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  1. Like I said, it doesn't post in Windows at all, which would include Device Manager and Disk Management, correct?


    SYAR2203: Sounds like a winner to me. Do you happen to remember off-hand the exact option that I should be looking for in BIOS to set the Sil as SATA? Where do I find the Sil drivers? Are they on the DFI disk and I just didn't notice? Or do I need to find them elsewhere?


    Is it normal for WindowsBIOS to not recognize anything plugged into the Sil (thats ports 5-8, right?)? Or do I just have it disasbled, possibly, or just haven't loaded the correct drivers.



    Thanks, everyone, for giving it a whirl...

  2. -Mobo: eXpert (original BIOS)

    -CPU: AMD 64 Athlon X2 4400 (sorry, no at home)

    -Memory: G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR 500 (PC 4000)

    -Bios rev: stock BIOS

    -Timings/Voltage: (sorry not at home, but mostly stock)


    Err, sorry, not much info for you there. I am running at stock for most everything with no tweaks or updates (to hardware), but this definitely says something about the situation. My eXpert seems to love my dual-core and my G.Skill dual channel memory, without any teaking what-so-ever.

  3. Here's my problem: I have a Hitachi-LG SATA DVD-ROM that I can't get to post in Windows. I have tried plugging it into SATA 1-4 with no difference. I haven't tried 5-8 at all because I couldn't even get them to post a hard drive in Windows before. The DVD-ROM is a SATAI connection (1.5 mb/s). It posts in BIOS fine, I just can't seem to get the eXpert to post it in Windows.


    Does anyone know how to get all SATA drives native IDE with this mobo? I can't seem to locate that function in the BIOS at all. Apparently, it is necessary to make Windows/mobo think the SATA DVD-ROM is IDE in order for it to post.


    Has anyone else has trouble getting things to work through SATA 5-8?


    Any suggestions or comments would be highly appreciated!



  4. I had already tried changing the boot order as many ways as possible, but it did not help the situation. However, it might be notable to recognize that the UATA(C:) is usually second in the order after the SATA II(D:), but when I make one of the SATA I's boot second, then its says something to the effect of the NTLDR missing, if I remember the exact word. Either way, changing the boot order in this way does change what type of boot error message is shown.


    Any other ideas? I am going to try to use the Windows CD to boot and then repair it when I get some extra time tomorrow.


    THanks again!

  5. All right, here's the situation. The WD Sata in my sig was on clearance at Best Buy for under a bill, so I could not resist. This is my second one, the other has been installed and working fine for a while.


    I just can't seem to get Windows to boot with the third SATA connected (second WD SATA I). The Seagate UATA is connected onto the second IDE channel, also in CMOS. The Seagate SATA II is my primary boot drive, which I set up Windows on as the sole drive, then added the UATA, then the first WD SATA I, now I'm trying the second. NOW, although I set up the Seagate SATA II as the primary and installed Windows onto it when it was the only drive in the system, I think that something changed when I installed the UATA. The UATA became my C: drive, which I have heard happens because Windows refuses to make a SATA drive C:. I had reformatted the UATA before I installed it in my system, but Windows still managed to throw some system booting files onto it afterwards.


    When I tried to install the new WD SATA I, I went into the CMOS and enabled SATA 3&4 and plugged it into 3. When I turn on the computer, it get's past CMOS and recognizes everything correctly, but it says on the screen that something is wrong with the boot drive or that there is no boot info. If I unplug the WD SATA I cable to the mobo, all is well again. I am just not smart enough - where is the confliction? I REALLY don't want to have to re-install windows if at all possible!


    I tried to explain everything that happened as best as possible, but I just don't know where to go next? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

  6. I haven't tried a fresh instal, but that might be coming soon.


    What I did just try was to disable the Marvell in the BIOS and then try the Vitesse by itself and vice-versa. Still, neither worked. I also tried updating the nForce drivers from the Nvidia website, but that also did not work.


    Like I said, one of them shows that it is recieving and the other sending. I just googled this problem and there were many people out there with the same exact problem. Well, there were at least ten that I found. Unfortunately, none of them wrote back on the forum that they had posted the problem on what their actual solution was, if they found one.


    I think that I will try a new install of Windows and a new install of all the drivers and see how that goes.



    On a strange note, I think my Windows just realized that it was Professional Corporate. Up to this point, it was the regular sign-on screen at the beginning of windows with the little picture icons beside each user and also the regular shut down menu with Standby, Turnoff, & Restart buttons. Now, the sign-on screen is just a log-in box that says Windows Professional and you have to type in the user's name and the shut down menu has a list of drop-down options. Also, now, when you press CTL+ALT+DEL, it asks you what you want to do instead of just pulling up the Task Manager.


    Is anyone familiar with the different versions of Windows enough to explain why my Windows just realized that it was Professional. I didn't do anything different. Maybe it was just having an identity crisis?



    SORRY, I got off my original problem, but that Windows thing was a little odd. This makes me even more decided to do a fresh install...



  7. I just took apart my Sony Vaio Pentium 4 2.8ghz apart for the first time. I've only had it for close to two months (payment for labor). It just really made me angry to realize that this system with sub-par parts is running the chipset LAN fine. My eXpert system is so much better than this and I can't seem to get it working...


    I know that it is my own lack of knowledge that is holding my new system back, but I just wish that everything would work right out of the box. I know that is a lot to ask...


