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  1. my motherboard fan is getting loud. its been less then an year should i replace it now? i think the bearings are shot, do you think dfi would send me a new fan :angel:?
  2. well its been almost a year since i but my rig . running stock and flawless. intil now , last night i power windows down, and now it does nothing when i try to boot up . no post , no sign of life , but one amber led i think its the thrid one. i tested the psu on a 20 pin mobo and it worked, clear cmos over and over. how do rma this mobo? i dont have the time to mess with it.
  3. Hi all, I am thinking about getting the windows xp 64bit os. And does any body know if it works well with nforce4ultra-D. Thanks
  4. You would have too raise the volts up at that speed. Try 1.50-1.55, and you need a good cpu cooler to.
  5. I had my opty @2950Mhz, but to much volts, and too hot for me. Plus my HyperTransport Clock is still 1000 MHz . Good core speed and ram speed is for me so, balance speeds is what i go for to keep my opty happy for very long time. :nod:
  6. Here is the best over all overclock for the 148 Opty. CPU fsb=250x11 for 2.75 ghz, HTT multiplier X4, vcore 1.45, DIMM 2.85 V, RAM divider 333 (5/6) for 196 mhz.(392 total) frequency, timings 2,3,3,7, or 2,3,2,6, thats with good ram. could go tighter. why is it a good overclock? this clock speed is just under FX 57 speed. its 2750.8 MHz (original: 2200 MHz, overclock: 25%) CPU FSB 250.1 MHz (original: 200 MHz, overclock: 25%) and my ram loves these clock speeds with Dual DDR393 2-3-2-6 CR1 43.7ns before it was 48.3ns with 2,3,3,6,@ Dual DDR400 idle temps from 29c-31c, load temps 38c-44c, and no bottleneck :drool:
  7. i had it at 2950. then when i put the defaults back i fried my windows, shazbot! the nic stop working, ie and firefox bookmarks were gone. the smartguardian gave bad readings, etc. its now all normal now but the comos clear jumper does not work any more. #@$#!
  8. i tried it, and got it stable . with this cacje i bought last weeek. i had to put volts back down to 1.40v. when i had it at 1.55v =50c runing prime 95. Number of CPUs 1 APIC ID 0 Name AMD Opteron 148 (UP) Code name Venus Specification AMD Opteron Processor 148 Family/Model/Stepping F71 Extended Family/Model F/27 Brand ID 12 Package Socket 939 Core Stepping E4 Technology 90nm Instructions Sets MMX, Extended MMX, 3DNow!, Extended 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, x86-64 Features NX Clock Speed 2800.6 MHz Clock multiplier x10.0 HTT Bus Frequency 280.1 MHz
  9. dude check your drives jumpers. "this is what I see in the BIOS: Primary IDE Master: HL-DT-ST NVDRAM GSA Primary IDE Master: Plextor CD-R PX- WL Internal Phy sata 1 ; ST32500823AS" noway two primary ide masters. it should read. Primary IDE Master: HL-DT-ST NVDRAM GSA Primary IDE Slave: Plextor CD-R PX- WL Internal Phy sata 1 ; ST32500823AS change your Plextor CD-R PX- WL jumper to slave.
  10. cl 2.5-4-4-8 is not good at that speed with ify ram. try 3-3-3-8 or 3-4-4-8
  11. sorry to hear that, it has to be the opty. my rig is runnig great @2 days old now. its a gaming beast.
  12. what bios do you have? and i looked around and other people have 165 optys that work with dfi boards. so the mobo or ram or the opty is to blame. what do you think?
  13. and try to get a format tool from hitachi and do a full format on the harddrive. this will wipe everything off thats left on the drive that windows format doesn't get, then check harddrive with the tool for bad blocks.
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