggested that you plug the CPU fan and mobo fan directly into the PSU so that the fans run constantly and aren't trusting the inaccurate temp readings of the eXpert. How would you plug these fans into the PSU?
  20. OK, here's my problem. I was supposed to get my case and Arctic Silver todau. Unfortunately, the dang UPS slacked off on me. I would really like to test my board and CPU. What are the dangers of going ahead and installing the CPU and heatsink with the thermal grease that is already on it to check it and then taking it off later to put the AS on? Is there any high risk to the CPU if you take the heatsink and thermal grease off of it later? You guys rock! It's like having a whole community of experienced people in your living room.
  21. Thank you so much! I guess no one made a build checklist or pictures of an eXpert build. Everyone I saw was either for the SLi-D or DR and was stressing MAKE SURE YOU PLUG IN ALL 4 CONNECTORS. I knew the eXpert would be different, but I didn't read that there were only 3 anywhere.
  22. Uhm, by any chance did they not put a 4-pin molex connector beside the onboard fan plug on the eXpert? Please tell me that they just changed the layout of this board and not that mine is just missing it! There is definitely NO molex on my board anywhere. Where the molex connector is on the other ones, there's just a blank smooth place on the board. It doesn't even look like there ever was a connector there - certainly not that one ever "broke" off. Great...I sit down to start my build, plug three connectors in, and realize that I can't find the fourth. I can't find a good picture of an eXpert on the web anywhere to compare! I NEED TO KNOW SOMETHING!
  23. What is the best way of fixing the probe to the hard drive and the CPU? I could not find double-sided thermal tape ANYWHERE today! I seriously went everywhere! I suppose eletrical tape is the next best thing? I thought electrical tape got all gooey when it getsa warm? THANKS...
  24. Hey, I would like a general consensus on this one. My research puts this answer all over the map. Where is the best/most accurate place to install a temperature probe for the CPU? How about on a hard drive? THANKS!!! My build starts today, so I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row.
  25. Thanks!! Anymore? Now, am I correct in assuming to not flash/update the BIOS unless the one it came with is having a problem? I won't have to worry about over-volting my CPU at this point, will I? Or should I just go ahead and update to at least where they fixed the over-volting issue?
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