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  1. Well I reconnected all my wires placed the PSU back in the case. Made sure everything was good and while the ATX was out i placed the paperclip in the wireleads, and plugged it into the mobo while the psu was on and it works. So now to turn on and off my computer I have the flip the psu on/off switch in the back
  2. yeah I got it and the psu worked fine... so I hooked everything back up and wasnt working, so I connected the paper clip back in, and it worked, and my computer started up saying something about the cmos neededing to be restored back to default settings, the cpu freq was set to high. SO I loaded default settings, and im afraid to take out the paperclip lol.. since its working fine now THanks sooo much guys!!!!
  3. alright thanks a lot guys, im about to jump the black and green wire leads, so do I connect the paper clip to the black and green, or separate paperclips per lead?
  4. So my computer was running fine, then I turned it off to go to work. Came back and nothing. I hit the power switch nothing, tried the onboard switch didnt work. Reset my cmos and everything, still didnt work. I dont know wht would randomly cause this, it worked flawlssly before and now there's like no power. But the amber light on my mobo is lit up Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. Alright thanks, I think it's working now. The 500GB hdd is now showing up, and I can save on it. Thanks, Mako3
  6. So I reflashed the bios, and I formatted the 500GB hdd without the Raptor connected since I already have Windows installed on the raptor. Then after it was formatted I shut it down so it wouldn't install windows. I then reconnected the raptor and tried running it, right after the windows screen went away it came up with "Setup is being restarted." And tried installing windows on the 500GB. How can I set this up, where Windows is on the raptor (primary/master) and I have the 500GB just as a slave. Thanks, Mako3
  7. Alright disk management doesn't show the drive. So I'm going to update the bios and give it another shot. What do you guys recommend if it doesn't show up?
  8. Alright thanks, Which controller do you suggest, and how should I do it? -Mako3
  9. Alright so I built this computer for my neighbors, I mentioned it here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...highlight=Mako3 When I installed windows I only had the raptor connected and installed windows on only the raptor. Then after windows was installed, I connected the 500GB Caviar. The caviar shows up in the bios (bios has been freezing up when I view the top left selection). But the caviart won't show in my computer. Anyone know the problem? Thanks, Mako3
  10. Great I already ordered it because it took so long for a reply. It seems like the MP830 is great for the price. The ink is cheap enough, I'm sure third party ink isn't needed.
  11. Hello, so I'm getting this printer CANON MP830 and since I'm buying a linksys wrt54g router and pci adapter, I was wanting wireless for the printer too! So would this adapter work for the printer, that way I can print from the upstairs computer straight to the printer: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16833338017 or this (range is the only difference that I can see) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16833338016 Thanks, Mako3
  12. Alright thanks guys for your opinions, I just wanted to hear your thoughts of the build. As for: This was just for opinions, I know what all of the products are capable of so I didn't need to do any searching. And for the printers I already did my researching and went further asking which of the follow (i named above) are pretty good. So far it looks like I'll tell them to get the Canon MP830. Thanks, Mako3
  13. Yeah I have 2x PS3s, I got them mainly to sell. But now can't really sell them because the market is flooded, so if any of you are interest hit me up. But the Xbox 360 seems to be a way better console for gameplay, especially when Halo 3 comes out, so I would get that. As far as the Wii goes, my friend has that. I personally hate it, way too babyish. Can't stand any of those games, Zelda and Wii sports blow. COF3 is alright, but I like it way better on the x360. Especially since you can play it over xbox live. -Mako3
  14. Thanks Calvintang, but they ordered everything already and it will arrive on Thursday.
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