    When does RAM'ing the board become an option? Is there a chance that I just got bum LANs? I mean, as I said, it was working. When I first got it, it wouldn't work. Then, it did for a day, just to tease me. I love my eXpert. I may just get fed up enough to go buy a Gigabit PCI.




    SO, anyway...should I just go ahead and update my BIOS. It's not going to hurt or help this current situation, probably, but is it suggested?

  8. On the Marvell I tried the yk50_86_83523 & yk51_86_83523 Generic Marvell Yukon Chipset based Gigabit Ethernet Controller drivers that I download from the Marvell website. The ones that were already in there were yk50_86_72943 & yk51_86_72943 listed under C:Program FilesMarvellMiniport Adapter. When I had it working for a day, it was on the default drivers. After it stopped working, I tried the newer versions, neither which made any difference. I even tried uninstalling the drivers themselves, rebooting the computer, and letting the system decide which ones to choose.


    The Marvell, at this point, seems to be only recieving packets in the status property. On the other hand, the Vitesse only sends packets. Strange? I ahven't tried any new drivers for the Vitesse because I'm not sure which drivers to use and I have heard that the nVidia nForce drivers are nothing but problems for the rest of the system too.


    By the way, when I uninstalled the drivers, when the computer rebooted and recognized the LANs itself, they were named in consecutive numbers, so it had to be keeping track somewhere. I now have network connections 6 & 7. Out of curiousity, would it do me any good to find the source of where it is keeping track of them to know that I have unistalled them that number of times and take care of that?


    I'm at the full extent of my knowledge at this point, which I am not ashamed to say. Everything from here on out, and much getting to this point, will be a learning experience.


    So, do you suggest that I just try some other drivers for the Vitesse? Many people on this forum have said that there Marvell LAN is the one that they use and certainly the more relaible of the two. Would it be best just to concentrate on ONE and just get that working before, or if, I consider fixing the next?


    Thank you for your reply, Angry. Let me know if there is something else you need to know or something that I do not know well enough to include.

  9. All right, so neither of my LANs are working. I didn't install nForce or the Firewall. I haven't updated anything on the computer besides the video card. Like I said before, Windows did automatic updates on their own, so I imagine that the Vitesse worked to some extent. I heard on here that the Marvell is more realiable. Early yesterday, I crossed my fingers and triend it again. To my amazement, it worked! As a matter of fact, it was awesome! I got it to download at over 800 kB/sec! You can't imagine how happy this made me...


    Well, I left it running overnight and when I came to the computer the next morning, it wasn't working any more.


    I know that other people have had problems with their LANs on this board. How did you solve it? At this point, I would be willing to try anything, even if it didn't directly apply to my certain problem.


    This is the only thing left that I am having problems with on my eXpert. As soon as I can get this fixed, I will be elated!!

  10. I didn't install nVidia Firewall or any of the nForce stuff. I am currently trying to use the Marvell LAN because I heard that people were having better success with it. However, the Vitesse does not work either. It would be REALLY nice if I could get both of them working so that I could run a line to this computer with the cable modem running into the one that I am trying to work on.


    I did, finally, find the marvell driver. I haven't installed it yet, though. I will probably try that later tonight.


    Like I said, though, I recieved Windows Updates, so it has to be working to some extent, right? On the Vitesse I can see a good amount of packets moving back-and-forth, but still cant get connectivity. On the Marvell, there is such a low amount moving that it says there is insufficient connectivity (or something to that effect.)



    Thanks for the help, again. I'm trying to remember/make it clear what I have and have not done...

  11. I am running an eVGA 7800 GTX one two monitors. Right now, a line moves up both screens at about the same rate. It looks kinda like a monitor that you catch on TV. You know how if you see a computer monitor running on the news or something, you can see those lines running? Well, this is like that, except it's just one for each monitor. The next line doesn't start until the other has gone all the way to the top.


    I went to the nVidia website to download the new drivers, but for some reason, my computer says that the actual download site is not responding.





  12. How do you reset the modem? By the way, I can hook the cable modem right up to this computer and it goes fine. When I plug it into the DFI, same problem as stated above. I went to the Marvell website to see if I could download the new drivers, but I couldn't tell which one it was. I just put the Marvell product number in but non of the choices seemed right.


    What's the next step? I would really like to get this thing working, because then the system will be optimal!

  13. Everything was running smoothly until I tried to get online. First, I tried the Vitesse connection at the top. I put in my Comcast cable modem wizard CD and off I went. During this time, Windows said that there were some updates to be installed, which I thought was a good sign. I thought that since my comp was communicating with Micros**t and downloading updates, then my LAN would be fine. Wrong.


    When I am in the Comcast Cable Modem wizard, it has a screen that automatically checks for a Network Adapter and Connectivity. Marvell shows up in the Adapter blank, but then there is no connectivity. Vitesse shows up in neither. Although, they both have packets moving on the My Network Connections tab, Marvell has such a small amount that the system prompts me that it is an insufficient connection or something to that extent. Vitesse has a lot of packets moving but I still can't seem to connect to anything.


    I downloaded the network drivers off of the DFI disk for both of these, I believe. I even tried some of the nForce drivers after nothing else had worked.


    I hear that many people are having trouble with the LANs on these boards, though I think most are fairly simple/easy to fix. What should I do next? What is the next step?

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