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  1. no i'm not using ide drivers from nvidia
  2. another thing I forgot to mention is that sometimes my bios won't detect and detects it as in sata3 when it is conected to sata1... I can copy 20GB at one time with no absolute different noise, so I believe its not satrting to fail, and it heppened when I first boot the PC after Watercooling install... anyway ty m8
  3. Hi all changed my system to Watercooling (CPU + chipsetblocks) yesterday and my hard disk makes a different noise, its like this ( ) trrrrrtrrrrrrtrrrrrtrrrrrrrrtrtrtrtrtrtrrtrtrtrtr for many time (about 1 min, maybe less) and then it stops and I go to windows, it takes about 2 minutes to boot (it's a shame cause it tooked less than 1 min to load). But when windows (OS) is opened I can play etc etc with no problem... Any thoughts there guys?
  4. well done m8 nice work, is it prime stable at 3000?? cause I have a CAB2E and I'm not prime stable at 2900 yet like others that I know, even on water...
  5. don't think you tried the impossible, you're in the beggining m8... read the great OC guide and go with little steps... try a stable OC and then going further... relax...
  6. What's the best bios for you to overclocking Opteron? I mean with which version have you had best results overclocking an Opteron CPU?
  7. but bios is a bit insistent don't you think? I set memory to 2.7v and it reads 2.77v and that's almost 2.8v...
  8. Smart Guardiab is giving me 1.53v bios 1.56v, which one is correct?
  9. LOL big cow there... and I'm referring to the new cooler Sorrento
  10. Try to disable USB Keyboard function in the BIOS settings.
  11. Is it safe let the CPU at 1,65 voltage for about 2 or 3 hours? temps are "30/31/32 Idle" and "43/44/45 load" that's what Smart Guardian is reporting. I use Zalman CNPS9500 + 4 fans in the case. Is this temp much for this kind of CPU?
  12. he has two fans like me but don't know the case. I use as5 too. well but there is a big difference in the graphics card, mine is 13ÂșC hotter why?
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