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  1. LOL about the classy lady slap..... Yeah, saw the Hiper for $59 quid....then the OCZ for $89 quid and thought that the Hiper might possibly be a lessor quality unit, again I didn't research the Hiper so it may be just as good and perfectly suitable for your rig. If it is the PSU that's the culprit here, based on what you are describing, and crashing out of the blue, yeah a bad PSU will act that way, and another 500 similiar way's. It is the 24pin unit you got right? That's a must have. Any way you got a buddy with a kick-butt proper 24pin PSU you could swap with for a couple weeks? It would suck royal to dish out a bill on something that isn't the problem. That money pissed would be close to a new board......which could be the problem....agghhhhh....feel your pain!
  2. Bummer about you having such a tough time dude. I know others have mentioned your PSU, one guy pissed you off, LOL. Is there any way you can rule out the PSU? Sounds like you have done everything else....I don't know squat about "hiper " psu's but did see that they are much cheaper in the UK than say an OCZ 520. Are you getting plenty of stable 12v juice? If there is no way to find out....dump the board and get something else.
  3. You "winged" it with the power supply so me thinks you should "wing" it with the components that "might" have been damaged. I'd do a good "disk kill" on the HD though. I feel for you.....I had an 8 month old Antec 550 trur-power 20 pin that I wanted to use...almost did but Angry made it clear that there would be no support if you sing the 'PSU" blues song. Glad your back up and running buudy......
  4. Some people like to push buttons....some people like a good argument....sounds like a bit of both.....hhhmmmmmm
  5. Hey ironetik....my gskills plugged and played at rated speeds with NO tweaking....I thank DFI for this....maybe you should look at your PSU as a possible issue........be patient dude.....the speed will come.
  6. Take a trip to your buddies house who loaned you the 3700+, you might have gotten "lucky" and only cooked your socket.
  7. How many people really keep a cpu or any PC component for more than a few years? I would crank up the volts a smidge, as long as your temps are lowI don't think your gonna shorten the lifespan by much at all. I'm not talking about goint to 1.7 on your cpu vid but bumping it up to 1.45 1.5 shouldn't cause too much concern. Live a little.....have some fun.....live on the edge a bit...LOL ....just keep those temps down.
  8. Hey Delta, with your prime interest being gaming you should consider a 2 gig ram kit, made a HUGE differance for me while playing F.E.A.R and COD2, I don't have BF2 but my inderstanding is you really NEED two Gigs. Those Corsairs are actually nice sticks but for some reason people report a lot of "issues" with them on DFI boards. The 2 gig OCZ'z are great as well as the Gskillz...gskillz can be had for about $175.00 after rebate right now....they also OC VERY well. Just my 2 cents....good luck.
  9. Yeah, already use coolbits, those settings were from the auto detect feature. Any artifacting at your settings loony? That 5161255 is smokin!
  10. benchie follow up... 3dmark5 was at 7795 before.....now sitting pretty at 8186.....wow, amazing what a single volt can do!
  11. Redbeaver!!!!!! You rule dude!!!!! Man, this is awesome.....followed your instructions to the letter.....go figure, "actually flashing" the card does make a differance....LOL I'm now sitting at.....drum roll please..... 504/1.17. Havem't re-run my benchies but i'm sure there will be an improvement.... Owe it all to you buddy! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Redbeaver...can't thank you enough....it's OK to LOL at this...I don't take that personal, huge and steep learning curve going on in my house right now! Hell, this IS how you learn. This is such a wicked cool forum....I'll do it "right" this weekend and post back....HOPEFULLY with some good news. Thanks for the "see spot run" help...I appreciate it big time!!! Enjoy your weekend!
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