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  1. All good suggestions for sure. Unfortunately I already tried them so right now I am wiping the disk to start again. I just didn't see any other options at this point. Thanks for your input. Bear
  2. I followed the mobo book to the letter but learned on the nF4 Expert that this does not always work. With defaults loaded and 1 stick of RAM in DIMM 1 it hangs at the, "boot from cd" screen and I do not get a POST beep.:confused: Does anyone have any experience with this board? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  3. what is that in yankee dollars including shipping to L.A., Cal.?
  4. Cat, Can you send me a PP invoice for the 64 PRO? PM me Bear
  5. Thanks for all the advice Levell
  6. Lavell, Why the Maxtor format utility and not the one on the xp cd? Bear
  7. Lavell, Yes, it is the boot and only drive on this system. I just tried your link and it said, "48 bit LBA support is enabled. You do not need this update." ???
  8. Lavell, The box I referred to is the one that opens when click on "DWORD VALUE". As to your screenshot... mine looks EXACTLY like yours clearly displaying the value of 1. C drive in My Comp still shows only 127 GB? Any more suggestions... PLEASE!!!
  9. Lavell, just tried the regedit. Followed instructions to the letter, didn't work. In the right half of the window the place I typed "EnableBigLba' was a small box. Did I miss something?
  10. Thanks Lavell. I'll give that a try after work tomorrow when my eyes aren't so fuzzy
  11. WOW! Things have really changed around here while I was out of town. Looks like a lot of new fun! On to biz. I have never run into this with any XP system running SP2. I just installed a new Maxtor 500 GB SATA 300 hdd and XP only sees 137 GB as if SP2 were not installed. And yes ... I already tried re-installing SP2. Has anyone run into this? Thanks
  12. SORRY ABOUT THAT! It never clicked over from the post new thread page.
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