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  1. Just put my backup cooler on my CPU...the Freezone didn't cool...got my CPU a toasty 100C before I figured that out....anyways. Got the dual boot setup, the 680i board is working nicely. Can't overclock much till i get the new cooler..with the stock cooler the CPU tempes at 2.66(X10) get to high 50's..mid to high 40's at X8. Not a glitch so far. Box is hot, need some cable amangement, but am waiting till i put the Freezone in. Biggest problem is that 8800 sitting at the bottom. I'm going to try to put a fan on the very bottom again. My case has air intake on the bottom. I did that with the DFI board and it pushed the hot air up where it could go out easier. Only question I had was I installed all the mobo drivers in XP, but Vista isn't giving me the option , won't happen..maybe there's Vista mobo drivers OR one install does All? Doesn't like ntune either..getting a no admin privelege when i strt it in Vista. Other than that all is good...so far.....
  2. Will let you know on the 680i this week! After the probs i had with the Expert install, unless it's DOA it can't be worse. If XP installs without slipstream it'll be 1 step up! Do love my Expert board though. AM trying the freezone cooler on my CPU....so it'll be another good test right there... Doc
  3. My other message lists the exact names of the nforce4 files available for download. I know the video is separate. The above is why I am a bit confused. If you got to Nvidia downloads and look at the dirvers you'll see the nforce 4 choices...
  4. Can I assume this is simply...the lanparty UT expert...an Nforce4 AMD and that the Sli is included?
  5. Got the 1000..forgot to change that... What I mean is..when you go to Nvidia there's 4 choices for the nforce4..intel x16, SLI intel, nforce series AMD and SLIXE/ultra intel. I had used SLI before, removed it, and just got another 8800 and the PS, but my drivers are old and want to use the latest for the vista install. Just don't want to choose the wrong one.
  6. from Nvidia do I need for my system...see my sig..I always get confused..but am upgrading to Visat and want all the latest drivers on hand. Hopefully the Visat install will take less time than the XP did with this MB...it took 5 hours last time! Thanks for any help! Doc
  7. I believe 3dMark 06 is 1078x850 or whatever...with no AA and no aniso...this is no evern close to a representation of the abiltied of the card.
  8. Problem is I have 3 driver versions in mY Docs...not sure which I was using! Havne't played around with them since May....bad boy....Am having some probs now..don't know if it's the system drivers or the 8800GTX vid drivers.... For the Expert Board...Nforce4..Intel16? SLI Intel? not sure which to download for this chipset anymore. Last time I downloaded there were 2 choices!
  9. I screwed up my drivers while *cleaningUp*..lol...what is the latest version everyone is using that have had no problems? Thanks Doc
  10. I agree with SLI being awful at first. I ran 2 7800's..eVGA's the highest clocked ones...sli...but had numerous problems with games. Had to set configs for each one, got alot of artifacts and worse. Haven't run it since. The 8800 should eliminate any need till I make my next CPU in 6 months or so...
  11. I just hope the OCZ 600 is enough juice for the system...
  12. >>>>I was impressed that a 7900GTX Sli or x1900xt/x1950xtx Crossfire could keep up w/the 8800GTX<<<< Seems like only in certain games...BF2 and another...but remember the drivers still need improvement...that's scary!
  13. I'm getting my Evga Tuesday....I'll wait on the SLI! It seems like it will be 150% faster than either of my setups....I'll SLI when it's the SLOW card again! lol Doc
  14. Hope you guys aren't graduating any time soon... :tooth:
  15. I found that the only way to run games well under SLI was torun the PROFILE for the game. Without it the CPU doesn't always use the rendering capabilities that work for that SET game. Get Nhancer and see what actually is set for each game you want to run. Most of the profiles with that work OK. Doc
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