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    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    Ok heres my delema. I have $500 to bestbuy and ~$1000 cash. the 74g raptors are ~$120 at bb, and the only things close to the eggs price there is mice, and vid cards. Do I get two raptors for raid 0 and get a 7900 gs and razor mouse or get two or more 80 gig hitachi and pay for those out of my own pockets saving the rest of the $500 for something else?
  2. What gives you the best cooling/ocing performance?
  3. Evil_inc

    good JOKE for ya...

    lol if only we had a search function lol
  4. Yes transfer rates have progressed from around ata/33 to sata 3gb/s but those are only burst rates. The only drives capable of using all their bandwith I have seen are raptors and iRam, both only at sata I 1.5 Gb/s. Data storage has increased but unless it is for comerical reasons I see no way someone could fill a 750gb HD. And now raid is being used to increase speed, but even that has a limit. Much like dual and quad core cpus and dual core gpus. Has the speed of HDS hit the same wall as cpus or is there just little develpoment in the field?
  5. @David, Thanks for the article, I had no clue that solid state disks could have wear on them.
  6. Evil_inc

    New Build!!!1111

    looked at the m-audio delta, looks good but I need analog 5.1, coax, or optical input. I have a logitech 5.1 set with dts 96/24 and dolby digital pro logic II so I want to make use of that.
  7. Evil_inc

    New Build!!!1111

    So thanks to christmas, and convient timing I am doing a fresh build. I have $500 to bestbuy that I am going to use in conjunction with other funds which are unlimited but I want to keep at a minimum (say 1500). As some have seen I have a full tower case to build in but is at this time a rack so I need a case also. The 200 gig HD I have will be a data drive and the psu... well will be the main psu. Nothing can be pulled from my current rig as it is going to be wiped and given to my sister. This is a gaming/rendering/word processing rig but I do not need a top of the line vid card but something reliable. I wanted to use the RD600 but it seems to have been delayed even more. Any suggestions?
  8. Evil_inc

    New Build!!!1111

    Yes I am going to oc, till my balls glow green I want to water cool and throw in a peliter if I have some extra cash. what is the best 2x1gb and 2x512mb ram for the infinity?
  9. Evil_inc

    New Build!!!1111

    ok thanks praz. How are Auzentech sound cards? I am an audiophile before a gamer but have been put off due to some bad reviews on the egg
  10. Evil_inc

    Smash it?

    I recently procured a non functioning ti-82. I belive the best option for this is to smash it. Anyone got any suggestions?
  11. Evil_inc

    Continuous Hard Drive Activity Help

    I may have caught what you have. I was having constant drive access until I shut down svchost and now I am getting windows file protection warnings.
  12. I would just like to thank everyone here at the street. When I came here almost 11 months ago I was just looking to make the new toaster, er coffee maker. Thanks to that I have learned what it takes to make it in the graphic design world. Even when that was over I still stayed, not to create but to learn. And so 1,114 posts later I am still learning. I feel like I know high performance machines inside and out, though I have never worked on one myself. The kind people at mushkin have helped me toward that goal and I am almost there, something I would have given up on long ago. So to all the admins, mods, and members, Thanks
  13. Evil_inc

    So I bought a domain name... what now?

    I have been doing something like you are, except as project for eventual release to the public. For relyability and security I have been told to use linux, and from what I have found Centos is the best free linux os. I would host it yourself to save cost and make it easy to work with the site.
  14. Evil_inc

    Post Forum Bugs Here

    I am randomly getting icons replaced with peoples avatars and avatars replaced with icons.
  15. Happy holidays everyone!
  16. Evil_inc

    Fun with a Dell PSU

    soak it in lighter fluid, fill the inside with strike anywhere matches and drop it off a tall building
  17. Evil_inc

    Continuous Hard Drive Activity Help

    check for all recently installed files. Sounds like you have a bug.
  18. Evil_inc

    Fun with a Dell PSU

    The street represents overclocking, knowledge, and now destruction!
  19. Evil_inc

    Transformers 2nd Trailer

    I am totaly seeing that.
  20. they may be based in florida and it may be a tax isue, or a problem with a local law.
  21. year long give aways? sweet Looks like I have to finish a new rig lol
  22. Evil_inc

    Your entertainment system?

    Thanks I was wondering about that. When mixing/editing music I only have two fears, Blowing out my speakers, and going deaf. I only do it for 1-2 hours a day but it makes me worry alittle. I have blown out the amp on a lesser pair of speakers, which wont be a problem with my new set but I am using sattalite speakers.
  23. Evil_inc

    Your entertainment system?

    Is it physicaly bad for you to listen to music at a very loud level?