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  1. What flavor Linux are you running? Like momoceio said, you can probably be walked through enabling the VNC and connecting easily.
  2. I've gotten similar temps...up to 75ish degrees on my pwm with a TT Big Typhoon. When I had a Zalman 7000, those temps rarely rose above 50-55. It seems that Zalman blows air down through the heatsink and does a decent job of moving air away from the PWM, whereas the BT does a much better job of cooling the CPU, but doesn't touch the air around the PWM at all. Thanks to the size of the BT, there's a nice little notch where a fan fits between the BT and the side of the optical drive bay in my case. I can't seem to find any spot where I can mount a fan that does much at all, but a 90mm fan blowing right on the PWM dropps the temps from 75 to low 40s. The problem is definetly dead air, not an overworked/volted PWM. I'm hoping to figure out a more elegant solution...but if it makes you feel better, I never had any problems with my PWM running that hot. I'd heard it was rated up to 100 C, but I'd rather it stays below 60.
  3. The one I received seemed to have brackets/screws for both intel and AMD, got the one from newegg and I only see one there.
  4. First off, great choice...I aquired a 165 through the boards recently, and had some problems with a zalman 7700....then upgraded to the Big Typhoon and am now hitting 3.0GHz dual prime stable with it. I'd highly recommend the Big Typhoon, though don't have experience with the other coolers. The thing is large, but the 120mm fan is very, very quiet...and it's a bit cheaper on newegg than the others too, while offering the same or greater performance=) At 1.53v, I don't see it go above 46C. Good luck and I know you'll have some fun, whatever you choose.
  5. Interested in ram...whats speeds you get it to, voltages, etc.....PMd about it but figure might as well put it out for all, too=)
  6. Howdy- Just got the opty in my sig I'm quite pleased, but am having a few interesting problems...normally I'd just fiddle with memory settings in bios, but I'm not sure what's going on.... Basically, with the memory in my sig, with, OCZ tony's bios (tried with few different versions), it hates dividers like 2/3, 3/5, etc. 1/2 works fine, I assume it's because it's easier for a memory to be on a staight 1/2 divder than the other "more asynchronous" ones (which, may be a faulty assumption as well). Anyways, I've had no luck booting to windows with any of those dividers, so I've been stuck at 320 *9 = 2880 cpu and 320 * 1/2 = 160*2 memory. This shows to be completely stable, but obviously I'm not happy with the memory speeds. Tried a few different settings, experimenting with differnt bios as well since I just moved from a single core 3200+. I accidently switched the boot drive to my other drive which has ubuntu 6 on it. With the drivers that seemed to be hated before, it boots happily and chugs along seemingly stable in linux. My confusion was that previously, the system seemed to lock up in bios when windows is the boot drive. Why would it let linux boot? Would it be something about windows, or something with a boot.ini file? I'm totally uncertain of whats going on, any ideas?
  7. *edited 8-5-06* FS/FT i is an Athlon 3200+ w/venice core, got it running stable easily at 2.55ghz stock voltages prime stable. Had it up to 2.8ghz, almost stable, but didn't feel like tweaking that much=). Looking to trade for an X2 3800+ with extra cash on my end, or chip for sale straight up $85 shipped. Feel free to make an offer. FS is Sapphire X800GTO Fireblade edition (as listed above). This is the one with the huge heatsink fan and the faster memory then the other models. Stock speeds 400/490 I believe. I got it up to 580/620 before I stopped pushing. Huge overclocker! Retailed for $160 when I got it, normal X800GTO's are about $100, and I'll give this one up for $100 shipped. In original retail box, or make an offer. wangahrah
  8. *edited 9 -25-06* *** X800GTO Fireblade (description below) PRICE DROP to $75 shipped....huge overclocker, very good performance for price! Still casually looking for CPU trade. *** Howdy- I want to trade the card in my sig (running 100% stable for a fewmonths at listed oc speeds) for an "roughly" equivalent nvidia card....ATI is giving to much trouble with linux stuff. Will sell the card, but prefer to trade straight up. Willing to trade for slightly lesser card...looking at lower ends 6800s, would prefer 7600gs card. My card's equivalent is $150+ on newegg, 7600gs that I'm looking at are around $125...I would probably trade most flavors straight up. Otherwise I'm looking in the neighboorhood of $125 for the card, in original box. All is somewhat negotiable.
  9. howdy- some are calling me a sellout, but im just thinking of myself as a reverse switcher... i've used macs all my 20 years...at least, as quick as my fingers were able to push down a mac plus's keyboard years ago, and recently i let go my overclocked dual G4 machine in favor of a PC to run my engineering programs, and more importantly to me, games. i recently built the PC in my sig, and so far i've been having a blast. overclocking for me with the G4 meant taking it apart and soldering/desoldering contacts. puttin a little more voltage into it for stability meant more soldering. running hot/unstable meant pulling back out the old soldering oron. so this is all quite a pleasant experince...this whole 'bios' thing is still moderately alien to me...as is windows as a whole, but i'm quickly adjusting and playing around a lot. i grabbed a copy of FEAR, and black and white....and, WOW. i dont think i miss my G4 as much as I thought I would! i don't want to be scolded about how my system really isnt stable yet....but going from 2.0ghz to 2.6ghz so easily was thrilling, especially seeing the visible results. ill take my time stabilizing and tweaking, but a guy's got to get some joy out of the novelty. i'm sure i'll have tons of dumb questions, and i haven't asked any dumb ones yet thanks to that excellent search bar . just to break the ice...uh, can i pull the generic psu out of my friends pc and run my lanparty off of it?? i was also wondering how you guys felt about value RAM. now that common questions are out of the way... anyways, i tweak enough that i'll probably have some serious problems that i caused myself within the next few weeks. looking forward to participating in the good times here. michael and the new baby, Maybe.
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