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  1. I'm using 10.07.06 bios and it gives me 3-4-3-7 2.8V for 250MHz Patriot LLK 2x1GB and with 2.92 I can go up to 300MHz. And YES Merlin created that BIOSes thinking about TCCD/UCCC
  2. I think that Merlin's Moded Bioses are better than Tony's. If U want them to try I can send U it via e-mail.
  3. The stock fan won't lower the temp of chipset even with max RPM. It'll still be about 48*C but the noise is not very comfortable especially when Computer is in Your Bedroom And thx TASR for the link - V.I.!!!
  4. What can I say is that my chipset was also around 50*C with stock cooling even after changing yellow "think" with the AC5. Finally I bought http://www.thermalright.com/a_page/main_product_hr05sli.htm and now my chipset is about 36*C without any FAN and about 32*C with 120mm FAN 650RPM blowing somewhere near (not exactly on the Radiator). It also helped me with temperature of the Power Area of my X1900XTX which is much cooler now.
  5. It is hard to say which settings are tright and which not... Maybe it's aboout RP/MAL not the standard timings. In my case when I had A64 3500 it was 8/6 and when I went to Opty 170 it changed to 7/5 I spent over 2 days to make up what was wrong...
  6. I know that Merlin changes Optimized Defults s.times - maybe He switched Phy Sata Off in Genie??? I'll check Your post midnight
  7. Well if U've switched on both Phy Sata in Genie BIOS then U'd see it n Standard CMOS and in Integrated/Raid section.
  8. In original BIOS there was mixed Sata 1'n'2 with 3'n'4 in Genie and in the other place. Merlin has repaired this mix so now 1'n'2 are tru 1'n'2 not 3'n'4 and vice versa. Maybe that is a problem.
  9. links Are Good Now - The File Was Zipped Twice!!! The One In Archive Was Second Archive Without *.zip
  10. And this??? I've extracted the file: DFI eXpert 04.11.06 MOD BIOS by -=Merlin=- What is really funny about that: I've just downloaded it from My server and from FileFactory => both archives works for me => same for my brother's computer. :/ I don't get it... Well... I get it now... The file in the archive is wrong => but it's exactly same one that merlins shared - so He shared bad file.
  11. The Archive is not corrupted - the download process makes it to be destroyed. E.B. who downloads it from Poland and other CE Countries don't have problems. But anyway - I can give it to: BAD LINK DELETED by Hirotaro
  12. The LINK is good!!! I really don't know why U've got problems. People from differ forums don't have any probs... DFI eXpert 04.11.06 MOD BIOS by -=Merlin=-
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