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  1. Doh.. I need to stop drinking so much when messing with numbers
  2. Thanks.. I'd forgotten about TMod's bootable cd... I've slipstreamed service pack 2 but never raid drivers.. never had the need so never researched it but I will when/if i get the cash for raid. Thanks, Eric
  3. Never thought of that ... good idea. I don't think I've actually ever used it ..... I put it in incase I had to flash the bios but never have... and raid drivers when I get the cash for that. Thanks, Eric
  4. I have a fan controller that I need to mount and wire. I think im gonna get some zip-tie's with a sticky pad attached to them so hide some of those or at least keep em from hanging everywhere. I could get some longer IDE and Floppy cables to help route them elsewhere? Everything's just kinda crammed in there..hehe. Thanks, Eric
  5. Somehow I knew I'd get dogged about those cables... When I first got that case I thought man this big.... not anymore hehe Thanks, Eric
  6. Well .. I mounted that other case fan and got about a degree or so drop.... I've got pics but where is a good place to upload them to ... do some of you use image shack or something? Thanks, Eric
  7. I ordered Freezer 64 pro and Evercool coolers quite a few months back when they were on sale at SVC. Due to time and being hesitant to tear up my pc ( I've put pc's together just never taken them back apart aside from memory ), I finally got around to installing them both. It went great due to Happy's video and dropped my cpu's temp ( i know that these aren't correct but I've been watching them for a while and they are a good base to start from) was 38 dual prime and now 34-35 , the chipset was 44 and now 37. I had to drop a case fan because the Freezer was so big.. I will be relocating it but I don't expect to much more of a drop... We'll see. Thanks, Eric
  8. Nspire 550 .. I know it's not on the approved list. ( Forgive me I bought components before finding the street) However I had a crappy Ultra psu before this one and it gave me nothing but problems..after getting this one and having it for close to 8 months I've had no problems passing 24 hrs. of dual prime, the 3dMark tests, and other stress tests. Thanks, Eric
  9. Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it. The next game I'm gonna get will be the new ghost recon. I played it on a buddies xbox 360 and was hoping my rig would look better than that or at least as good. So I'll be waiting it out and put my cash up until then. I'll do a search for that quick volt mod.. the only thing I have played with was coolbits and it had an automatic o/cing feature that bumped it up a little. Again thanks.
  10. I've got a 17" lcd monitor (can't remember the brand ... it's from wal-mart though) and was wondering if I should get another 7800gt for upcoming games or see what dx10 and vista have in store? Currently I'm happy with my setup fear and bf2 are smooth and i'm running most settings on high but turn off anti-aliasing to smooth out gameplay (im fairly new to computer gaming ... ( last games were like kings quest games when i was a kid) and very new to messing with the video settings. So would the rig I've got be ok for a while or should i go sli for future proof or wait it out. Thanks and sorry for the long post.
  11. If you don't want to reinstall windows you could try this Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 it has a free trial download. I've used the Acronis True Image program and I am very pleased with it. edit: I would make sure to backup everything just in case. Better safe than sorry.
  12. Just placed an order for one and the chipset cooler too. Thanks for hooking us up angry.
  13. I and others have had good luck out of these g.skills especially for the price but some of the newer ones are supposedly not great oc'ers. I've not over clocked mine any. I would suggest searching for something in your price range preforably a 2x1GB kit and then search for it in the oc'er database or stock speed database threads to see other's responses.
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